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Everesta 42-inch tripod with camera mounted

Everesta tripod review

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In the world of photography, there are many things that you should consider before entering it. The industry has many factors to stand out amongst all mediocrity. You must understand that one piece of equipment has dramatically impacted the industry among those considerations in photography. That is choosing a tripod that suits your day-to-day use.

We want to explain to you what is the highly recommended tripod for you to obtain the best pieces in your niche. We want to tell you exactly why you need a tripod as part of your basic photography kits.

You may seem not to buy the idea of getting a tripod since it adds to the weight you’ll be carrying, especially when traveling from different places. But to tell you honestly, it is beneficial, and we urge you to get one.

Tripods are widely used to do long photographic exposures, low light, capturing with filters, landscapes, video work, and minimizing hand shakiness. Also, for time-lapse, taking frame shots, capturing portraits, observing astrophotography, high dynamic range shots, and many more.

Everesta tripod review

They are so essential that they must be included in your kits to get the best output without ever considering again to retake shots. It gives you comfort and eases while doing your job. Allow us to discuss with you one of the best tripods in the market that you would love.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Brand: Everesta
  • Product Weight: 0.42 lbs
  • Product Height: Minimum 12-inch folded size and maximum of 42 inch
  • Product Material: Aluminum
  • Carrying Capacity: 4.4 lbs
  • Leg sections: 3
  • Color: Black
  • Applicability: Camera, Phones, Projector, and Telescope
  • Other Feature: Bluetooth Remote Control, Standard 1/4 Screw

Product Overview:

It is one of the leading providers of photography gadgets and accessories to the industry for quite some time. They have offered a wide range of mobile and photography accessories that make their customers loved it since they have mastered and created it with precision to fit in with the end-users’ current needs.

Everesta had incorporated its products with the latest technology to stand out among the companies in the market, making sure that they are always innovating and doing their products on top-notch. The products’ value is within the range that the market would venture to purchase their products for the quality and technology they have used.

Furthermore, it has been with the people and has been part of every enthusiast’s day-to-day activity.

Everesta 42-inch tripod

Everesta 42-inch tripod is a lightweight tripod composed of sturdy aluminum. This tripod is a combination of two essential qualities that every tripod must-have. First, it must be durable, and second, it must be lightweight. It is designed as a travel tripod since it has a length of 12 inches when folded.

Easy to carry

It fits perfectly with your luggage when you travel from one location to another.

No wonder why people resist or reject the idea of carrying a tripod in their scheduled photoshoot because of the added weight that they will carry throughout the day. But this is one of the tripods that you must consider in terms of utmost portability.

This 42-inch tripod weighs only 0.42 lb, which is pretty lightweight. It also gives you a better grip without being awkward in your position as it can extend on the desired height for an average person unless you are that tall enough.

Everesta 42-inch tripod height

Despite it being so light, it doesn’t mean it cannot carry heavy objects or gadgets; in fact, it has a carrying capacity of 4.4 lbs. It has a decent build to carry heavier gadgets and still maintains its steadfastness. It comes with an elegant black color finish with an aluminum material composition to ensure its portability and weight. It is compactly built for extensive outdoor work.

Multiple functions

The tripod has multiple amazing functions that you would admire. One of them is that this tripod has a three-way pan and tilt, which gives you smooth photography panning when shooting one subject moving to another.

You will no longer be problematic in capturing photos or videos since it can do the basics with this tripod. It gives you a sense of indulgence in every video covered since the emotions relayed can be controlled within your fingertips using this tripod. Moreover, this tripod is very flexible in positioning cameras or mobile phones either vertically or horizontally since it has an excellent grip on any attached gadgets. Plus, it has an extendable center column and quick release leg logs to quickly set-up the tripod from folded height to its full extent.

It is absurd whenever a photographer doesn’t consider bringing a tripod on his scheduled photography events but always grumbling that he didn’t get a good shot for that same event.

Photographers must know its importance and relevance to their work since moments are captured once, and there is no replay. It is either getting a good one or a bad one. Losing that chance may lose your client.

Still on the ground

Sometimes you get blur images because of instability. But you must also know that this tripod has a non-slip rubber foot to hold still in rough terrain. Meaning in a slippery surface, it can yet withstand, ensuring that you always get the best shot either you are mounting a camera or mobile phone.

