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K&F CONCEPT 70 inch tripod

K&F Concept Review

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Nowadays, choosing a tripod that would fit your day-to-day work can be an overwhelming experience. The number of types, size, weight, application, compatibility and other factors can be confusing. K&F Concept is an easy choice.

Your budget as a consumer would be a significant factor, considering you have searched for the best tripod for your application, and you found all the qualities you need. But on the other hand, as you navigate the bottom and see the price, you saw it was beyond your budget, and you end up not buying the instrument.

It may be a frustrating experience. Nonetheless, you have the resources to buy it instantly.

Seeing all these things in a spectrum and the recurrence of every enthusiast’s experiences makes you don’t want to consider buying a tripod. Others may include giving wrong information, and negative opinions about using tripods as very hassle and non-essential in your photography kits may convince you not to push through.

These factors are piled up and made us decide to review certain tripod products to help you see the limelight for this product.

The tripod is a straightforward tool that aids you in getting better results in your captured image. It is a very straightforward tool that makes your cameras steady and eliminates the shaking effects that blur your photos.

It is also used in unique lighting conditions wherein you want to achieve both the depth of the scenery and make it clear to look at. Especially when shooting for long exposures photography with High ISO settings, you should be considering a good tripod is one of your primary tools for your projects.

K&F Concept Review

Why do you need a tripod for your DSLR or mirrorless camera? It is to increase your images’ sharpness and depth by keeping them steady in low light environments while reducing the shutter speed.

Also, if you are working with heavy cameras with long telephoto lenses, these could be tiresome, and you may need a tripod’s assistance. Tripod is essential in increasing your photo quality and framing shots as you can adjust to the best image you want it to be.

This is very helpful when you are shooting high dynamic range imaging and panoramic shots where you must have both precision and consistent framing and many more.

Some people may use a tripod not only in taking images but doing video coverage as well. This tripod helps to achieve vibration-free videos as well as smooth panning and zooming on subjects. This instrument is a must for those photographers who love close-up photography or widely known as macro photography.

That’s why you need to consider buying a tripod too. We write this review on a particular tripod to help you discover its features and the added features to fasten your work.

K&F Concept Specifications:

  • Product Name: K&F Concept
  • Product Weight: 3.7 lbs
  • Product Height: Minimum height of 20.9 inches and maximum of 70 inches
  • Load Capacity: 11 lbs
  • Number of Leg Segments: 4
  • Color: Black
  • Compatibility: Smartphone and Camera
  • Other Features: Can be converted to Monopod, 360 degrees Panoramic Rotation, 1/4 inches Standard Screw Mount, 3.9 inches Phone Mount

Product Overview

K&F Concept travel tripod is known for its lightweight and height extension. This tripod is composed of an aluminum-magnesium alloy, which makes it lighter to carry. But frankly speaking, it is one of the cumbersome tripods in the market.

K&F CONCEPT 70 inch heights

It can be a reasonable fact that these can extend up to 70 inches. That’s why the added weight is understandable. It can be folded at a minimum height of 20.9 inches, pretty decent for a big-size tripod. As you notice on the center column, it is designed to be fully extended to cater to your high demands for shooting.

This tripod is a well built and made to serve for longer years. It comes with a friendly and sturdy appearance. K&F Concept tripod is available in black color. You will never have an issue in carrying this instrument since it has a shoulder strap, and it has also handled both ends to give you ease.

If you reduce the tripod on its foldable form, it is the perfect compact, and the legs fit perfectly to each other, which gives a plus point on its physical appearance. At a glance, you can conclude already that it is professionally and elegantly built for photographers who would stand side by side with them in rigid projects.

Quick-locking feature

It has four leg sections with different height adjustment options to cater to your desired position on uneven ground. K&F Concept 70 inches tripod has a quick-locking feature on its leg adjustments that give you identifying sound when it’s already on its intended adjustment and ensures your gadget’s safety.

It can carry up to 11 lbs weight and can withstand keep your instrument from capturing or recording unnecessary movement. One professional tip when covering a unique, extensive video recording or taking pictures using telephoto lenses, you must not extend the central column to ensure the device’s stability.

