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Action camera in the air

Guide to Action Cameras

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The size of the action camera market is growing like the fire in the jungle. The Global Action Camera Market size is expected to reach $8.9 billion by 2025, rising at a market growth of 18.3% CAGR during the forecast period.

The market growth is predicted to grow more as the traveling and sports industry continuously fuels it; action cameras are the first choice of sports, traveling, and adventure enthusiasts.

This market expansion shows today, more than ever, people own the action camera. If you are also one of them, are you using your camera to its full potential?

Sounds uncanny? Action cameras can be a game-changer for your photography, but only if you know your action camera and use it in the right way.

The potential of these devices can be maximized by keeping in mind a few things.

This article highlights action cameras, the do’s and don’ts of using action cameras, and few tips to keep in mind while buying action cameras are discussed.

Salient features of action camera

  1. Action cameras are capable of capturing 4k videos stable than any other camera. All thanks to advanced image stabilization technology.
  2. These cameras are durable. Built with polycarbonate and fiberglass, these cameras are resistant to damages to some extent.
  3. Action cameras are very lightweight. This makes them highly portable. Lightweight doesn’t mean being fragile. Durability and weight are prime features of action cameras as they are designed for the outdoors. This makes them a good travel buddy as neither you are going to be annoyed to carry them around nor worrying about damaging the camera all the time.
  4. The battery life of action cameras is impressive. There are some cameras in which batteries can last as much as 6 hours with continuous use. The average battery life of action cameras is 120 to 180 minutes. (this is average. Actual battery life will depend upon shooting and surrounding)
  5. Almost all cameras have the connectivity feature. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allow you to upload instantly whatever you are capturing. You can have direct upload access as you capture the videos and images. It also makes it very easy to transfer the footage and allows the users to preview them on the screens of their smartphones, desktops, and LCDs. Some top-notch cameras also allow live streaming on social media platforms, which is made possible solely because of Wi-Fi.
  6. Every action camera comes with numerous accessories such as mounts, clips, waterproof casing for the camera. These all make your experience even better and save your cost to buy those separately.
  7. There are many modes in action cameras such as slow-motion mode, full HD panoramic mode, burst mode, time-lapse modes, et cetera. These can help you to have an amazing shooting time and create artistic footage.

GoPro camera in hand

How to maximize the use of an action camera

Following these few things, you can maximize the results of your action camera.

Go through specifications

Often when people buy a camera, they ignore the specifications. This isn’t the right thing to do. The specifications of the action camera are one of the most important factors to consider.

For example, you want an action camera for diving. You went to the market or looked up online, a camera fascinated you with positive reviews or similar functions, and you bought it.

But after getting your hand on it, you realized that it is only water-resistant but water-proof. A water-resistant can do several other things, but it is not as good a choice as a water-proof action camera.

These mishaps can be easily avoided by going through specifications. If you aren’t very good with post-photography and editing, many action cameras offer direct automated editing from the camera, filters et cetera.

If you want a camera for adventures, i.e., cycling, hiking, you might need a camera with the best image stabilization. Rapid movements and shakes cannot blur the images.

One can find an action camera as per desires but going through different models and brands’ specifications.

Also, after purchasing, again consult the specifications. You will be surprised to find many features which you didn’t expect to be there in the very first place.

Don’t compromise to save few bucks

Once you start looking for action cameras, you can be awestruck to find the marketing campaigns and offers related to this ting gadget.

Don’t fall prey to these campaigns. Consider only what you would like on your camera. Action cameras are usually long-lasting than regular cameras because of their durability, so it’s good to get a perfect camera as per your needs when you are getting one.

Know your camera

Only having an action camera isn’t enough. Unless you start practicing photography with it, it isn’t possible to know the camera.

Try different settings while shooting, and every experience will tell you a new do or a don’t. Go through the functions.

Combine different settings and shoot. If you find out something you don’t know already, learn about it via the internet or manual, then do a practical.