A small movement from where you place your reference makes a significant difference if you are meticulous enough to get the best results. It was built with rubber feet to aid you in doing your work excellently.

Everesta tripod has extensive compatibility in terms of consumer use. This tripod has a spring-loaded phone mount to aid in inserting your smartphone. It applies to any smartphone size, and it will automatically adjust for a secure hold once added.

Everesta 42-inch tripod details

Since setting up your phone into the tripod is easy, then removing your phone from it is easy. Examples of smartphones applicable for this tripod are the iPhone series, which are iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone Pro XS Max,  iPhone XR,  iPhone 8 plus up until iPhone 6s. If you have Samsung phones, these phones apply to Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Samsung Galaxy SS8.

Take note that other brands may still be applicable as long as it is a smartphone-like Huawei (Huawei P30, Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei P20, Huawei Mate, Huawei Honor), Google Pixel, OnePlus, Sony, Motorola, etc.

Both for cameras and smartphones

It is not limited to mobile phones, but cameras as well. It has a standard 1/4 screw to securely install your camera to the tripod without minding that it may have the chance of fall-off. The type of cameras applicable to this tripod includes a DSLR camera, compact camera, mirrorless camera, camcorders, GoPro, and trail cameras, which is almost a versatile one on its versatility of usage.

For projectors, it applies to Benq, Epson, Sony, Toshiba, and XGIMI brands. If you are really into astronomy, you can exercise and deliberately explore your niche as it applies to a telescope such as Celestron and Orion travel scope. You would adore this tool for its full range of application, depending on your liking.

This camera tripod has a 360 degrees panoramic rotation, meaning it can turn a full extent either from left to right or vice versa. You can freely shoot videos with a smooth transition from one subject to another in a controlled manner.

With its panoramic rotation, you can shoot ideally at any time you want since it has a steady and flexible turn. It gives an advantage if you are using it for video blogs, Facebook lives, Face time, YouTube live, photo shootings, and many more.

Everesta 42-inch tripod bluetooth

Remote control

Moreover, the Everesta 42-inch tripod is not only good-looking because of its build and style, but it also has an added feature that will enable maximum convenience and ease as it has a wireless Bluetooth remote shutter.

It means you can trigger the shutter remotely without physically touching the button. Its effective range is about 30 feet.

It is an outstanding feature since many times when you travel in specific locations, and you are the assigned cameraman within the group. A lot of times, you are missing in action since you are the one who will capture their shot, and you are excluded in the photo.

It is a sad experience, but it is the reality for every photographer. You can’t capture yourself in a good view. But with this wireless Bluetooth remote feature, you can take pictures with the group.

You’ll no longer be missing in action. Plus, it gives you the utmost convenience since it gives you an adequate distance to make a good shot and still see the beautiful scenery. This remote shutter feature applies to any phone device, whether you are an Android or iOS user.

Take note that upon purchase of this item, the package comes with one inch by 42-inch camera/smartphone tripod, one Bluetooth remote shutter, one nylon case, user manual, and one original box package.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Durable and Elegant
  • Wide-range application
  • The remote feature is fantastic.


  • Leg extensions are too skinny, not applicable for windy weather.
  • Tend to be flimsy
  • It would be a lot versatile if it can extend more than the 42-inch height.


The tripod can be an added weight and added cost to your basic photography kits, but what we had discussed earlier suggests that you should buy one to make your shots elevate in a whole new way. It is very significant to understand that every tripod is designed for an individual purpose, and you must know your niche first before considering a good tripod.

Venturing for a particular product you don’t know its relevance to your work is like throwing your cash on the well. It’s a weird thing to do. So, you must explore first and itemize what fits your practice.

Everesta 42-inch <-Affiliate link 🙂 is a tripod used best for traveling. It is sleek, elegant, small-size, and lightweight that can easily insert your luggage whenever you go to a precise location. It has a wide range of applications for mobile phones, cameras, projectors, and telescopes if you are that kind of enthusiast.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t require you to be that delicate enough to use this tool; the basics feature of this tripod would make a significant change to your shots and enhance your photography skills.

Among available tripods in the market, this has a good value for the price, not the cheapest but not the most expensive one. We gave you valuable information to finalize your purchase, and if I were you, I would give it a shot.

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