You can even add weight to keep it more stable and lower the center of gravity by putting extra load on the hook provided on the center, either put a bag or other heavy things you can attach to the hook.

K&F CONCEPT 70 inch details

Twist lock legs feature

K&F Concept tripod has a twist lock legs feature with an auto-rotation system, which allows you to have convenience in leg handling. The lever type switch makes your operation faster compare to the old-fashioned thumbscrew type.

During cold weather conditions, the foam in one of the tripod legs brings excellent help. You may notice the center column. You may find a circular ring that you can either loosen or tighten it to hold its place.

But to give a personal perspective on its leg segments, it has a plastic tab on the top of the legs, which I think is not suited on its built. Nonetheless, the legs make an accurate angle if you are shooting from different angles.

One of the notable features of this tripod is that it can be converted to a monopod. It is a unique feature as you can transform a tripod into a monopod in as fast as seconds. This can give you a minimum monopod height of 16.1 inches and a maximum of 57.9 inches, which is pretty exceptional compared to other tripods available in the market.

K&F CONCEPT 70 inch monopod

You can achieve this by disconnecting the center column and unscrewing one of the tripod legs. Then, connect it to your device to form a monopod. That very straightforward, as it takes only a couple of seconds to disassemble and mount your equipment. You can try your DSLR cameras on it and experience the fun.

360 degrees panoramic rotation

K&F Concept 70 inches tripod can do a 360 degrees panoramic rotation, meaning you can smoothly take photos or record videos in an easy-to-pan direction, both vertical and horizontal.

Especially when you take panoramic photos and video coverage, this is a great feature that you will love. You can smoothly pan right to left (vice versa) or tilt up and down as you wish. You can level up your output drastically with this smooth operation.

The standard 1/4 inches screw mount makes it compatible to mount all digital cameras, lenses, most camcorders, GoPro devices, binoculars, and astronomic telescopes.

This tripod has a built-in ball head that gives you smooth maneuvering. This helps you easily lock into place and efficiently use the instrument to optimize the image quality. It also has a quick-release plate for easy installation and dismantling of devices.

K&F CONCEPT 70 inch ball head close up

K&F Concept tripod gives you a lot more room to explore in your niche as you would love to shoot lower-angle shots. These can be your buddy on this type of photography. How to achieve this? You simply invert the center post and get your camera right at the bottom.

Easy to adjust

Adjust your tripod and get your desired depth above the ground level, depending on what you planned closeness to the ground. It works best in macro photography.

It is a significant factor that your device must be level, horizontally and vertically. The manufacturer had foreseen these factors, so they had incorporated the bubble level to center the bubble by adjusting the tripod legs, ensuring that your instrument is leveled.

It has a phone head tripod adapter to mount your phone on the tripod. It stretches between 1.9 inches to 3.9 inches in length to hold secure your device, whether iPhone or Android device. It has an attached padded grip to avoid smartphone damage and securely hold your phone, preventing it from falling even in adverse weather conditions.

Moreover, given that the K&F Concept tripod somehow has a bulky size, it has provided a carrying bag to make you take this instrument conveniently. It is designed with elegance and professionalism. You may unknowingly label it as a hiking or traveling bag, but it is a storage for this tripod and allowance space for your camera.

K&F CONCEPT 70 inch folded

If you decide to purchase this tripod, it comes along with a quick-release plate, one carrying bag, one 4c phone clip, one user manual, and a two-year product guarantee.

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  •  Elegant carrying bag
  •  Solid tripod construction
  •  Compact Design
  •  Added features make work easy.
  •  Great value for money


  •  Bulky instrument
  •  Pricy


With all that being said, this tripod has good value for your money. This may be a bit pricy compared to other available tripods in the market, but it has the things you needed to accomplish different photography types.

You can explore your niche through the use of the K&F Concept tripod. It extends up to 70 inches, which is an exceptional feature for any tripods.

You should venture for this type of product. <-Affiliate link 🙂 Rest assured that you will have a good return on what you invested in.

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