There are many examples in the photography industry that people didn’t enroll in any photography institute and learned everything via experimenting, yet they produce results as good as professionals.

Especially experiment with different angles. Mounts can help big time with this. What a slight change of angle can do, even post-shooting editing can’t do it.

In a similar situation, capture the same thing from several angles and get surprised by the results’ difference.

Take full advantage of mounting

The manufacturer sends many mounts with a camera, and many are available in the market.

You will need a mount to attach an action camera with something. The most popular mounts are Pipe clamps, chest mounts, head straps, helmet mounts, suction mounts, self-adhesive mounts, and selfie sticks.

Mounts provide additional security to the camera and eliminate the risks of falls and breakage.

Instead of finding alternatives to mounts, try to purchase them, <-Affiliate link 🙂 or you won’t be able to use the camera to its full potential. For example, if you are cycling or hiking, it is not possible to hold a camera.

It’s impossible to best of everything in sports photography while holding the camera in hand because of the tiny size of action cameras. One might not realize, but mounts are a necessity.

Action camera on monopod


A dust particle can move fitfully either inside or on the lens result in a blurred image. Keep in mind to keep the lens of the camera from time to time.

Don’t use the gadget in stormy conditions to avoid the particles or dust, or debris inside the action camera.

If necessary, use a weather casing. Also, while cleaning doesn’t rub lens glass harshly. It can scratch it.

Make natural light your friend

As a beginner, it is not a wise idea to invest in the lighting. Also, action photography is mostly outdoors, so instead of artificial sources, try to utilize the natural light.

When this light is behind you or to the sides of the action camera, it can produce peachy results.

Get to know resolution and frame rate

Camera resolution and framerates are the things that play a major role in footage. It is necessary to know about these two and using these.

If you don’t know about something, you can’t use it correctly. Camera resolution is expressed in megapixels. It means the size of the digital image a camera produces.

More resolution means a better image. Mostly resolution of cameras is 1080p or 4k. Cameras are capable of capturing all resolutions below their maximum resolution.

Whereas the frame rate means the no. of frames (images) the camera can capture per second. Most action cameras record images in 4K quality with a maximum of 30 frames per second.

Things to avoid:

Don’t be over-harsh

No doubt action cameras are durable, but in the end, these are just devices. Using your camera roughly can work for a while, but it can decrease its life.

Using it in high temperatures, exposing it to moisture more than its limits, attempting to charge the battery using a method different than recommended by the manufacturer, inserting the battery in the wrong way, excessive drops, and abrasions, these things can cause permanent and irreversible damage to your camera.

Don’t rely on a single battery

Don’t let failing batteries come in the way of your footage. Always bring along two to three extras, and be sure they’re not exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Don’t expose the device to extreme temperatures

Either very high or shallow temperatures, both can damage the camera. If you have no choice other than using a camera in extreme choices, first consult the camera’s user manual and take safety measures.

Avoid unnecessary zoom

Digital zooming operates by cropping the image from sides, which results in losing the image quality. If possible, move closer to the object instead of zooming.

Besides, zooming can also shake the camera. Zooming can affect the footage even if you are capturing in 4k mode.

Preferring quantity over quality for accessories

Instead of getting bundles of accessories, get the right ones for you. What accessories are right?

Your needs will answer this question for you. For example, as a sports photographer, a good tripod will work for you, but a helmet won’t. But if you are a bicycler.

The helmet mount is useful for you, but the tripod isn’t that much of use.

Also, be very thoughtful about when purchasing an SD card and protection cases. Do get additional accessories but don’t go for fancy stuff that won’t be of any use to you.


The best thing to do with your action camera is to experiment. Learn what the device is by trying different settings and using them.

Get used to your camera and shoot with it using different angles and mounts. Use different video and image modes while shooting.

All you need is to use your action camera properly, and it will do wonders for you.

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