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HP ENVY 5030 printer overview

HP ENVY 5030 Review

Printing has brought a great revolution to all the industries of the world.

Do you want to know why?

It is because all the social levels have caught its influence, whether you are a student, an ordinary employee, a professional, a businessman, a CEO in the company, or whatever positions you have. Printing has a wide range of applications depending on what type of printing you need.

There are different types of printing. Let us know in particular: digital printing is one of the types of printing that is well-known for its standard and large-scale usage. Digital printing is when you print images or text formats on a piece of paper, film, plastic, photographic paper, or cloth.

There are two kinds of printing under digital printing: the Inkjet Printer and the second is the laser printers. Mainly, Inkjet Printers are printers that use ink to produce high-quality images and text-based prints. It is cheaper compared to laser printers.

HP ENVY 5030 Review

For a long time, one reliable company that gives its consistent optimum performance regarding printing and computer business is HP. It never fails to build a printer that suits the needs of every small household. It is a multi-functional inkjet printer for personal use.

The ENVY 5030 encompasses the typical day-to-day lifestyle such as printing, copying, and scanning various documents, whether image or text-based, made possible through this printer. It is suitable for a small-size family who casually uses the printer in their respective homes.

We want our equipment to be easily accessible, as much as possible, it can be operated within the touch of our fingertips. Good news! This feature connects to your mobile phone through a mobile app that was tailor-fit to operate the HP Printer.

One aspect for every consumer to consider before buying a printer is the cost. But the ENVY 5030 has something to say in terms of low-cost printing. Although it prints slower than other printers, it can give excellent prints and cost-efficient per page print.

Key Features

To know the further details of what it has to follow, let’s check out our HP ENVY 5030 features:


One important consideration when buying a printer is the space it will consume in your room or house. The product has a height of 12.8 cm, a thickness of 44.5 cm, and a width of 36.7 cm. When loading papers into the paper tray, pulling the tray increases the width to 56.4 cm, the printer weighs 5.41 kg.

This printer is designed for home print or home office with its multi-function options. It has an elegant design with a polished and shiny touch of black paint. It has a handy touch screen display (2.2 in) that allows the user to have an option to scan, print, copy, or fax documents.

Easy to navigate functions through touch screen LCD. It also has a help option when you navigate to the right. It would have an option if you did not know how to load paper on the tray, connect the device through WiFi, other digital office tips, etc., with clarity on instruction and imagery.

The printer also has the paper tray placed on the bottom compared to other printers that it was placed at the top, making it unique and convenient to work with. The ENVY 5030 paper trays can hold up to 100 pages – making the process of printing, scanning, and copying less hassle. It has a plastic finishing on its casing with an outstanding sleek black color, making it elegant.

Instant Ink Program

One of the highlight features of HP ENVY 5030 is that it has HP Instant Ink Program.

It is sometimes difficult to check if the printer cartridges are running low if you have lots of work to attend to. It sometimes slips away from your attention, and later you did notice that it is already empty.

The result will then be a delay of work since you need to order and wait for the ordered inks to arrive. Gladly! HP has seen this regular issue to every customer, so they address the concern and make a solution.

Whenever the device is connected to the internet, it automatically notifies a message to HP whenever the printer cartridge runs low. It instantly ordered a genuine cartridge from the manufacturer. The new cartridges will be delivered or shipped right away, direct to your house.

That’s one of the best features of this printer since your work will not be interrupted.

Although most inks can be expensive, regardless of what printer you may choose, HP initiates a program that saves you your time and money, making sure that you always have the ink you’ll be needing for the task you are going to do.

Three months free trial

This plan has a three months free trial, which is a bonus for the purchased item.

If you are working on a task or any working environment in which you can calculate your expected printouts in a month, you can subscribe to a monthly plan under HP Instant Ink Program so that the company will send you the link you need promptly.

You can customize the desired page plan based on your need, either 50, 100, 150, or so on-page plans. The best thing about it is when you have subscribed to a page plan, and later you realize that you no longer want the service, you can easily cancel online without penalty incurred if there’s a need to stop the subscription.

