Zomei Q555 details
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Zomei Q555 review

ZOMEI Q555 The Q555 by Zomei is more of a budget option that actually impressed me with both its build…

Walimex WT-806 legs
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Professional tripod review – Walimex WT-806

Walimex WT-806 The WT-806 Lamp Stand by Walimex is 256 cm high and is of top-notch -quality. It is a…

Walimex WAL-6702
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Professional tripod review – Walimex WAL-6702

Walimex WAL-6702 Pro Tripod The WAL-6702 Pro Tripod by Walimex is an extremely sturdy tripod made of top-notch materials. It…

Sirui NT-1005X low shooting
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Sirui travel tripod review

SIRUI NT-1005X If you are looking for an all-round and compact tripod than you will be happy with this tripod…

Sirui 3T-35K table top
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Sirui tripod review – Sirui 3T-35K Table Top Tripod

This 3T-35K Table Top Tripod by Sirui is one of the most versatile camera support I have come across. For…

Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 horizontal column
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Manfrotto mt055xpro3 tripod

When it comes about the travel tripods, Manfrotto occupies a place of honor. Strong, sturdy and easy to set up, they…

walimex tripod
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Lightweight camera tripod – Walimex WT-3530 review

I was looking on eBay for a lightweight camera tripod to replace my damaged one. As I’m always looking for…

Manfrotto MT293A3
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Manfrotto tripod review – Manfrotto 290 Series MT293A3 Tripod

Manfrotto supports are prepared to satisfy the requirements of any photographer. All Manfrotto photo supports rely on quality materials, innovation…

Manfrotto 545B tripod
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Heavy Duty Tripod – Manfrotto 545B tripod

Heavy Duty Tripod – Manfrotto 545B tripod Manfrotto 545B tripod refers to a two stage, twin leg and aluminum design…

Zomei Z818C
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Professional tripod review – Zomei Z818C

When traveling or simply shooting around, a good tripod will do the difference. Holding your digital camera steady will result…