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manfrotto 290 tripod view

Manfrotto tripod review – Manfrotto MT293A3 290 Series Tripod

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Manfrotto supports are prepared to satisfy the requirements of any photographer. All Manfrotto photo supports rely on quality materials, innovation, and technological expertise to combine superior Italian design, and so does the Manfrotto MT293A3 Tripod.

This is a 3-section tripod, making it the smallest of the 290 families. The legs and the upper cast iron tubes are made with a durable aluminum layer, and it is established to improve rigidity and performance.

Ergonomic controls are designed for a safer and more user-friendly experience, and the anti-shock collar protects your camera from accidental impacts.

Manfrotto caters to comprehensive solutions that support photographers in every step for creative achievements. To be the perfect camera support for professionals and enthusiasts, Manfrotto helps to attain an ideal shooting experience.

MT293A3 Tripod Review

Manfrotto’s support service is prepared to meet the needs of any photographer. That is why the Manfrotto equipment is made with high-quality materials, innovation, and technological experience combined in superior Italian design, thus giving. As a result, great products. In this case, the 290 series tripod, the Manfrotto MT293A3.

We are here to review one of these products – Manfrotto MT293A3 290 Series Aluminum Tripod. Firstly let’s move on to the physical features and the appearance of the Manfrotto MT293A4 tripod model of the 290 series.

Once we finish this article, you will notice the useful and the advantages that you can get after buying this equipment.

Weight, height, and Materials

Manfrotto MT293A3 Tripod is an exceptional, cost-effective solution made up of aluminum to improve rigidity and performance. It weighs 1.5 Kg. The maximum height you can use the tripod to capture the image is 130 TO 151 cm with or without the center column. Whereas when we talk about minimum height, it can cover 36.7 cm from the ground. When closed and folded in a bag, it becomes 55,7 cm.

Legs of the Tripod

Three-section legs comprising MT293A3 tripod is the smaller tripod of 290 families. The diameter of each leg tube lies between 22.5 / 19 / 15.5 mm. It’s an excellent, cost-effective solution to develop and support your creativity. Leg tubes are made with a steadfast aluminum construction to improve rigidity and performance.

Manfrotto MT293A3

Product Description

The load capacity is up to 4 kg.

The Manfrotto 290 MT294A3 has aluminum legs, which have a “D” shape to guarantee, in this way, a more rigid structure when extending the tripod.

This, in turn, also guarantees a slightly slimmer design. However, the closed length is not as small as that of many other light models that you can find for a similar price.

It can be extended far enough to reach the mouth level, and if the spine is used in its entirety, this tripod is perfect for taking pictures above the crowd, especially when you are using a camera with a tilting LCD screen.

However, this tripod’s additional length has allowed it to extend much more than most of the other competing products, using only three sections.

Achieve great images thanks to the two-leg angle positions that give you creativity while shooting.

The base head has two scales to make panoramic photographs more accessible in horizontal or vertical format.

The leg cross-section is in the form of a D shape.

Good grip to the ground

The legs have hook locks made of plastic, which work as the quick release system for the expansion of the legs, two of the legs have sponge handles on the upper part to allow a more comfortable and soft grip.

At the upper part, the legs have a hook lock to achieve in this way, the power to change the position of the legs, taking them up to 51 degrees. There are many other tripods, which at the same price, have a wider separation for lower-level photography, but with this tripod, you can still take low-level photography.

You have to unhook the rubber cover, located at the base of the central column so that the central column’s position can be reversed, and that’s it.

Product Dimensions lies between 63.5 x 11 x 11 cm.

The central column is formed by a triangular tube with a height lock and an anti-shock collar to prevent the camera’s impact if the column is released without holding it.

Leg locks provide rock-solid support with innovative adjustability; they provide consistent and excellent performance.

Bubble leveling system

The tripod base has a bubble leveling system, something familiar in the Manfrotto brand. In addition to having some grip arms to facilitate the camera’s movement when taking panoramic photographs or videos.

Tripod also has hard foam insulation on two of the three legs, situated on the upper legs, just below the head base.

The Manfrotto MT293A3 tripod is an exceptional, cost-effective solution for photographers who want a functional and straightforward tripod.

It is made of aluminum to achieve this way, improving the rigidity and performance of the product. It weighs just 1.5 Kg.

The maximum height to capture images with this tripod is 130 cm (it reaches 151 cm with the central column extended).

manfrotto 290 with extended legs

While its minimum height reaches 36.7 cm from the ground, when the tripod is folded for storage in the storage bag, it reaches 55.7 cm.