Wireless Connectivity

HP ENVY 5030 has a variety of accessibility. Nowadays, the usage of smartphones and tablets are more convenient to customers rather than desktop computers. This printer has dual-band wireless connectivity as a standard means to access devices under different frequencies. By definition, dual-band is the function to connect even the latest gadget in the market.

Wireless connectivity allows any smartphone and tablet to connect via local WiFi. Through the smart application introduced by HP that you can download directly in the App Store for free, namely HP Smart App, you can control the printer and direct your desired function using smartphones or tablets.

This is one of the features built-in in the ENVY 5030 that allows users to have maximum convenience and comfort using this new technology that gives ease to the differently-abled person.

Much more on its Wireless Connections, it has also offered a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Port that allows users to connect their desktop and notebook computers to access the device. All in all, this printer displays a new era of wireless printers that challenges other brands.




This Printer can scan documents up to A4 size paper. It can also scan a book bind material with a resolution of up to 1200 pixels per inch. The scanned document can be saved through different formats such as PDF, BMP, PNG, TIF, or JPEG/JPG files.

You may place the scanned document on the top portion intended by pressing the scan option on the front screen, or you may option it on the HP Smart App. Its scan speed may vary depending on the type of document: if it is colored, it scans around 20 seconds/page, and if it is black, it scans around 8 seconds/page.


HP ENVY 5030 may also function as a copier. The document may be placed in that same place on the top portion, and instruction is entered on the touch screen display located upfront or entered through the HP Smart App.

It has a specific resolution of 600×300 dpi, and its printing speed may also vary depending on the type of document: If it is colored, it can copy at a rate of 4 pages per minute, and if it is black, it can copy eight pages per minute.


It also has a feature to connect the device to the phone line to send and receive fax messages (vice-versa)

Remote Print

One of the highlight features of ENVY 5030 is that you can do printings while you are away or from your workplace. You can print documents, emails, photos, and many more through the use of AirPrint. From your Smartphones, you can directly send documents to be print with your printer in an instant.

It is a leap of advancement since there are times you are in a hurry, and you need to print documents right away, so even if you are still driving going to your home, your documents are already printing, and by the time you arrive, the records are ready to go.

HP ENVY 5030 Print Quality

This printer can print both in color and black, whether an image or text-based document, with a resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dots per inch. This resolution would give an image outstanding printouts and offers many crisps to the output maintaining the high quality every time you print.

Vibrancy and depth of details to every picture can be seen. This printer also features a borderless printing option.

ENVY 5030 can also print on various media and customize it to get better results, and you can choose either: Plain Paper, HP Photo Papers, HP Matte, and HP Glossy. These options enhance the photo quality and give the user the best experience in printing images.

This printer uses an individual cartridge for specific colors. For black, HP 63 Black Original Cartridge is used that can print with an estimated 190 pages. For color, HP 63 Tricolor Original Cartridge is used that can print with an estimated 160 pages.

It also has an economical option on the type of cartridges, and HP allows the users to buy cartridges that print more. For black, HP 63 XL Black High Yield Original Printer Cartridge is used that can print with an estimated 480 pages. For color, HP 63 XL Tricolor High Yield Original Printer Cartridge is used that can print with an estimated 360 pages.

Paper Management

Printer trays are less noticed or overlooked by every customer, but this feature is essential to look at. This Printer has an adjustable input tray containing up to 100 sheets, while the output trays can carry only 25 sheets. This paper size ranges from A4 to A6. This is quite many pages for a small household or small home office.

Sometimes we print documents on both sides, and the number one factor to consider in this process is the hassle of printing the front page, get the printed material, and then placed it again on the paper tray. HP has seen this issue and address the concern for better work efficiency and effectiveness.

One of this printer’s key features is that it can print back-to-back by selecting Automatic Duplex Printing. This prints the document on both sides in one smooth operation.


