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DJI mini 2

DJI MINI 2 Review

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The DJI Mini 2 is an ultra-compact drone that quickly launches within seconds. This makes it the ideal drone for beginners who have just started exploring the world of photography and want to shoot 4K footage without the high-tech DJI drones that are relatively expensive.

This drone is the answer for anyone looking for something exceptional as their first or next drone. The DJI Mini 2’s design is comparable to the Mavic Mini’s appearance. Still, it has excellent internal upgrades.

Above all, DJI took care of its weight and made sure that it is not required to be registered with aviation authorities in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia.

DJI MINI 2 Review

DJI is among the industry leaders. They often develop features that weren’t there before in any aircraft. This is also one of the manufacturers’ drones with which they released several brand-new features and updates.

For starters, DJI Mini 2 can fly up to 2.5 kilometers and face the wind pressure of 24 mph while remaining compact and weighing only 8.8 ounces. Moreover, it gives you successful performance with a 3-axis gimbal for more excellent stabilization.

The camera lets you record 4K 30fps video and 12 Mega Pixels pictures taken in JPG or RAW. Additionally, you’ll get a closer view of objects using the built-in 4x digital zoom provided with it.

DJI mini 2 camera

It’s easier to fly the Mini 2 thanks to DJI’s various intelligent characteristics and attributes, including auto-launch and return-to-home modes that utilize GPS technology to safely return the drone to its home base following a flight.

The DJI Fly App is a well-balanced blend of ease of use and robust functionality. While casual drone pilots will not need to wander beyond the primary interface, there is enough to learn.

The DJI Fly application contains many functions that enable the Mini 2 to generate creative, professional-quality images. The Fly More Combo lets you go at a more stunning height to capture shocking 4K aerial video capturing.

We can control this drone wirelessly from up to 6.2 miles away with DJI’s OcuSync 2.0 2.4/5.8 GHz wireless transmission technology.

Fly Spot, another function of the DJI Fly app, allows you to plan your flight route before takeoff. The Mini 2 can fly up to 31 minutes and has a top speed of 36 mph, allowing you to explore and record remote locations.

DJI Mini 2’s upgraded controller is also a pleasing addition. Completely redesigned, simplicity is the goal here. And while it no longer resembles a Transformer due to its fewer moving components, it has an obvious Johnny 5-like appeal.

The following section covers the details of the significant aspects of this drone.

The DJI MINI 2’s Most Notable Features:


The DJI Mini 2 looks identical to its predecessor (the Mavic Mini). However, the size and weight of this drone make it a breeze to fly. It weighs just 249 grams, which is exempt from FAA registration (this only applies to the USA, Australia, and UK. For other countries, you must check your local laws and regulations). It’s so light that it almost seems like a toy at first sight.

The Mini 2 incorporates a folding-arm design that other drone makers have subsequently replicated in a tribute to DJI. In addition, the Mini 2 can be folded down to the size of a can of soda, making it very portable.

DJI’s new function of adding a band around the drone to prevent rotor blades from shearing off while in your bag is an excellent addition.

The controller is the most significant distinguishing feature between this drone and its predecessor. The Mini 2 is at least twice the size and boasts an extended arm on top for holding your smartphone, but the controller for the Mini is much smaller and incorporates folding components for carrying your phone.

Although the previous controller was smaller, the new one, identical to the one provided with the Mavic Air, allows for a clearer view of your phone.

DJI mini 2 controller


The Mini 2 was designed to be as responsive, stable, and easy to fly as any other DJI drone. So the Mini 2 climbed into the skies and took flight while floating in mid-air.

DJI enhanced the motors for the Mini 2, allowing for an extra minute of flight time and increased wind speeds to 24 mph, up from 17.9 mph on the prior model.

Instead of using Wi-Fi, DJI’s Occusync 2.0 transmission technology connects the controller and the drone. Compared to the predecessor, the Mini 2’s effective maximum range increases by more than double, from 2.4 miles to 6.1 miles.

Photo and Video Quality

The DJI Mini 2’s sensor is the same size as its predecessor’s (1/2.3″), but it has been improved to provide 4K/30 frames per second video capture. Additionally, this enables a few other sleights of hand.

