Heavy Duty Tripod – Manfrotto 545B tripod

Manfrotto 545B tripod
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Manfrotto 545B tripod refers to a two-stage, twin-leg, and aluminum design that features a die-cast aluminum crown consisting of a built-in 100 mm interface bowl that can be used as a 75 mm whenever there is a need.

Manfrotto is mainly known as one of the most reliable brands of equipment and accessories for cameramen, both professionals and those who are starting in the field of photography, thanks to simple tripods but designed to last with exact and easy-to-use functions.

This tripod is known to be stable and rigid thanks to its mid-level spreader. It is also capable of bearing payloads that can add up to 25 kg.

In this case, Manfrotto brings us a tripod designed, not so much for photographers, but rather for those interested more in shooting videos of scenarios or environments, also for the field of architectural photography.

Since with its incredible weight, support, and its stability, it is capable of supporting large equipment to achieve this, capture those special moments on video, it is useful to record scenes from programs, all depending on who uses it.

This Manfrotto 545B tripod contains quick on-off rubber shoes that ensure a better grip on the smooth floors.

Even so, it can still be operated by photographers who want to try a heavy and resistant tripod to face hard weather conditions, although that does have to have strength and endurance to transport this beast.

This tripod is also eligible for three years free limited conventional warranty extension bringing it to a total of five years from the purchase date.

Product Overview

Manfrotto 545B tripod guarantees more payload and torsion rigidity due to the upper and lower collars optimization plus improved shooting performance.

This is a stable tripod, which can be seen mainly on its legs, which, despite being made of aluminum, has a series of upper and lower rings, which gives it greater rigidity, allowing a more significant resistance, managing to support up to 25 kilograms of weight.

Besides, each of them has a hook lock, with more grip compared to wheel locks, which allows the legs to be extended quickly and easily, ideal for establishing a quick support area for the tripod.

At the same time that it is possible to extend it to the largest size allowed for this equipment, reaching 153 centimeters in height, and when it is folded completely, it reaches a minimum height of 30 centimeters.


Manfrotto 545B folded


Its collars have been redesigned to be aligned with single tube tripods with its die-cast aluminum crown featuring a built-in 100 mm interface bowl that can also be used as a 75 mm when need arises.

At the base of the legs, it can be seen that they are covered by a flexible rubber base, which can be adjusted to adapt it on the ground, thus allowing more excellent and better stability when fully deployed.

The legs are interconnected with each other by a central clip, which can be adjusted to achieve that way, to separate or bring the legs closer, thus allowing the tripod to shrink on itself to take low shots.

It is in this same interconnection of the legs, where there are also some fasteners, which additionally allow adjusting an extra separation between the legs when the connection tubes are extended.

This tripod is fully equipped with an innovative mid-level spreader that ensures improved stability. It also contains a quick on-off rubber shoes that offer better grip, mainly when being used on smooth surfaces.

Because it is a large tripod for video, it does not include a central telescopic bar. Instead, this tripod has a plate in the upper base area. This will allow you to make all the necessary adjustments for the angle of the camera through a wheel adjustment system, and thus be able to make both videos from various perspectives, as well as panoramic photographs.

The Manfrotto 545B is a new design since this is a two-stage product, built entirely in aluminum, which makes it a heavy tripod (weighing 4 kilograms on its own), but still manages to be enough light to carry in your arms.

Without forgetting that it is an environmentally resistant equipment, achieving stability without vibrations or annoying misalignments, improving overall shooting performance, that can perform a simple and comfortable experience.

The heavy-duty tripod featuring twin legs with a three-section has mid-level spreader with arms, which can easily be adjusted in length to increase the stability of the tripod.

Regarding to its transportation, it comes with a protective bag filled with a layer of foam rubber to give it more excellent protection against shocks, due to the tripod by itself, which is easy to scratch from shocks. The bag has a grip, which has a soft cover to support the shoulder and carry it on the back.

One detail that can be highlighted about this tripod is that it does not have a spirit level system, which means that when using it, you will have to be very careful when adjusting the camera so that everything comes out correctly.