HP ENVY 5030 is energy efficient. Most of all, customers want all their appliances and devices to consume a low amount of electricity to save money, especially in a crisis. Fortunately, this printer consumes merely 14W during its printing. This makes this printer economical to use and user-friendly as well.//


  • User-friendly printer and easy to set-up
  • Uninterrupted work due to Instant Ink Program
  • Comfortable and accessible, Automated Duplex Print.
  • Cost-efficient


  • Printing speed is slow.
  • Incompatible to lower version operating system
  • It takes time to connect to WiFi.
  • Moderate sensitivity of touch screen


In a nutshell, HP ENVY 5030 <- Affiliate Link 🙂 is an excellent printer for its wide variety of functions. It has a decent build, and it is designed specifically for home use. It is easy to install on smartphones and desktops, and it has functional connectivity on various gadgets. It is cost-efficient and user-friendly.

It prints a high-quality image for a budget-price printer. The perks of having remote access without a constant physical touch on the device, and yet it can still get the work done, are priceless. However, we suggest that you set aside a little extra money if you wished to print more.

Canon Selphy CP1300 Review

Memories are best triggered visually, meaning it can be easily remembered through seeing. Photographs are the best examples of imagery that can easily be seen through naked eyes and recalls the memories embedded on a single piece of paper.

Photographs serve as an archive of experiences. This photograph is best stored and easily shared if it is printed on hard copy. Therefore, a printer that prints a good quality is necessary for this stage.

Canon Selphy CP1300 Review

Canon is an excellent company in the printing industry that continually gives quality services to its consumer. Canon develops a product that suits the needs of the people of this time, a small-sized print that would be a handy one for every user.

Canon Selphy CP1300 is one of the high-quality and cost-efficient printers produced by Canon to accommodate 4R size photo papers, suitable for every occasion you may attend: birthdays, reunions, parties, or any gatherings.

If you are a type of photographer who likes to tour in different places, this is the right option for you to immediately print captured images remotely, with the battery options for portability. Selphy CP1300 is an upgrade from its former printer Selphy CP1200, improving some photos’ features and quality. Let’s check out in detail the highlights for this printer.

Canon Selphy CP1300 Key Features:


It is a compact printer, portable but not a pocket-size printer. It looks elegant and durable in its available colors: black, white, and pink.   Its size is: length 5.4in, width 7.2 in, and height 2.5in, works best in small office space or home office.

It weighs around 1.9 pounds, which makes this printer portable and easy to carry. It has an option to maximize portability by purchasing a battery, which is sold separately.

The printer has a built-in 3.2in tilt-up LCD screen, a bit larger screen than CP1200, to view the menu and previous photo. This LCD is not a touch screen; however, buttons were provided to navigate the menu and maximize other options.

Six options can be seen on the screen menu, and these are: select and print, more print photos, shuffle print, ID Photo, Wi-Fi Settings, and Set-up.

It also has buttons to guide the user to operate the printer efficiently. These are the buttons that can be seen on the horizontal control panel located on the top of the printer: power on, home, menu, Wi-Fi, four-way navigator, ok button in the middle, zoom in and out, back/cancel the print, print button.

On the printer’s front side, it has a compartment there for paper cassette, loading of 4R size photo papers up to 20 pcs. On that same side, also, the memory card slot is located. On the right-hand side of the printer is the compartment allotted for ink cartridges.

On the left-hand side are other connection options such as a camera drive, flash drive, and computer USB port. At the printer’s back is where the air vent, paper ejection slot, DC power input, and the battery pack mounting can be found. It is important to note that the wires at the back must be kept on the sides so that it doesn’t block the paper when it prints.


Unlike other portable printers that use Zero Ink Technology, this printer operates a Dye-Sublimation Thermal Printing Method process. It still uses an ink cartridge, but printing is unique compared to the usual printers that were already in the market.

Dye-Sublimation Printing is a new way of printing. A method applied to this printer to maintain its small size without compromising the photo quality, which is one of the vital factors in purchasing the product.

