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manfrotto190x pro3 tripod overview

Manfrotto 190X review

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Manfrotto is one of the best companies in the world that manufacture camera support and lighting equipment.

The products manufactured by the Manfrotto are tough, long-lasting, and of great quality, and so is the Manfrotto 190x.

This is the reason that its products are known all around the world, and it has manufacturing plants on several continents.

Manfrotto 190X review

The company started its operation by the start of the ’70s in a small garage similar to Google, Apple, or Alibaba. It revolutionized into one of the largest Italian companies.

The owners had quite good knowledge about the photographers’ difficulties, and their main objective was to introduce some easy-to-use and essential elements.

Tripods are the basic and one of the essential tools or components needed for perfect or professional photography. We often saw some photographers outdoors, weddings, etc. carrying the tripods around.

Before starting my photography profession, I was rather confused that they are so essential because now we have advanced technology cameras that feature image stabilizers. Still, it was not cleared until I stepped into this field and knew its importance.

Tripods (not to be confused with monopods) help the photographers to capture perfect moments without getting the images blurred.

For instance, we have to imagine moving objects like those of cars, airplanes, or stars. In this case, those objects are already moving, and if we slightly shack the camera, it will destroy the whole image, or at least it will be of poor quality.

Hence, the tripods provide us a lot of stability, and the overall result of our pictures will be astonishing. Besides, these tripods are designed so that they could be easily carried and used anytime, anywhere.

Manfrotto 190x – product overview:

I would recommend the Manfrotto’s 190x pro aluminum 3 section tripod from my experience due to its high durability and excellent build quality. The tripod is unique and different from some of the other mainstream tripods and offers the lowest price.

Furthermore, it is the successor to the earlier 190 series and has fulfilled some of the previous model’s shortcomings. There are numerous features of this tripod and some of which we will discuss.

manfrotto190x pro3

Low Price

As described earlier, the Manfrotto 190x pro has a quite low price and could be a good option for new or entry-level photographers. Most beginners either don’t want to spend much or even don’t have much investment.

This tripod will help them a lot in getting their hands on photography, improving skills, or getting used to the tripod and its features.

High-built quality and portable

The tripod is made up of high-grade aluminum, which is why it is quite easy to carry.

Also, it has a small size compared to some of the other tripods but has tremendous stability and could handle the cameras with large or lengthy lenses.

Variety of angles

Manfrotto’s 190x pro has a variety of angles, i.e. (88°, 66°, 46°, and 25°) and could be used in any situation, irrelevant of what kind of the terrain is.

This will allow you to adjust the camera according to your own to any extent, and nothing would stop you from taking a picture of your choice.

manfrotto190x pro3 tripod

Perfect for indoor and close-range photography

Due to the lightweight and small size of the tripod, I would say that it is quite suitable for indoor photo shoots, where space is often less, and it may not be easy to carry around the large tripods.

They would also prove useful if you use them for close-range photography such as pets, flowers, macro, or self-portrait.

Why use a tripod?


This is not one of the main usages for the tripods but a better understanding. It is quite important. Most of the people who don’t do professional photography utilize the tripods for taking pictures of themselves.

Although they could have a selfie, the quality that a DLSR camera gives is over 100% times better than a mobile camera. Last time, I visited the hill station and noticed several people were using or trying to take their shots while utilizing the tripods.

The best for this is to set the camera on a timer.

Video Recording

Video recording is another activity that demands that your camera must be still. In this case, the tripod helps a lot as we can find a suitable place for our camera, turn the recording on, and leave it as it is.

The result of the video that was made on the tripod will be quite better, blur, and noise-free. A friend of mine has a lot of passion for aviation and often does aviation photography or videography.

Recently, he told me that he and his team utilized the tripods for the planes spotting (recording of airplanes) and had great results.

Low-light shots

In another article, I discussed that low-light photography is one of the most challenging situations for any professional or beginner-level photographer. I will give a short recap; in low light, you have to decrease ISO as much as you can and also the shutter speed of your camera.

This could result in blurry images if you utilize your hands to take the shots. Hence, the tripod will be highly effective here and will help in taking the right shots.

Nature or Landscape photography

Lakes, mountains, glaciers, grasslands, meadows, etc., are some of everyone’s favorites, especially me, and for this sole purpose, I started photography. Honestly, until today I prefer to take photos of these natural spots instead of taking people’s photos.

landscape photo

This is why everyone yells at me when we are on a trip because I always give more time to nature than to them. Well, that’s another topic, but in some natural spots or landscapes, taking a photo is not that easy as we think and needs a lot of alterations.

We have to reduce the shutter speed similar to the low light photography and utilize the tripod several times.

Long-Exposure or moving objects

Ever tried taking the long-exposures shots? Well, I tried several times along with my friends and failed to take the perfect shots or as we expected. This was due to the movement of our hands, and we didn’t have a tripod.

Afterward, it came to my knowledge that a tripod must take pictures of moving objects or long exposure photography. At least if you want professional quality results.

waterfall long exposure

These were some of the uses or purposes that a tripod has. Like another camera or DLSR accessories like Lenses, flashlights, there are several tripod manufacturers in the market, and you need a lot of research.

Update January 2020 – I just got great news from Manfrotto. They approved me to use an official video in this post to create a better user experience.

Thank you, Manfrotto, truly an amazing company!

Places where I have used this tripod:

People are quite interested in some professionals or expert opinions more than they are interested in or trust the relevant product’s company.

I have been using this tripod for more than a year, and it proved an excellent photography component for me.

Stars photography

 My native village is quite isolated, placed, and located far away from the cities. There is limited electricity there, and hence there are negligible lights at night.

This is the reason the sky is amazing at night and often astonishes me. Last time, I decided to take to shots of that amazing sky and utilized this tripod.

stars long exposure

I adjusted the setting as recommended, like decreasing the shutter speed, and the pictures were amazing. Overall, it resulted from cameras, lenses, etc., but the tripod had an important role.


Earlier, I described that taking landscape shots is one of my favorite hobbies, and I have used Manfrotto’s 190x pro several times and, as expected, got the results better than ever.

Moreover, the view of the sunset behind the mountains is heart-touching or what we can say epic…!

But to take the perfect and ideal shot for that, a lot of effort is needed, combined with the tripod. I have compared the results, most commonly the low-light ones, and the shots were taken with the tripod just amazed me.

Here are some of Manfrotto 190x pro’s specs

Manfrotto 190x specifications:

  • Load Capacity: 15.4 lb. / 7 kg
  • Maximum Working Height: 63″ / 160 cm
  • Max Height without Center Column: 53.2″ / 135.1 cm
  • Minimum Working Height: 3.5″ / 8.9 cm
  • Folded Length: 23.2″ / 58.9 cm
  • Head Mount Type: 3/8″-16 Screw
  • Weight: 4.3 lb. / 2 kg
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Bubble Level: Yes
  • Leg Lock Type: Flip Lock
  • Independent Leg Spread: Yes
manfrotto190x pro3 tripod overview
  • Leg Sections: 3
  • Feet Features: Rubber
  • Center Column Sections: 1
  • Center Column Extension Type: Rapid
  • Lateral / 90-Degree Center Column: Yes
  • Package Weight: 5.45 lb.
  • Box Dimensions (L x W x H): 25.8 x 5.4 x 5.3″


Overall, Manfrotto 190x pro is quite amazing, high-quality, and a multi-purpose tripod with a meager price. Either you are a professional or beginner, make it yours today <- Affiliate Link 🙂 for quality results.

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