HP ENVY 5030 Review

HP ENVY 5030 printer overview
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Printing has brought a great revolution to all the industries of the world.

Do you want to know why?

It is because all the levels in the society has caught its influence, whether you are a student, an ordinary employee, a professional, a businessman, a CEO in the company or whatever positions you have. Printing has a wide range of applications depending on what type of printing you need.

There are different types of printing. Let us know in particular: digital printing is one of the types of printing that is well-known for its standard and large-scale usage. Digital printing is when you print images or text formats on a piece of paper, film, plastic, photographic paper, or cloth.

Under digital printing, there are two kinds of printing: first is the Inkjet Printer, and the second is the laser printers. Mainly, Inkjet Printers are printers that use ink to produce high-quality images and text-based prints. It is cheaper compared to laser printers.

HP ENVY 5030 Review

For a long time, one reliable company that gives its consistent optimum performance regarding printing and computer business is HP. It never fails to build a printer that suits to the needs of every small household. It is a multi-functional inkjet printer for personal use.

With the ENVY 5030, it encompasses the typical day to day lifestyle such as printing, copying, and scanning a variety of documents, whether image or text-based, are made possible through this printer. It is suitable for a small-size family who casually uses the printer on their respective homes.

We want our equipment to be easily accessible, as much as possible, it can be operated within the touch of our fingertips. Good news! It has this feature that connects to your mobile phone through a mobile app that was tailor-fit to operate the HP Printer.

One aspect for every consumer to consider before buying a printer is the cost. But the ENVY 5030 has something to say in terms of low-cost printing, although it prints slower compared to other printers, but it can give an excellent quality on prints and cost-efficient per pages print.


HP ENVY 5030 product overview

Key Features

To know the further details of what it has to follow, let’s check out our HP ENVY 5030 features:


One important consideration when buying a printer is the space it will consume in your room or house. The product has a height of 12.8 cm, a thickness of 44.5 cm, and a width of 36.7 cm. When loading papers into the paper tray, pulling the tray increases the width to 56.4 cm, the printer weighs 5.41 kg.

This printer is designed for home print or home office with its multi-function options. It has an elegant design with a polished and shiny touch of black paint. It has a handy touch screen display (2.2 in) that allows the user to have an option to scan, print, copy, or fax documents.

Easy to navigate functions through touch screen LCD. It also has a help option when you navigate on the right. It has an option in case you did not know how to load paper on the tray, how to connect the device through WiFi, other digital office tips, etc. with clarity on instruction and imagery.

The printer also has the paper tray placed on the bottom compared to other printers that it was placed at the top, making it unique and convenient to work with. The ENVY 5030 paper trays can hold up to 100 pages – making the process of printing, scanning, and copying less hassle. It has a plastic finishing on its casing with an outstanding sleek black color, which makes it elegant.

Instant Ink Program

One of the highlight features of HP ENVY 5030 is that it has HP Instant Ink Program.

It is sometimes difficult to check if the printer cartridges are running low if you have lots of work to attend. It sometimes slips away to your attention, and later you did notice that it is already empty.

Then, the result will be a delay of work since you need to order and wait for the ordered inks to arrive. Gladly! HP has seen this regular issue to every customer, so they address the concern and make a solution.

Whenever the device is connected to the internet, whenever the printer cartridge runs low it automatically notifies a message to HP, and instantly it ordered a genuine cartridge to the manufacturer, the new cartridges will be delivered or shipped right away direct your house.

That’s one of the best features of this printer since your work will not be interrupted.

Although most inks can be expensive, regardless of what printer you may choose, HP initiates a program that saves you your time and money, making sure that you always have an ink you’ll be needing for the task you are going to do.

This plan has a three months free trial, which is a bonus for the purchased item.

If you are working on a task or any working environment in which you can calculate your expected print outs in a month, you can subscribe to a monthly plan under HP Instant Ink Program, so that the company will send you the ink you need promptly.

The desired page-plan can be customized based on your need, either 50, 100, 150, or so on-page plans. The best thing about it is when you have subscribed to a page plan, and later you realize that you no longer want the service, you can easily cancel online without penalty incurred if there’s a need to stop the subscription.


HP ENVY 5030 back view


Wireless Connectivity

HP ENVY 5030 has a variety of accessibility. Nowadays, the usage of smartphones and tablets are more convenient to customers rather than desktop computers. This printer has a dual-band wireless connectivity as a standard means to access devices under different frequencies. Dual-band, by definition, is the function to connect even the latest gadget that is in the market.

Wireless connectivity allows any smartphones and tablets to connect via local WiFi. Through the smart application introduced by HP that can be downloaded directly in the App Store for free, namely HP Smart App, you can control the printer and direct your desired function by using smartphones or tablets.

