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How to Make Semi-Transparent Background in Photoshop?

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Don’t know how to make semi-transparent background in Photoshop? If this is the case, read this context to learn about making semi-transparency.

Making Semi-Transparent Background in Photoshop

Making any image background transparent is not a difficult task, but most people face trouble regarding the semi-transparent background. In general, making semi-transparent images is not something different.

If the semi-transparency is done with Adobe Photoshop, this task will be easier than other software.

Typically, for making a semi-transparent background, you must first select the area you want to make transparent. After that, adjust the opacity parameters to change the transparency of the background in your image.

You can also choose different colors to make the color transparent. Continue reading this context to know details about making semi-transparent backgrounds in Photoshop.

Why Do You Make Semi-Transparent Backgrounds in Photoshop?

Sometimes an ordinary image can’t present all the details that it has. In that case, removing the background from an image could be an excellent way to make visible all its details.

With just a simple touch of transparency, you can add distinction and contrast, making visual interest in your image. Below, we have outlined the importance of making semi-transparent backgrounds in Photoshop.

Increase Readability

The background of an image is an essential part that helps present the subject properly, whether it is a printed flyer, a billboard, or regular photos. Sometimes the subject of an image can’t be adequately visible due to the bright background.

Also, you may have to add text embedded in an image, but it can be challenging to present it correctly. In that case, making your image background semi-transparent will help to accentuate your text.

Focus on a Specific Area

Identifying the subject can be challenging if the background and the subject area are in the same focus. A perfect background of an image can only spotlight a specific image area.

So, making the background semi-transparent will help visualize the particular subject instead of the entire picture. This way, you can bring out a creative look to your image.

Bring Out a Different Look

The color of an image helps to change anyone’s mood. Thus, creating a semi-transparent color background on a photo can bring a distinctive look.

This is very helpful if you have an online shop or e-commerce business for making your product images attractive.

White Semi-Transparency

The white background of an image makes sense of simplicity and an airy appearance. This simplicity could be more attractive by making the background semi-transparent. This will help make the subject visible properly to quickly catch the viewers’ attention.

Besides, a white layer can help minimize the information of the image and make a cleaner look.

Show Depth

Using the transparent feature, you can make an image with a set of transparency layers. This will help you to make a multi-dimensional design. But, making different transparent layers will resist showing each other.

In that case, by making the background semi-transparent, you can create all the layers visible.

How Do I Make a Semi-Transparent Background in Photoshop?

Making an image semi-transparent is the same as making the background of an image transparent.

For your convenience, below, we have demonstrated how you can make the semi-transparent background of an image using Photoshop.

Import an Image

First, launch the Photoshop software on your device and click on the File option from the top menu.

Then tap on Open, and a small window will appear where you can access your device files. Now choose an image file and import it into Photoshop.

Create a Layered File for Your Photo

Once the image is imported into Photoshop, double-tap on the Background layer from the layer panels. After that, click on Window > Layers in the top menu if you don’t see the layer. In the Layers panel, double-click on the Background layer.

A New Layer dialog box will be displayed, asking you to rename it. Click OK to leave it as Layer 0.

Photoshop magic wand subject selection

Create Your Selection

Go to the Toolbar on the left side and pick the Magic Wand tool. Then click Select Subject from the top menu bar of the screen. The tool will automatically select the object from your image, regardless of the background.

The subject will be selected as marching ants encircling the selection. If it isn’t correctly set, you can adjust the selection using the Magic Wand. For instance, decide to subtract from the selection icon and click the portion you remove.

Select and mask in PhotoShop

Make Your Image Semi-Transparent

Now select the object or background to change the transparency of your image.

You will see a transparency box to adjust different parameters to transparent your background. Remember, you can’t make more than one color transparent in an image. You will also find an option called Transparency at the menu bar, where you can make any selection transparent by changing the opacity level.

Make semi-transparent background in Photoshop

Save Your Image in Proper Format

After making the semi-transparent background, you will need to save the image in the proper format. This will help you to display the transparent background. The best format to display the transparent background is as a PNG-24. This format will enable numerous layers of transparency.

For choosing the image format, click on the Export from File option, where you can also change the image size. Set the image size and format in the proper dimensions and click on the Export All option. A save dialog box will appear to select the folder you want to keep your image. Name the photo file and click on the Save button.


Photoshop offers unlimited choices when it comes to working with transparency. With this software, you can easily make a single layer transparent, transparent selections, semi-transparent backgrounds, and many more things.

Typically, the semi-transparent background of images is used on websites or miniatures, colleges, and other works. Although this task may seem difficult to most people, it will be much easier to do after reading this topic.

You just have to change the opacity value in a particular area that you want to make transparent, whether an object or an entire background.

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