Some Significant Techniques to Take Perfect Car Photos

Car Photography Tips

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Capturing perfect car photos is an art that requires different skills and techniques. Read the entire context to know how to take the perfect shot of your car.

How to Take the Perfect Shot of Your Car?

Car photography is the art of taking the spirit and beauty of your automobiles. This art should be something that will catch the eye and set fire to the viewer’s imagination. But the fact is, car photography isn’t as easy as it may seem because it requires several rules and techniques to take good shots.

Without proper knowledge and ticks, you will not be able to capture perfect photos of your car. However, if you want to get excellent pictures of your vehicle, check out this context. Here we will find a complete guideline on taking perfect pictures of your car. So, don’t leave; stay with us by reading this context.

What Does Car Photography Mean?

Car photography is also known as automotive photography or vehicle photography, which is a demanding sector nowadays. Typically, it is one of the popular arts of capturing sports shots of ordinary cars appealingly.

It lets you take high-quality shots of your car that easily double the attraction of the viewers. Capturing photographs of moving or stationary objects can be challenging, especially for vehicles. That’s why you will need a few techniques and a good camera to shoot beautiful car photos.

While capturing photos, cameras make a good impact on getting good car shots. You may now wonder where you can find a suitable camera to take pictures of your car? You will find a camera for brilliant car photography on the market specially designed for capturing car photos. This will help you to take eye-catching car photos.

Inside of a Bentley

How to Take the Perfect Shot of Your Car?

For capturing the perfect photos of your car, you have to know plenty of techniques. For your help, we have outlined a complete guideline for car photography below.

Best Camera Settings for car photography:

Camera settings are one of the most crucial factors in car photography. Without proper camera configuration, you will not get the perfect shots of your car. That’s why below we have demonstrated different parameters of camera configuration.

Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is a crucial configuration that you must adjust during car photography. This parameter controls how dark or bright your photo will be. Typically, it is measured in a fraction of seconds or seconds. Your captured image will be darker but crisper when you increase the shutter speed.

On the other hand, if you decrease this parameter, the captured image will be blurry. You should start with 1/125 shutter speed during daylight and one full second at night with a tripod for car photography. You can also take a few shots first to figure out the suitable shutter speed for your photography.


Aperture configuration usually reads like f7.1, which manages how much light is let into the camera. It mainly affects the focus of your captured photos. Additionally, you can control the depth of field of your shot by adjusting your camera’s aperture.

When you minimize the aperture, the main subject of your image will be in focus and the background blur. On the other hand, the whole image will be in focus if the aperture is increased. For car photography, you can use an aperture of f3.5 for a blurry background and f11 for entire, crisp car photos.


The final setting you will need to adjust is your camera’s ISO. This parameter of your camera controls how sensitive it is to light. When you double the ISO value, the brightness of your photos will be increased by one step.

For that, a lower value of ISO means less sensitivity to light. On the other hand, the light sensibility will rise while increasing the ISO. That’s why you should use as little ISO as possible, such as 100 and up for car photography.

Some Significant Techniques to Take Perfect Car Photos:

After properly configuring your camera settings, now is the time to capture some perfect photos of your car. Below, we have demonstrated some excellent ways to take car photos.

Capture at the Right Time of Day

Most people prefer to capture car photos during the day, resulting in poor car shots. This is because the light is harsh and unflattering just all-around at that time. So, it is best to take car shots a few minutes after sunset when the light is soft and no direct sunlight available. This circumstance will help you capture beautiful, almost ethereal photos of your car.

Toyota picture at sunset

Lookout for Reflections

If you want to take professional car photos, you should control what reflects in the car. You can make your car photos more attractive by controlling the line reflection of your car design. That’s why you should look closely at your vehicle and find out what reflects on its surface. Make sure your captured photo does not include your reflections.

Pay Attention to the Color of Your Car

Various types of car paint react differently to changes in light. For that, you need deep knowledge of light and color to present the actual color of your car in the photos. So, it is good to review your photos compared with your cars after capturing them.

Choose the Best Background

A beautiful background will help you present your car photos more attractively. On the other hand, a bad or distracting background will ruin your car photos instantly. So, capture your car images with a beautiful background to emphasize the main subject.

Car Photography with Motion Blur

Capturing car photos with motion blur effects is an excellent way to focus on the main subject. For that, you have to take pictures while the car is running fast.

Close up with running car

At this time, you should set your camera’s shutter speed to 1/125s. You may have to take plenty of shots, but the good ones will be worthwhile.

Capture Car Photos With Nature

This is another excellent way to present your car photos. Capturing your car photos by interacting with natural scenes will be a perfect way to focus your car.

White Jeep Rubicon

Besides, you can use a wide-angle lens for shooting from down low to make a broad view of your car.

Shoot at Night

Night photography may sound daunting, but you will get awesome photos of your car. You have to find a spot with complete darkness for night car photography. Set your camera’s ISO to 100, the aperture to f/9, and the shutter speed to 30 seconds and capture photos.

Does the Lens Matter in Car Photography?

The lens is an essential part of car photography that determines the image quality. A lens allows light to come from a specific focal point to define an image on film. Usually, a lens with a focal length between 35 mm and 85 mm has been used in car photography.

Besides, if you want to capture wide-angle photos, you can choose a 24 mm or 35 mm lens. For taking far-away shots, you have to select a 70-200 mm lens <– Affiliate Link 🙂 with f/2.8. This type of lens helps you zoom in on the object from a long distance.


Although taking photographs of your car seems to be an easy task, you will need to know the proper techniques for perfect shots. Otherwise, you will be able only to capture images, but the photos will not be perfect and can’t catch the viewers’ attention. That’s why you should know the tricks and techniques to take the perfect shot of your car.

However, after reading the context, you might have figured out how you can perfectly capture car photos. Typically, you first configure the camera settings suitable for car photography. After that, find the right place and take pictures of your car following the described techniques.

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