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Crosstour 4K 20MP Action Camera

Crosstour 4K 20MP Review

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For quite a while, Crosstour action cameras are rapidly becoming popular as GoPro cameras’ best available alternatives. The manufacturers are offering almost everything a GoPro can, but it comes without any fancy price tag. Such as Crosstour 4K 20MP camera.

It has almost all the features of GoPro Hero 7 and 8 except some, but its price is less than half as compared to those two.

Crosstour 40k 20Mp is a medium-end action camera, but whatever it can do, it performs its best. Take the example of 4k video capability. The user might expect a not-so-impressive 4k video for this price, but the results are the total opposite of this camera’s expectations.

The 4k video is pretty nifty and resolution. Take the example of waterproof. Soak the camera in water for hours, and there won’t be any damage to it. These are just two examples of the multiple things this tiny gadget can do.

Salient features of Crosstour 4K 20MP:

Here are details about the most prominent features. All technical and physical specifications are given in the next section.

Design and built

Like usual Crosstour cameras, this one is also a black camera built with high-quality plastic. Plastic-built is a reason behind the durability of the camera and breakage-resistance. It is a tiny easy to carry around a camera with physical dimensions of only 6 cm x 2.5 cm x 4 cm (L x W x H), whereas the weight only 56 grams. Multiple accessories that come with the package are all made up of plastic.

The physical highlight of the camera is its two inches screen. On the front, there are on/off button just beside the lens. The recording button on the upper side, micro SD card compartment slot, and the settings button on the left side, and on the right side, there is the Micro-USB cable and the mini HDMI cable and two buttons to control a few settings.

Ultra 4k resolution

4k 20MP is capable of recording in 4k resolution in 30fps. For a low budget camera, the footage result of videos recorded in 4k mode is peachy.

Beside 4k at 30fps, the other resolution supported by this action camera are:

  • 2.7K at 30fps
  • 1080P FHD at 60fps/30fps
  • 720P HD at 120fps/60fps/30fps

To save these videos and all sorts of footage, you need to insert an SD card first, which doesn’t come with the package. All videos are stored in MP4 format under the H.264 or the H.265 codec.


From 2mp to 20mp, Crosstour 4k 20mp camera can take photos. With the right camera settings, anyone can take wonderful images using this camera.

The only drawback of pictures with this camera is that the RAW format isn’t supported by it.


Crosstour 4k 20mp features a 170-degree wide-angle lens. It helps to capture wider scenes.

One problem with this lens is that it isn’t made up of anti-scratch glass. Rubbing the lens harshly while cleaning or any other unfortunate circumstance can leave a permanent scratch on it. Be careful about it; don’t use anything to clean it other than lens cloth, and follow the cleaning instructions mentioned in the user’s manual.

Anti-shake mechanism

In action photography, blur footages are a common issue caused by the shakes or movements. To reduce the blur and distortions, Crosstour 4k 20mp features built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). It ensures that you get high-definition footage even when you shoot the fast-moving objects.

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) is a highly effective method now used in most action cameras. It compensates for hand jitter that results in distracting video shake during playback. EIS relies on an accurate motion sensor for tracking the jitter source, which can be because of the photographer’s motion, vehicle, tripod, et cetera.

Using camera underwater

For the price range of Crosstour 4k 20mp, either cameras are not waterproof or have to use them in the waterproof casing, which doesn’t come with the package. This camera is solid waterproof up to 40 meters (98 feet) once you put it inside its casing, making it a perfect action camera for water sports, diving, surfing, and swimming.

The case is with the clip mechanism. Put the camera in case, clip, close it, and your camera is an all-around seal. Soak the camera in water for days, and there won’t be any damage to the device at all.

The waterproof case also provides resistance against dust and extra protection against breakage. But the camera is in the case can affect the audio quality.

Crosstour 4K 20MP box content


There are multiple video and picture modes to get better footage results and make your adventures more fun. Such as:

  • Single shooting (press the shutter mode, and the camera will take a single photo only)
  • Burst mode (also known as continuous shooting mode
  • Time-lapse: This function allows the action camera to hold off the shot for a few seconds (from 1 second to 10 seconds)
  • Self-timer (up to 10 seconds)
  • Slow-motion
  • Aqua mode (compensate the loss of colors underwater to get the vivid images)
  • Long exposure (capture stationary objects and blur moving one to give artistic touch)
  • Distortion correction


Battery life can last straight up to two hours while shooting in 1080p mode with camera and connectivity features off.

In the case of using connectivity features, screens, and shooting simultaneously, the battery falls rapidly. In the 4k shooting, these battery timings can drop to 60-90 minutes max.

External Microphone

An external 2.5mm microphone helps you to captures sound from all directions with all details.

Remote Control

For ease of use and control of the camera wirelessly, the remote control comes with the package. There are two prominent buttons on the remote controller; a red button for photo taking and a grey button for video recording.

Crosstour 4K 20MP Camera remote control

Crosstour 4K 20MP Specifications:

  • Model Name: Crosstour 4K 20MP Action Camera
  • Brand: Crosstour
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 6 cm x 2.5 cm x 4 cm
  • Item Weight: 56 Grams
  • Color: Black
  • Max Focal Length: 200 Millimeters
  • Min Focal Length: 200 Millimeters
  • Pictures: 20MP (4928×3264), 16MP (4928×3264), 14MP (4320×3240), 10MP (3648×2736), 8MP (3264×2448), 5MP (2592×1944), 2MP (1600×1200)
  • Videos: 4K a 30fps, 2.7K a 30fps, 1080P FHD a 60fps/30fps , 720P HD a 120fps/60fps/30fps
  • Model Year: 1
  • Part number: Crosstour
  • Size: CT8500
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • Effective Still Resolution: 20 MP
  • Video Capture Resolution: 4K
  • Lens: Fisheye
  • Stabilization: Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
  • Display Size: 2 Inches
  • Item Weight: 56 Grams
  • Memory type: SDHC
  • Connections: USB, Wi-Fi
  • Battery: 1350mAh 3.7V battery
  • Battery life: 120 minutes recording 1080p Full HD video (Wi-Fi and screen turned off)
  • Included Components: Camera Body & Accessories
  • Item Package Dimensions: L x W x H: 24.4 cm x 12 cm x 7.4 cm
  • Package Weight: 0.54 Kilograms


  • Reasonable price with good quality
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • Remote control and other multiple accessories
  • Battery time of 120 minutes
  • Easy to carry around
  • Waterproof up to 40 meters
  • Built-in Wi-Fi


  • The battery falls rapidly on 4k mode.
  • Lack of touchscreen, unlike the other action cameras in the same price range.


Both performance wise and price wise, Crosstour 4k 20 MP is an impressive camera. If, as a beginner or in general, you don’t want to go for GoPro because of its price tag, this action camera is one of the best alternatives available.

4k quality, 20 MP pictures, waterproof, anti-shake technology, 2 hours of battery life, durable, remote control, dust cove, and multiple accessories, what else one can want from an action camera?

Make it yours today, <-Affiliate link 🙂 and start your journey into photography!

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