Linkcool 42 inch tripod overview and functions

Linkcool 42″ Tripod Review

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The search for the best tripod existed long before in the industry of photography. Enthusiast had gathered the parameters to gauge the best tripod available in the market that would help every photographer in doing their works exquisitely.

Given that there are numerous tripods available in the market, it will be confusing on your part, which would be the right one that fits your need. So what would you pick?

The more choices available, the more chances you are to find out what clicks to your work. Although there are now tools in the market, it requires effort to find out the features and their function.

Yes, it will require time searching for qualities that will fit-in comfortably on your behalf. Because tripods are not that expensive but not cheap, you might be choosing the right tool to get at least a return on investment.

Linkcool 42″ Tripod Review

You might be underestimating the process of researching information for a particular product, but to tell you frankly, it’s not that easy to find reliable reviews. Gladly, we have gathered the data for you to browse and follow the details below.

This review will guide you to the best feature of the product that is now widely known in the market regarding accessories for your phone and camera—introducing the Linkcool tripod for your camera and phone.

Linkcool 42 inch tripod

Check the review below to gain a good grip on what we are talking about:

Linkcool 42″ Tripod Specifications:

  • Product Name:
  • Product Weight:
    0.93 lb
  • Product Height:
    Minimum 14 inches and Maximum 42 inches
  • Load Capacity:
    6.6 lbs
  • Color:
  • Compatibility:
    Smartphones and Cameras
  • Other Feature:
    Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control

Product Overview

In this present time, you can have a decent and excellent-build tripod at an affordable price range. It is a notable fact that today’s digital cameras with high ISO settings let you often shoot on the handheld as opposed to using tripods.

But it is an inevitable reality that there are situations where a tripod is necessary, and it merely enhances your photos. The main intention of using a tripod is purposively to achieve sharper photographs. Still, when we dig deeper into the context, it comes with many benefits when you use a tripod.

Linkcool 42 inch tripod heights

Great! You have landed on the right page to view the details for Linkcool 42 inch tripod. It is a lightweight and portable tripod for smartphones and cameras. It weighs only about 0.93 lb. And it has a minimum height of 14 inches when folded and has a maximum height of 42 inches when it extends.

It is primarily designed to maximize portability so that you can easily insert it into your traveling bag while making a tour or photoshoot in different locations. But in case you want it to be hand-carried, upon purchase, it is equipped with handles and tote bags so that you’ll have secure handling this tool.

A versatile camera and mobile tripod

It comes with a fashionable silver color, which is pretty decent to look at. It is a versatile camera and mobile tripod.

This tripod has a load capacity of 6.6 lbs, meaning it can carry a more massive load and still make a firm stand so that you can make a clear shot. One of the considerations and factors affecting the captured image’s photo results is that when the platform is shaking.

You must understand that it is good to invest in excellent tripods to get a stable platform for your device. Lightweight is a good factor, but sturdiness is on the top since you need to have a firm footing to your shots.

It is made by a high-quality aluminum alloy tube and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), which is considered environmentally friendly. It is composed of both qualities as light and sturdy.

Strong and sturdy

Linkcool 42″ has made itself steadfast by providing a suspended hook on the center column to hang any heavy materials. You can hang your bag to make it more sturdy and fewer chances of receiving unnecessary vibrations.

It is a useful feature, especially when taking shots and going to long-exposure photography. It would be best if you had this to be on your basic photography kits.

Most photographers are very picky in choosing an accessory to their photography kits, especially when we talk about tripods. It is a given fact since it incurs increased load to carry, and it is a factor to consider if you are a hobbyist who goes on a trail or photography journey. Plus, in working with photographic jobs, you must bring lightweight materials so that you’ll not be exhausted moving to and fro.

Linkcool tripod is compatible with cameras and smartphones. For smartphones, it has a phone holder mount that is compatible with size up to 3.35 inches. Examples for these smartphones are the iPhone series from iPhone 11 down to iPhone 6s plus, and Samsung Galaxy S10 down to Samsung Galaxy S6.