With DJI Mini 2, you can now capture 1080p video with a 2x or 4x digital zoom, which has proved to be a proper but not exceptional function. However, you lose a lot of information when zooming from 1x to 2x to 4x since the magnification cannot be increased gradually.

The Mini 2’s ability to shoot in JPG and RAW is a great feature, particularly for those passionate about photography.

The Mini 2 is prompted to take three images at varied exposures using Auto Exposure Bracketing to acquire the best results. Additionally, a Wide Panorama mode is provided, capturing nine shots and stitching them together to create an image less than 180 degrees wide.

Flight Characteristics

If you’ve flown a DJI aircraft or another drone equipped with altitude hold and GPS in the past, piloting the drone will be a snap (some toys have these features). Combined with one of the three possible flying modes — Cine, Normal, or Sport — these features simplify life for photographers and amateurs.

The drone is sensitive outside Cine mode, but you must exercise caution since its velocity may overwhelm it. Anything faster than 24mph (force 5) should be kept in the case, which is an improvement, but the lightweight has limitations.

Auto takeoff and landing are superior, with the latter reliably returning to the takeoff site. Even with the newest improvements, the drone’s low weight requires much maneuvering space. However, accuracy may be perfect even in brightly illuminated areas, provided the floor has texture.

A more visible battery meter is among the new additions to DJI’s Fly App. Additionally, the system calculates the remaining flying time in minutes and seconds, and it should be noted that the algorithm here needs development — each ascension subtracts minutes. While ascending in altitude reduces battery life, every journey begins this way!

DJI mini 2 USB C and Card slot

Safety Features

The drone has transceivers for the GPS and GLONASS positioning systems, making it simpler to pinpoint its precise location on a map and hover more consistently.

Find My Drone, a feature of the DJI Fly flight control software, displays the location of your Mini 2 and the time since it was last spotted. Of course, we hope you never need it, but it is available if you do.

GPS enables autonomous and semi-autonomous flight. For example, on the Mini 2, automated Quickshots feature circling, corkscrewing, and pulling back and away.

DJI’s subject tracking system, ActiveTrack, is not included. However, more capable drones can track and follow, such as the Mavic Air 2 and Skydio 2.

DJI’s drones also contain DJI’s FlySafe geofencing technology. This system safeguards restricted airspaces, such as those around sporting events, wildfires, national parks, and Washington, D.C. Before purchasing a drone, check the map to see if flying is permitted in your region.

Alternatively, the geofence may be modified to keep the drone within a specific controller range. The visibility of objects changes according to the lighting. As a result, beginners must make use of this functionality.

DJI Mini 2 Specs:

  • Takeoff weight: 249g
  • Flight time: 31 minutes
  • Drone size (Folded): 131 x 81 x 58 mm
  • Camera Sensor: 1/2.3-inch CMOS, 12MP

DJI mini 2 camera view

  • Video Resolution: 4K/30p @ 100 Mbps
  • Lens: F2.8, FOV 83º, 35mm equivalent at 24mm
  • Photo File Type: JPEG + RAW
  • Video File Type: MP4
  • Zoom Capabilities: 2X @ 4K, 2X @ 2.7K, 4X @ 1080p
  • Transmission: OcuSync 2.0
  • Maximum Distance: 10 km
  • Image Modes: AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) Triple Shot, Timed Shots


  • Light and compact
  • Excellent battery life
  • Stabilized 4K camera
  • Raw and JPG photo modes
  • Automated Quickshots
  • Long flight time
  • More connections than Mavic Mini
  • GPS and other safety features
  • No FAA registration required


  • Limited object tracking
  • Price hike over Mavic Mini
  • Better but still not perfect in crosswinds
  • No color profiles for JPGs and video
  • It omits obstacle Avoidance and HDR
  • It doesn’t include ActiveTrack or Hyperlapse


The new DJI Mini 2 maintains the same sub-250g weight aim but makes fewer concessions. The original DJI Mini was designed mainly for those interested in taking their initial steps toward drone flight. On the other hand, the drone appeals to experienced drone pilots, filmmakers, and professional photographers.

Mini 2 has DJI’s renowned folding arms design, making it extremely easy to transport and store. However, opening the arms in a specific order is critical and reverses the fold. This requires some adjustment, but it is simple to do.

Overall, it is an excellent drone and highly recommended from our side <– Affiliate Link 🙂

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