Manfrotto 545B extended


Each of the tripod legs can be lengthened before being locked into a position, using the newly designed collars containing lever locks.  Its rubber overshoe can be fitted together with the foot spike when used in harder ground surfaces where the spikes are known to be less effective.

The leg collars have been redesigned to compete with the new range of single-tube tripods for faster and safer setups, something the Manfrotto 545B comfortably achieves.

The die-cast aluminum crown at the upper base of the tripod features a built-in 100mm interface bowl, which can be adapted to a 75mm ball, to achieve more comfortable stability when donning the camera, categorized as the ultimate in head options.

The Manfrotto 545B is the ideal tool for professional photographers who are dedicated above all to architectural photography or for those passionate about recording everything.

The 100 mm top aluminum casting bowl is compatible with the PRO series heads like the 500 BALL or 509HD together with a 3/8 inch screw connection. One can use the 520 BALL 75 mm half ball along with the 545B whenever the 319 adapter ring is being used.

What we have with the Manfrotto 545B, is a somewhat heavy but chargeable and stable tripod—wholly made with a simple design in aluminum with plastic, in addition to the rubber part of the legs.

It is an excellent model, which means that it is resistant to the elements, and this allows it to obtain more excellent stability, thus allowing it to adapt quickly to different types of soil.

It is a perfect tripod for making professional videos, but even so, it is simple enough to be used in the field of photography, as already mentioned.

The Manfrotto 545B besides has an extra plate, which measures about 16 centimeters, which makes it a suitable tool for use with large and heavy video cameras.

It also has a gripper arm, to be able to help when moving the video camera, making this turn something fluid and straightforward.


  • It has a built-in 100 mm interface bowl that can also be used as a 75 mm bowl whenever the need arises.
  • Spreader Attachment
  • Spreader Length regulation
  • The mid-level spreader that offers improved tripod stability
  • Comes with floor-level spreader instead of the mid-level spreader
  • Have rubber shoes that guarantee improved grip on slippery floors
  • Newly designed collars that are integrated on the overall ergonomics of a product offering improved rigidity


  • Material – Aluminum
  • Weight – 3440 g
  • Maximum Height – 154 cm
  • Min Height – 30 cm
  • Closed Length – 69 cm
  • Safety Payload Weight – 25 kg
  • Ball Flat – 100 ball
  • Spreader – Mid-level
  • Top Attachment – 0
  • Leg Type – Twin
  • Accessory Compatibility – 114 V; 181 B; 165 MV 319
  • Leg Lock Type – Flip Lock
  • Color – Black
  • Minimum Working Temperature -30 C
  • Maximum Working Temperature 60 C
  • Center Column – No
  • Leg Sections – 3
  • Legs tube diameter – 25, 16 mm
  • Easy Link – No
  • Carrying Bag included – none

Package List

  • Spreader
  • Tripod
  • 1 x Carry bag

A Reliable Product

My rating for the heavy-duty tripod Manfrotto 545B is 4.8 out of 5, and I highly recommend it as a great item whenever you are going for an adventure. It is sturdy and robust with several options and built to last for long.

For those dedicated to photography and mostly to the part of making videos, this can be your best ally to be able to take great shots in a row without having to worry about stability or lack of size.

The Manfrotto 545B is a simple tripod, but with its simplicity, it manages to face other more expensive mid-range models without much effort.

This tripod model was created as an all-in-one solution for those photographers looking to take their videos to the next level.

This essential tripod is a smart investment, which with an Italian design, counting on the highest quality standards, you will always get the desired job.

Perhaps some do not like the fact that it is mostly made of plastic, as they think that this material breaks easily, but Manfrotto has taken care of this, adding the support rings so that thus, this product can last for several years with the photographer.

Besides, that it has a renewable 3-year warranty, allowing that when using it, you can be sure that Manfrotto will be there to help you solve any problems.

I hope you have enjoyed my heavy-duty tripod Manfrotto 545B review. Please, in case you want to add something, feel free to comment below, sharing your experiences with us, or to ask questions. Thanks for your time!


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