Make a living as a photographer

If You Want to Make a Living as a Photographer, Try These 5 Options

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If there’s anything most of us would like to do as a career choice, it’s that combination of making a living while being infinitely creative. Being a photographer is one of those career choices that doesn’t just involve creativity and photography skills, but there’s a whole other aspect that we must all consider.

We have to remember that a photography career also encompasses being business savvy.

Options to make a living as a photographer:

El Teide in Tenerife

Travel Photography

There are many different aspects of travel photography. There are famous landmarks, and the options to work for big-name magazines, but there are also lesser-known paths. For example, you could make a living as a freelance luxury hotel photographer where you are, literally, taking pictures of hotels.

When you start to diversify yourself and opt for a more unique approach to how you promote your services relating to your photography skills, you will stand a better chance of finding the right clients.

Livingroom real estate pic

Real Estate Photography

This is a niche that might not be as exciting as travel photography, but for those people who are homing birds, it is a great option to help sell properties. If there’s one aspect of real estate agents that could do with improvement, it’s the images they showcase.

No matter how to run down a property may be, it could always benefit from the right angles and lighting. When you partner with real estate agents to capture images of properties for sale or rent, agencies are more likely to attract potential buyers and renters.

Cool newborn

Babies and Newborns Photography

Alongside real estate photography, this is arguably one of the most consistent career choices in photography. When you add into the mix school photography, you may think that this is not necessarily the most creative, but as any great photographer will tell you, it’s about the challenge of bringing that subject to life.

Babies and newborns all have their own unique personalities, and many professional photographers make a sideline in taking pictures of babies and newborns.

There are many big baby photography companies that will hire professional photographers to work full-time. This always guarantees a steady stream of income.

Food on a dish

Food Photography

Taking pictures of food is a fine art in itself, and many experienced food photographers will tell you about the tricks of the trade. For example, ice cream is not actually ice cream, that is mashed potato!

When you work with food bloggers, publications, or restaurants to capture these culinary delights, this is a whole new aspect of photography that can provide a beneficial long-term income.

Photography Teaching

There are many different approaches to teaching photography. For example, you could teach in a local college, but you could also start your own business teaching people how to be their own freelance photographers.

Or if you are still yearning to see some of the best locations in the world, you can organize guided photography tours or set up workshops for fellow enthusiasts.


Remember if you want to make a living as a photographer, it requires a combination of creativity and business acumen.

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