To give a clear picture of how the printer uses this method, let me explain to you briefly. The printer uses the heat to vaporize the colors from a roll of cellophane into the photo paper’s glossy side. Canon Selphy CP1300 uses a dye-sublimation process wherein it assures the printed image is maintained in good quality.

There are four passes when printing a picture through CP1300, one pass for each color: magenta, cyan, yellow, and overcoat or clear coat to seal the print. A special coating on each print protects against splashes, spills, and fading for up to 100 years when stored in an album.


The CP1300 has a wide range variety of connection choices; therefore prints quality photos direct from your camera or smartphone or desktop anywhere, anytime, any occasion. One of its highlighted features is its Wireless printing option, wherein you can connect your mobile phones (iPhone or Android) wirelessly using the Canon Print Inkjet/Selphy App. It can be downloaded on the iTunes App or Google play.

Android phones also have the advantage of connecting to the printer through Mopria Print Services. You can print remotely and access the printer without physical contact through the use of the Selphy App on your mobile phone.

Other options, you can connect your desktop computer via Wi-Fi or USB, you can print an image directly from your desktop. Next, you can directly connect your camera via a mini USB Type-B port (but note that cable for that type-B port was not included in the package of CP1300).

You can scan pictures from your camera and import them to the printer and directly press the print button to print. Lastly, you can print images via an SD card and USB flash drive. It can read images precisely from your flash drive, and you can opt to edit it on the screen. You can also pick a photo from your pictures and option it to print in an ID size.

Wi-Fi Shuffle Print

The multiple ways to connect from your device to the printer have no issue since the options given above clearly state the numerous ways to connect depending on which do you prefer as a user or depending on the availability.

But on the other hand, it is a normal constraint on every printer, especially the portable ones, that caters only to one device to facilitate the printing process: picking the photos, enhancing the images using filters and adjustments, editing the images putting texts, and stickers and so on. This slows down the process since it requires that the photo be done editing before the next print. Hence the user cannot optimize the maximum utilization of the product, especially in battery mode.

Gladly Canon had seen this recurring concern and incorporated a technology to their latest printer to best address it.

Selphy CP1300 has the latest feature called Wi-Fi Shuffle Print mode, which grants users the opportunity of creating collective memories via prints during special events and occasions. The feature allows up to eight smart devices to be connected via Wi-Fi to the SELHY CP1300 simultaneously to facilitate the sending of images. More devices can add an image in the queue and therefore lightens the workload for one device.


More devices that a printer can cater to means a faster printing process since every connected device will press the print button once they are done with editing, then the printer process it and print it on the queue.

High Photo Quality & Fun Printing

Many similar small-format printers like Canon Selphy CP1300 in the market, but this printer stands out amongst them in the printed image quality and portability. The image resolution for this printer is 300 x 300 dpi.

As you print many pictures, few would have an average quality, considering those with very light and very dark portions of the image. But overall, print quality is excellent, as it displays clear, detail, and color-rich pictures.

Canon claims that the print quality would last about 100 years when stored in the album and not exposed to direct heat and moisture through the protective seal, which is the fourth pass of the printing process, making it resistant to dust, water, and fade.

Selphy CP1300 has an added feature, especially for photographers or people who run a photo booth business. This 2in x 6in layout can be customized based on the chosen design that suits any occasion.

You can also add background color and borders to produce a fun print. It also can create an identified size of ID Photo for convenience of printing ID’s built-in on the device. It also can incorporate various pictures of your choice, up to 8 pictures forming a collage on a single photo paper.

The printing speed for a single 4 in x 6 in photo paper is about one minute. You can have a beautiful print a minute away right at the moment you capture it.

Battery Option

Upon standard purchase, Canon Selphy 1300 doesn’t include the battery pack, which is sold separately. But when the user wants maximum portability, he/she can opt for buying a battery pack that will cater to his/her outdoor printouts without the need to be near a power source.

It is one of the highlight features of this product since, among its competing products of the same type, this is the only printer with a battery option. The battery for this printer is Battery Pack NB-CP2LH, <- Affiliate Link 🙂 which can print up to 54 photos. It is important to note also that the approximate charging time for this battery is about 4 hours.