The legs can be opened lower and broader with a twist of a lever switch, just below the head base, which gives you other shooting positions.

This tripod is easy to operate. The leg hook locks are effortless to open, allowing you to power free the leg extensions in a single simple movement, and you will have the tripod fully extended and ready to use.

Easy to use

And just like that, it is equipment easy and quick to expand. You can also open the hook locks and collapse them on themselves so that they can be packed and stored and thus be ready to go to your next destination with speed.

3-faced-design column prevents the rotation from allowing for increased accuracy and steadfastness.

The setting for high-speed photography is somewhat stiff but not unmanageable. You can tighten or loosen the base’s stiff movement using the small plastic key included in the tripod, attached to one of the legs to store it.

The leg separation locking system is also simple and easy to adjust, allowing the tripod legs to be tilted from 23 to 51 degrees. The widest angle will enable you to lower the camera by about 51 cm from the ground.

Now, it’s time to move on to expressing the working features and technicalities of the MT293A3 tripod.

Some people prefer to buy a bag to carry the tripod, and it is something that can be purchased easily, but those who use the Manfrotto MT293A3 do not bother with it. Since it has comfortable grips to be held in climates cold, it can be comfortable despite its aluminum.

Main Features:

• Ideal for Landscape, Still, Portrait, and Fine Art Photography.

• Very quick to set up when that particular shot is occurring.

• Ergonomic controls designed for a safer and more enjoyable experience.

• Anti-shock collar protects your camera during accidental impact.

• High-quality Aluminum disc with 3/8. These features of the tripod make it capable of being fitted with a variety of heads.

• Two Aluminum heads provide fast and rapid or exact photography.

• You can adjust leg angles up to 23° or 51°.

• Extreme natural one-hand opening mechanism and effortless adjustment.

• Increased Grip-New rubber legwarmer for ergonomic operation.

• It has plenty of height, so you can set up the camera at 6ft, so you need not stoop down to use the viewfinder.


Manfrotto introduces the Manfrotto MT293A3 Tripod, <-Affiliate Link 🙂 carefully designed to accompany passionate hobbyists as they take severe steps in passion for photography. Some Camera Professionals like the portability and weight of this tripod.

It has an incredible height and a robust frame, which makes this a resistant product. Although it doesn’t occupy a smaller closed length or a third leg angle that makes it wider, you can’t have it all.

However, it is built more stringent since it is aluminum and provides comfort to your photographic equipment tripod itself is lovely. It swivels smooth and firm with no shake or rattle whatsoever. It can hold a mirrorless camera with no trouble.

Manfrotto has many times been considered the king of excellent value for money, with robust options. They often manage to produce their mark in the mid-range market, and this case is the exception.

If you are a studio photographer or prefer landscapes and nature more, you will find that the Manfrotto mt293a3 is an instrumental beast, especially if you are more than 186cm tall. And if you feel that limiting the low level is a problem, you can obtain a macro arm to attach the head.

manfrotto 290 head overview

My rating for Manfrotto MT293A3 Pro (((5 out of 5)))

Manfrotto presents the MT293A3 tripod, which is carefully designed to take care of accompanying fans and passionate people while taking severe steps on their way through photography. There are even a few camera professionals who like the portability and weight of this tripod.

I hope you enjoyed the review and came to a decision. If you like this tripod, you can have it for less than 100$.

Even though it is made of aluminum, it does its job while providing comfort to your photographic equipment.

The tripod itself is charming, if somewhat simplistic. It rotates smoothly, maintaining its firmness without having annoying jolts or rattles, and it can easily hold a heavy camera (up to 4 kilograms) without problems.

Comment below if you want to share your experience or add something about the model. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks for Reading…..!

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2 thoughts on “Manfrotto tripod review – Manfrotto MT293A3 290 Series Tripod”

  1. Thank you so much for your article, you are a lifesaver! I love photography but I don’t like spending time looking at all the different equipment that a photographer needs I really just want to take photos. I have wanted/needed a tripod for sometime but I hate trying to figure out which is best. I love this Manfrotto 290 Series MT293A3 Tripod. It offers what I need:
    The ability to open the legs lower and broader, quick set-up and a high-quality Aluminum disc with 3/8 so I can use a variety of heads. These are the features I have been looking for and this tripod is very reasonably priced. I will look closer at this tripod because it sounds perfect. Thanks so much for researching this item and doing all the legwork.

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