This is one of the features built-in in the ENVY 5030 that allows users to have a maximum convenience and comfort using this kind of new technology that gives ease even to the differently-abled person.

Much more on its Wireless Connections, it has also offered a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Port that allows users to connect their desktop and notebook computers to access the device. All in all, this printer displays a new era of wireless printer that challenges other brands.

PLUS Membership Program



This Printer can scan documents up to A4 size paper. It can also scan a book bind material with the resolution up to 1200 pixels per inch. The scanned document can be saved through different formats such as PDF, BMP, PNG, TIF, or JPEG/JPG files.

The scanned document may be placed on the top portion intended pressing the scan option on the front screen, or you may option it on the HP Smart App, and its scan speed may vary depending on the type of document: if it is colored, it scans around 20 seconds/page, and if it is black, it scans around 8 seconds/page.


HP ENVY 5030 may also function as a copier. The document may be placed on that same place on the top portion, and instruction is entered on the touch screen display located upfront or may be entered through the HP Smart App.

It has a specific resolution of 600×300 dpi, and its printing speed may vary also depending on the type of document: If it is colored, it can copy at a rate of 4 pages per minute, and if it is black, it can copy eight pages per minute.


It also has a feature to connect the device to the phone line to send and receive fax messages (vice-versa)


HP ENVY 5030 top view

Remote Print

One of the highlight features of ENVY 5030 is that you can do printings while you are away or from your workplace. You can print documents, emails, photos, and many more through the use of AirPrint, from your Smartphones, you can directly send documents to be print with your printer in an instant.

It is a leap of advancement since there are times you are in a hurry, and you need to print documents right away, so even if you are still driving going to your home, your documents are already printing, and by the time you arrive, the records are ready to go.

HP ENVY 5030 Print Quality

This printer can print both in color and black, whether an image or text-based document, with a resolution up to 4800 x 1200 dots per inch. This resolution would give an image an outstanding print outs and offers a lot of crisps to the output maintaining the high quality every time you print.

Vibrancy and depth of details to every picture can be seen. This printer also features a borderless printing option.

ENVY 5030 can also print on various media and customize it to get better results, and you can choose either: Plain Paper, HP Photo Papers, HP Matte, and HP Glossy. These options enhance the photo quality and can give the user the best experience in terms of printing images.

This printer uses an individual cartridge for specific colors. For black, HP 63 Black Original Cartridge is used that can print with an estimated 190 pages. For color, HP 63 Tricolor Original Cartridge is used that can print with an estimated 160 pages.

It also has an economical option on the type of cartridges, and HP gives the users an opportunity to buy cartridges that print more. For black, HP 63 XL Black High Yield Original Printer Cartridge is used that can print with an estimated 480 pages. For color, HP 63 XL Tricolor High Yield Original Printer Cartridge is used that can print with an estimated 360 pages.


HP ENVY 5030 printer side overview

Paper Management

Printer trays are one of the less noticed or overlooked by every customer, but this feature is essential to look at. This Printer has an adjustable input tray that can contain up to 100 sheets, while the output trays can carry only 25 sheets. This paper size ranges from A4 to A6. This is quite many pages for a small household or small home office.

Sometimes we print documents on both sides, and the number one factor to consider in this process is the hassle to print the front page, get the printed material and then placed again on the paper tray. HP has seen this issue and address the concern for better work efficiency and effectiveness.

One of the key features in this printer is that it can print back-to-back through selecting Automatic Duplex Printing. This prints the document on both sides in one smooth operation.


HP ENVY 5030 is energy efficient. Most of all, customers want all their appliances and devices to consume a low amount of electricity so that they can save money, especially in this time of crisis. Fortunately, this printer consumes merely 14W during its printing. This makes this printer economical to use and user-friendly as well.


  • User-friendly printer and easy to set-up
  • Uninterrupted work due to Instant Ink Program
  • Comfortable and accessible, Automated Duplex Print
  • Cost-efficient


  • Printing speed is slow
  • Incompatible to lower version operating system
  • It takes time to connect to WiFi
  • Moderate sensitivity of touch screen


In a nutshell, HP ENVY 5030 is an excellent printer for its wide variety of functions. It has a decent build, and it is designed specifically for home use. It is easy to install on smartphones and desktop, and it has functional connectivity on various gadgets. It is cost-efficient and user-friendly.

It prints a high-quality image for a budget price printer. The perks of having remote access without a constant physical touch on the device, and yet it can still get the work done, is priceless. However, we suggest that you set aside a little extra money if you wished to print more.


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