  • Portable
  • High-Quality Photos
  • User-friendly printer
  • Easy to connect
  • Fast work: Multiple Users can connect


  • USB Cable Type B not included in the purchase
  • Pays extra bucks for battery


To sum it up, Canon Selphy CP1300 <- Affiliate Link 🙂 has a lot to offer to the user: multiple ways to connect, high-quality photos, portability, and various options to customize print designs, especially in the business photography sector.

It is not solely for the photographer who will benefit these but even ordinary people who wished to have a good quality print out at a reasonable price. We advise to maximize portability; you’ll spend some extra cash on purchasing a battery for the printer.

HP Sprocket 200 Review

“The world of instants.”

One of the identifying words that best describe the generation today is the word “INSTANT.” People nowadays are always in a hurry, as if they were always being chased. Maintaining relevance in this age requires you to keep moving, keep innovating, keep discovering, keep inventing, and never slow down.

To stop for a while is never an option. The former way of doing things in a conventional approach was already faced-out, and behold, the new way of living where the advancement of technology has dramatically affected every individual’s lifestyle shortens the process of everything.

Instant food, instant shopping, immediate services, instant communication, instant transportation, etc., are all possible because of the evolving technology right now.

The fast pace technology day after day makes a significant difference in all the industries worldwide. Considering the business sector of our country, they must keep up with today’s ever-changing technology to maintain its relevance to every consumer’s evolving need.

Companies must always invent a new way of getting things done, even the most straightforward routine, in a fast, easily-accessible, effective, cost-efficient, and technology-anchored way.

Hp is one of the leading companies that regularly gives excellent services and products in the digital world. They incorporate the latest technology on their newly released products so that consumers will always have a sense of thrill and amazement of what they can still do to elevate the norm.

Hp has proved to be relevant in the printing industry by producing excellent quality printers. The Hp Company has the answer to the world of instants by making a portable printer that can print instant images right after you captured them—introducing the HP SPROCKET 200, a pocket-size printer that can print instant pictures wherever you are.

It was designed to tailor-fit to the always-on-the-go people and print images quickly, and share them with friends/families. This is also for those backpackers, adventurers, and tourists of different places who would love to take pictures and print them instantly as a remembrance of the places they’ve been.

HP Sprocket 200 Review

To know more about the products encapsulated features, check the product review below:


The HP Sprocket 200 is one of the latest products of HP that highlights portability and quick accessibility. This printer has a dimension of length 3.15 in, width 4.6 in, and height of 1 in, at an average weight of 0.4 pounds.

It is one of the light-weight and smallest printers in the market you can have. If purchasing this printer, you can have the option of your choice color either: Noir, Luna, or Blush. Sprocket 200 is an upgrade from its former product, the HP Sprocket, which comes only in black glossy color.

This printer’s design makes it elegant and more appealing since it suits the taste of the millennials.  Sprocket 200 is a great leap for the Hp. They modified some glitches and some adverse reports on the former product, proving that they are always innovating and catering the reports to provide excellent service to their customers seriously.



Sprocket 200 is a unique printer aside from its portable, nearly has the same size as any smartphone, that you can quickly put it inside your pouch. It has also incorporated into its system the Zero Ink Technology. Zero Ink Technology means zero ink, or we say inkless printing, no ink refills, and no ink cartridges.

It is a great relief for every consumer that they will not be dealing anymore with messy working space, ink spillage, or any blots in the printed image from blotted inks and malfunctioning printers. Sprocket 200 uses Zink papers to print pictures from your mobile phone. Zink paper has a dimension of 2in by 3in.

This Zink paper contains susceptible multiple transparent layers that, when heated, it triggers dyes on the Sprocket’s thermal printer head to turn cyan, magenta, and yellow, which is responsible for producing a full-color image. It is a single pass print, unlike the dye sublimation process, which prints four passes.

Zink papers have a sticky backing, which is a plus for this type of paper, enabling the consumer to attach the printed images on the Zink papers to walls, tables, notebooks, scrapbooks, cards, folders, or any material you wished to put it. Upon purchase of the device, it has a free 10pcs Zink papers to test print.