Linkcool tripod devices compatibility

These given models and brands of phones are not the phones that have exclusive use for this tripod but other smartphones, as long as the dimensions will not go beyond 3.35 inches wide.

Large compatibility

This tripod is compatible with Nikon cameras, DSLR camera, camcorder, digital camera, binoculars, GoPro, and many more for cameras.

Carrying a tripod with you alongside in your work can give you a great advantage. But it will consume your energy and time to set this thing up before you can start doing shots. Somehow, you may think this instrument slows you down and gives only an added burden on the journey.

But instead of any other mediocre photographers, you’ll have the time to look, aim, and click to gain good results. It is more of taking time to look at the subject to come up with the best output.

Mostly all works of photographers are outdoors. We loved to shoot pictures of the beautiful scenery outside, landscapes, wildlife, colorful sunsets, green trees, flowers, and many more. Hence, our tripods are much likely to be exposed outside and exposed when there is a possibility of having rainy weather.


It is the most important factor that your tools and accessories must be water-proof so that you’ll not worry if they soak in water. Rusted tools are very uncomfortable to work with and unprofessional to look at. Gladly, Linkcool tripods are water-proof, so you don’t worry about water and rust.

Linkcool camera tripod has a 360 degrees panoramic rotation features. It will give you an advantage in taking pictures from any angle, whether vertical or horizontal direction. If you shoot videos, this would be a great feature that you would admire.

Linkcool tripod multi-angle rotation

Because this tripod ensures that you shoot your videos ideally without any unnecessary movements, it is exceptionally good at photo shootings, video blogs, Facebook live, Facetime, YouTube life, seminars, video coverages, and many more.

We had discussed earlier that this tripod has a minimum 14 inches height and a maximum height of 42 inches. It has an added feature to adjust quickly to your best position. Linkcool tripod has three directions lever-lock legs where it has three separate sections to adjust the height precisely.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that every leg is interconnected, and if one is adjusted, the two other legs will be adjusted. It can be adjusted individually, especially when shooting on an inclined portion of the hill. It gives you optimum results when you take pictures and videos without any shaking and distractions.

Linkcool had seen every photographer’s on-going constraints regarding taking pictures that need physical touch before the shutter button to be triggered. It is a hassle on the photographer’s part as he needs to be near the camera or phone before they can take pictures.

Remote control feature

But Linkcool tripod has an added feature of wireless Bluetooth remote control, which lets you capture pictures without necessarily touching it. You only need to connect it to your mobile phone, and when it is set up, you press the button on the remote control to initiate shots.

Linkcool tripod bluetooth connect

It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. To effectively maximize the feature, they had standardized the limits to capture the signal going to your phone. It is estimated that you will be within a range of 30 feet.

If you are prompted to purchase this product, this comes with inclusions along with the tripod. You will receive along with the package; one-piece phone tripod mount, one universal cell phone holder, one phone tripod stand quick release plate, GoPro mount, user manual, Bluetooth remote shutter control, and two years product guarantee.


  • Easy to carry: portable and lightweight
  • Durable and Professionally designed
  • Useful application to camera and smartphone
  • The remote control gives maximum convenience.


  • The phone holder is quite tight.
  • Tend to be flimsy on heavy cameras
  • Short height for tall people


With all that being said, tripods are indeed essential to level up your photography skills and experiences. There might be other tripods out there in the market, but this is one of the best. It gives you an option to use either camera or phone, depending on your preference and available gadget.

It is an instrument that you should not miss to include it in your photography arsenal. Linkcool tripods are quite cheaper compared to other tripods for their function and compatibility. It fits perfectly with smartphone devices, both iOS and Android, so you don’t need to worry about it.

You can adjust its height depending on the segments to get the best position you want to take beautiful shots. The features of the panoramic view and remote control give you the ability to improve your output quality and attain maximum convenience. You should check out this product, <-Affiliate link 🙂 as we are sure you will love it.

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