Heavy Duty Tripod – Manfrotto 545B tripod

Manfrotto 545B tripod

Manfrotto 545B tripod refers to a two stage, twin leg and aluminum design that features die cast aluminum crown consisting of a built in 100 mm interface bowl that can be used as a 75 mm whenever there is need.

This tripod is known to be stable and rigid thanks to its mid level spreader. It is also capable of bearing payloads that can add up to 25 kg.

This Manfrotto 545B tripod contains a quick on off rubber shoes that ensures better grip on the smooth floors.

This tripod is also eligible for three years free limited conventional warranty extension bringing it to a total of five years from the purchase date

Manfrotto 545B tripod

My Rating 4.8 out of 5

Product Overview

Manfrotto 545B tripod guarantees more payload and torsion rigidity due to the upper and lower collars optimization plus improved shooting performance.

Its collars have been redesigned to be aligned with single tube tripods with its die cast aluminum crown featuring a built in 100 mm interface bowl that can also be used as a 75 mm when need arises.

This tripod is fully equipped with an innovative mid level spreader that ensures improved stability. It also contains a quick on off rubber shoes that offer better grip especially when being used on smooth surfaces.

The heavy duty tripod featuring twin legs with a three section has mid level spreader with arms which can easily be adjusted in length to increase the stability of the tripod.

Each of the tripod legs can be lengthened before being locked into a position, using the newly designed collars containing lever locks.  Its rubber overshoe can be fitted together with the foot spike when used in harder ground surfaces where the spikes are known to be less effective.

The 100 mm top aluminum casting bowl is compatible with the PRO series heads like the 500 BALL or 509HD together with 3/8 inch screw connection. One can use the 520 BALL 75 mm half ball together with the 545B whenever the 319 adapter ring is being used.


  • Has a built in 100 mm interface bowl that can also be used as 75 mm bowl whenever need arises.
  • Spreader Attachment
  • Spreader Length regulation
  • Mid level spreader that offer improved tripod stability
  • Comes with floor level spreader instead of the mid level spreader
  • Have rubber shoes that guarantee improved grip on slippery floors
  • Newly designed collars that are integrated on the overall ergonomics of a product offering improved rigidity


  • Material – Aluminum
  • Weight – 3440 g
  • Maximum Height – 154 cm
  • Min Height – 30 cm
  • Closed Length – 69 cm
  • Safety Payload Weight – 25 kg
  • Ball Flat – 100 ball
  • Spreader – Mid level
  • Top Attachment – 0
  • Leg Type – Twin
  • Accessory Compatibility – 114 V; 181 B; 165 MV 319
  • Leg Lock Type – Flip Lock
  • Color – Black
  • Minimum Working Temperature -30 C
  • Maximum Working Temperature 60 C
  • Center Column – No
  • Leg Sections – 3
  • Legs tube diameter – 25, 16 mm
  • Easy Link – No
  • Carrying Bag included – none

Package List

  • Spreader
  • Tripod
  • 1 x Carry bag

A Reliable Product

My rating for the heavy duty tripod Manfrotto 545B is 4.8 out of 5 and I highly recommend it as a great item whenever you are going for an adventure. It is sturdy and strong with several options and built to last for long. Feel free to have a closer look on eBay.

I hope you have enjoyed my heavy duty tripod Manfrotto 545B review. Please in case you want to add something, feel free to comment below sharing your experiences with us or to ask questions. Thanks for your time!


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  1. Hey Marian,
    pretty “heavy” post… 😉
    No really, you get into it.
    Lots of technical information and features you mentioned.
    As it is my passion to interview people I want to improve in my equipment and thought a good tripod wouldn’t be a bad idea.
    Thaks for sharing.

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