To replace the Zink paper, you only need to slide off the top cover and place the paper in the tray. A 10-pack Zink paper has a blue card with a bar code in it that must be placed on the bottom facing the printer to scan it and print. Without the blue card, the device will not print.

It is important to note that Zink papers are quite expensive compared to full-size printers, an essential factor to be considered so that you’ll be fully aware of the cost in exchange for portability.


Most of the people nowadays personally own a mobile phone, whether what class an individual may be. HP Sprocket 200 maximizes every individual’s resources and incorporates a technology that they can easily connect through their mobile phones.

This printer is a user-friendly printer and uses Bluetooth for connectivity. Sprocket 200 uses a Bluetooth version 5.0, which boasts faster data transfer and more excellent range, enables you also to print quickly even you are at a considerable distance from the device.

It is not suitable for phones with a lower version operating system, and it applies to 8.0 iOS and 4.4 Android up to the latest versions.


This printer can be easily installed and set-up. Primarily, you need to download the Sprocket App either on the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Then, install the app on your mobile phone. After installation, you connect your device to the printer and add the widget on your Sprocket App.

Lastly, if you successfully connect your phone to the printer, you can now access your phone gallery in HP Sprocket App and print images you like. You can also import an image from social media sites to this application. This app contains a variety of options to edit your photos before printing them.

You can click the auto-enhance button to enhance your photos automatically. You can also click the filter options that are built-in in the app to pick your chosen filter. You can also manually adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the photo. You can put texts and stickers that can customize their colors on the given options.

You can click the print button in one of the options below to manually paint anything you want in the image, and you can pick the color of the paint. It also has a built-in option in the application that you can zoom in and out, tilt, and crop the image depending on your liking.

The app also has an option for the user to share the image on social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, and Dropbox.


HP Sprocket 200 is not built to print a high-quality photo, but it prints a decent quality photo compared to other pocket-size printers for the record. This printer has a 313 x 400 dpi print resolution with a 4:3 aspect ratio beyond that ratio. The images will be cropped out.

This printer produces only a fixed output of 2in x 3in size and can finish a single photo in about 40 seconds. The production is expected to have lower quality than a full-size printer, printed images are less detailed, and a bit flushed out or saturated on very light and very dark portions of the photo.

Although it lacks accuracy in the colors, printed images are acceptable and suitable for their convenience and portability.


The battery of Sprocket 200 is 7.4V, which has a maximum capacity of 550mAh, and printing would consume around 31 watts. With the ten pcs Zink papers at 40 seconds printing time per piece, a single charge could sufficiently print the ten papers, and then you need to charge it to print more.

When charging this device, the LED light flashes to indicate certain status: Red when it is charging up, Orange when it needs some more charge, and Green when it is fully charged.


  • Highest Portability
  • Easy to use application
  • No mess, Zink Technology
  • Easy access
  • Fun printing and Augmented Reality Options


  • Short Battery life
  • Average quality prints
  • Pricy Zink Papers


With all that being said, HP Sprocket 200 is a must to buy <- Affiliate Link 🙂 whenever you need a handy printer that goes with you wherever you go and instant images wherein you don’t need to wait in a long queue or go home to develop your captured images.

If you are fond of going to parties, birthdays, reunions, special occasions, and gatherings, whether with family or casual friends, it is a great buy to enjoy immediate photos that you can share right away. This printer can also be a lovely present to special people who are always on-the-go, adventurous, and tour in different places.

If you are not particular about the print quality and are after convenience and fun, this is for you. We would suggest that you need to spend a few bucks on Zink papers if you loved to print more.

Therefore, purchasing HP Sprocket 200 is a great deal whenever you need an instant handy printer that goes with you wherever you go. Whether a party, special occasions, or just simple gatherings, this device can make a difference.

This device also is best to give as a present to a special someone. I would suggest that if you loved to print more, you need to spend a few bucks on Zink papers.