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“The world of instants.”

It is one of the identifying words that best describe the generation today is the word “INSTANT.” People nowadays are always in a hurry, as if they were always being chased. To maintain relevance in this age is that it requires you to keep moving, keep innovating, keep discovering, keep inventing, and never slow down.

To stop for a while is never an option. The former way of doing things in a conventional approach was already faced-out and behold the new way of living where the advancement of technology has dramatically affected the lifestyle of every individual shortens the process of everything.

Instant food, instant shopping, immediate services, instant communication, instant transportation, etc., are all possible because of the evolving technology right now.

The fast pace technology day after day makes a significant difference in all the industries worldwide. Taking into consideration the business sector of our country, they must keep up today’s ever-changing technology to maintain its relevance to the evolving need of every consumer.

Companies must always invent a new way of getting things done, even the most straightforward routine, in a fast, easily-accessible, effective, cost-efficient, and technology-anchored way.

Hp is one of the leading companies that regularly gives excellent services and products in the digital world. They incorporate the latest technology on their newly released products so that consumers will always have a sense of thrill and amazement of what they can still do to elevate the norm.

Hp has proved to be relevant in the printing industry by producing excellent quality printers. The Hp Company has the answer to the world of instants, by making a portable printer that can print instant images right after you captured it—introducing the HP SPROCKET 200, a pocket-size printer that can print instant pictures wherever you are.


HP Sprocket 200 blush


It was designed tailor-fit to the people who are always on-the-go and want to print images quickly and share it with friends/families. This is also for those backpackers, adventurers, and tourists of different places who would love to take pictures and print them instantly as a remembrance for the places they’ve been.

HP Sprocket 200 Review

To know more about the products encapsulated features, check the product review below:


The HP Sprocket 200, is one of the latest products of HP that highlights portability and quick accessibility. This printer has a dimension of length 3.15 in, width 4.6 in and height of 1 in, at an average weight of 0.4 pounds.

It is one of the light-weight and smallest printer in the market you can have. If purchasing this printer, you can have the option of your choice color either: Noir, Luna, or Blush. Sprocket 200 is an upgrade from its former product, the HP Sprocket, which comes only in black glossy color.

The design of this printer makes it elegant and more appealing since it suits the taste of the millennials.  Sprocket 200 is a great leap for the Hp as they modified some glitches and some adverse reports on the former product, proving that they are always innovating and catering the reports to provide an excellent service to their customers seriously.

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Sprocket 200 is a unique printer aside from it is portable, nearly has the same size of any smartphones, that you can quickly put it inside your pouch, it has also incorporated into its system the Zero Ink Technology. Zero Ink Technology means zero ink, or shall we say inkless printing, no ink refills, and no ink cartridges.

It is a great relief for every consumer that they will not be dealing anymore in messy working space, or ink spillage, or any blots in the printed image that comes from blotted inks and malfunctioning printers. Sprocket 200 uses Zink papers to print pictures from your mobile phone. Zink paper has a dimension of 2in by 3in.

This Zink paper contains highly sensitive multiple transparent layers that, when heated, it triggers dyes on the Sprocket’s thermal printer head to turn cyan, magenta, and yellow, which is responsible for producing a full-color image. It is a single pass print, unlike the dye sublimation process, which prints four passes.

Zink papers have a sticky backing, which is a plus for this type of paper, that enables the consumer to attach the printed images on the Zink papers to walls, tables, notebooks, scrapbooks, cards, folders or any material you wished to put it. Upon purchase of the device, it has a free 10pcs Zink papers to test print.

To replace the Zink paper, you only need to slide off the top cover and place the paper in the tray. A 10-pack Zink paper has a blue card with a bar code in it that must be placed on the bottom facing down for the printer to scan it and print. Without the blue card, the device will not print.

Important to note also that Zink papers are quite expensive compared to full-size printers, an essential factor to be considered so that you’ll be fully aware of the cost in exchange for portability.


HP Sprocket 200 portable photo printer


Most of the people nowadays personally own a mobile phone, whether what class an individual may be. HP Sprocket 200 maximizes the resources of every individual and incorporate with it a technology that they can easily connect through their mobile phones.

This printer is a user-friendly printer and uses Bluetooth for connectivity. Sprocket 200 uses a Bluetooth version 5.0, which boasts faster data transfer and more excellent range, enables you also to print quickly even you are at a considerable distance from the device.

It is not suitable for phones that have a lower version operating system, and it applies to 8.0 iOS and 4.4 Android up to the latest versions.


This printer can be easily installed and set-up. Primarily, you need to download the Sprocket App either on the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Then, install the app on your mobile phone. After installation, you connect your device to the printer and add the widget on your Sprocket App.

Lastly, if you successfully connect your phone to the printer, you can now access your phone gallery in HP Sprocket App and print images you like. You can also import an image from social media sites to this application. This app contains a variety of options to edit your photos before printing it.

You can click the auto-enhance button to enhance your photos automatically. You can also click the filter options that are built-in in the app to pick your chosen filter. You can also manually adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the photo. You can put texts and stickers that can customize its colors on the given options.

You can click the paint button in one of the options below to manually paint anything you want in the image, and you can pick the color of the paint. It also has a built-in option in the application that you can zoom in and out, tilt, and crop the image depending on your liking.

The app also has an option for the user to share the image on the social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, and Dropbox.


HP Sprocket 200 product color options



HP Sprocket 200 is not built to print a high-quality photo, but for the record, it prints a decent quality photo compared to other pocket-size printers. This printer has a print resolution of 313 x 400 dpi with a 4:3 aspect ratio beyond that ratio. The images will be cropped out.

This printer produces only a fixed output of 2in x 3in size and can finish a single photo in about 40 seconds. The production is expected to have lower quality compared to a full-size printer, printed images are less detailed, and a bit flushed out or saturated on very light and very dark portions of the photo.

Although it lacks accuracy in the colors, printed images are acceptable and suitable for its convenience and portability.


The battery of Sprocket 200 is 7.4V, which has a maximum capacity of 550mAh, and printing would consume around 31 watts. With the ten pcs Zink papers at 40 seconds printing time per piece, a single charge could sufficiently print the ten papers, and then you need to charge it to print more.

When charging this device, the LED light flashes to indicate certain status: Red when it is charging up, Orange when it needs some more charge, and Green when it is fully charged.


  • Highest Portability
  • Easy to use application
  • No mess, Zink Technology
  • Easy access
  • Fun printing and Augmented Reality Options


  • Short Battery life
  • Average quality prints
  • Pricy Zink Papers


With all that being said, HP Sprocket 200 is a must to buy whenever you need a handy printer that goes with you wherever you go and instant images wherein you don’t need to wait in a long queue or go home to develop your captured images.

If you are fond of going to parties, birthdays, reunions, special occasions, and gatherings, whether with family or casual friends, it is a great buy to enjoy immediate photos that you can share right away. This printer can also be a lovely present to special someone who is always on-the-go, adventurous, and tour in different places.

If you are not particular with the quality of print and you are after convenience and fun, then this is for you. We would suggest that if you loved to print more, you need to spend a few bucks on Zink papers.

Therefore, purchasing HP Sprocket 200 is a great deal whenever you need an instant handy printer that goes with you wherever you go, whether a party, special occasions or just simple gatherings, this device can make a difference.

This device also is best to give as a present to a special someone. I would suggest that if you loved to print more, you need to spend a few bucks on Zink papers.


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