The big waterfall on the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

Ingleton Waterfalls Trail – An Amazing Experience

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Ingleton Waterfalls Trail is an amazing opportunity to view fantastic landscapes and experience a most pleasant walk in a waterfall wonderland. This trail is an ideal day out amongst unspoiled surroundings for family and friends, no matter the weather conditions.

Ingleton Waterfalls Trail Location

Ingleton Waterfalls Trail is located near Ingleton Village, easily accessible from the M6, as I was driving from Liverpool.

The address is: Ingleton Waterfalls Trail, Broadwood Entrance, Ingleton, Carnforth LA6 3ET

For getting more information about the opening times and admission prices, please check their site to plan your visit.

Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

The walk took us about three hours. It started easy through the woods, away from the sunshine and we started to climb after about 20 minutes. It is an easy ascending, with concrete steps about everywhere.

Ingleton Waterfalls Trail concrete steps

Before we started climbing, in the “warming up” walk in the forest, we discovered the first main attraction on this trail, The Money Tree. This was used as a wishing tree. It is seen as bringing good luck to those who put a coin into the tree. So, over the years, it become covered in coins.

The money tree at Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

It is not the only tree covered in coins on this trail, but this is the bigger, the one and only Money Tree.

Pretty fast after we start climbing we found the first kiosk where we bought some Icecream and lemonade. They also sell food and coffee.

There is another kiosk at the top of the trail before we start descending, with similar products. This is amazing, as you don’t have to carry a lot of water and food with you. Still, we suggest you have at least water in your backpack.

Just to be sure you’ll not end up putting too much stress on your body in case the kiosks are closed for any reason. Keep hydrated and all will be good 🙂

At the first kiosk is a bird feeding place, where I found this little jewel.

Small bird on the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

For this trip to Ingleton Waterfalls Trail I used my best compact travel camera, the Sony RX100 VII. If you like the quality of the images and want to find out more about this amazing camera, please read the review.

Landscapes at the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

The views are fantastic on this trail, especially when you are on the top and if you have a sunny day with good visibility.

We visited this place in June, on a sunny day with a clear blue sky, and the sceneries where indeed worth sharing:

Landscape on the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

Landscape at the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

Waterfalls on the Ingleton Trail

Almost everywhere on this trail (except the top side), you’ll discover small waterfalls looking pretty wild and natural. In the hot months, you’ll see people swimming in the small ponds that formed at the base of the waterfalls. Personally, I don’t enjoy that. I was there to admire nature and, in my opinion, they were ruining the views.

I could find just a few waterfalls with no people swimming:

Small waterfalls on the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

Waterfalls on the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

The biggest waterfall you’ll find on the first part of the trail when climbing, and is pretty close to the top.

There were about one hundred people, swimming and listening to music, being loud, and enjoying life. Again, in my opinion, they were just ruining the scenery and any connection you might try with nature in this place.

I had to compose the photo with only a part of the scenery, to avoid catching people in my picture:

The biggest waterfall on the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail


No doubt, the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail is worth visiting. If you like having a swim in hot weather in the mountains, this is the place for you. I am not sure if people are allowed to do that, but they are doing it anyway.

If you’re like me, and you want clear views, maybe it will be a good idea to visit it in colder seasons.

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