Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash

Canon Speedlite 430EX Review

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Few aspects to be considered in taking a good shot are the subject, composition, and lighting. Proper lighting plays a significant role in the final output since it gives clarity and conveys emotion to the one who views the image.

And if you may consider, Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash is readily available in the market to customize your lighting depending on your desired exposure. It has a lot to give in transforming the quality of your image in a whole new way.

Canon Speedlite 430EX Review

With all the available flashes in the market, this performs very well and is design to add light to your scene. The correct usage of flash is when you don’t have enough light or when there is none at all. But considering that a scene is already well-lit, it can still be added in the process since flash can fill the harsh shadows of the subject.

If the camera already has a built-in flash, why is it necessary to have an accessory flash? You must understand that the built-in flash in the camera has only limited distance to cover, and it has a minimal effect on the overall image quality.

The ability to tilt and swivel is one of the determining factors of a flash. If you are aiming to level-up your image quality, then this is the right review for you.

Speedlite 430EX Specs:

  • Product Brand: Canon
  • Product Dimension: Length 70.5 mm, Width 113.8 mm, Height 98.2 mm
  • Product Weight: 295.12 grams
  • Color: Black
  • Rotation: 0 to 90 degrees bounce head / 330 degrees swivel head
  • Recycle time: 0.1 to 3.5 seconds
  • Internal Power: Four AA Battery(Alkaline, NiMH)
  • Wireless Channels: 15
  • Wireless Groups: 5
  • Flash Modes: Hi-Speed Sync, Second-Curtain Sync
  • Other Features: Wireless Operation

Product Overview:

One of the leading brands in providing digital imaging solutions, Canon, releases the new Speedlite 430EX III-RT external flash unit. It features a radio-controlled wireless flash that enables photographers to make creative lighting and manage every scenario with an appropriate lighting approach.

You may be wondering why it is the third. That’s because it is the upgrade of its predecessors. This flash is perfect to use as a primary flash unit for every photographer in creating outstanding portraits.

This third-generation Speedlite flash features wireless flash shooting via optical and radio transmission. It is an improved product since new technology has been incorporated into it to shorten the recycling time and fasten the firing.

Canon Speedlite 430EX display

This flash is a multi-functional flash unit that eases photographers’ works because the product is very user-friendly and offers rotation, both bounce and swivel shooting options.


The first thing we will notice in its construction is that it’s built with a plastic body. Although it is plastic, it is pretty robust and compact. It has a dimension of  70.5mm in height, 113.8mm in width, and 98.2mm in height.

This flash weighs an average of 295.12 grams, which is quite heavy when carrying it for a long duration of shooting. You can easily observe that the flash head gives the users a 90 degrees vertical tilt and 330 degrees horizontal rotation.

It’s pretty versatile since you can flash anywhere you like. You can do it by merely pressing the bounce lock release button, and you can easily navigate it since it has an indicated text “push” written beside it. The flash head relies on its movement solely until the button is pressed. Otherwise, no change will happen.

You can locate the battery compartment on the side of the device, and when you open its cover, you will see the room for four AA batteries. This slot has an indicated marking for the position of batteries so as not to disorient it.

Canon Speedlite 430EX battery side view

It has an optical wireless sensor and Auto Focus (AF) – assist beam emitter. The flash head has a bounce adapter detector and color filter detector, an added feature from its predecessors.

Down to the bottom are the lock lever and release button, an effective locking system that most products have. Lastly, as you see through the rear portion of the flash, you will find the LCD screen, buttons, and toggles of different modes necessary for your photography operation.


Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash has numerous features to be explored. Otherwise, you will be settling for the basic functions, yet the flash has excellent perks. It will be best if you take the time to read the manual to familiarize yourself with the controls.

You need to press the on button to power on the device.

One important feature is the physical indicator located on the left side, wherein you will know if it is ready to use again. You will also notice the Speedlite icon on the LCD screen containing information about the guide number priority, bounce orientation, and color filter. You will also know if the flash is already overheating, as it displays the temperature as well.

It is the best device when you have another flash accessory like this one. Say, for example, you own a Canon 600EX-R Flash. You can choose which one will be a slave flash and the primary one.

You can have remote access by using the other flash and still triggering the shutter button. It is a useful feature since you don’t necessarily have to press the shutter button to get a shot, but instead, you can activate it remotely by the other flash you have.


When you open the box, this flash is ready to use as soon as you insert the four AA batteries. In case you pick the Auto flash mode, there are a few steps needed to start using the flash. The process is quite tricky and intricate. You may find it in the manual included upon the purchase of the device.


One of the features you must be considered in choosing a flash is power. It is the amount of light it can generate in a single burst. The manufacturer’s rating can determine it via a guide number indicating the maximum distance in which light can influence a given span of a subject.

However, this specification can vary depending on the scenario since most flashes today allows a high percentage of light output and covers only a limited angle of view. The 430EX III-RT, on the other hand, has a maximum zoom of 105mm with a guide number of 43 meters.

Meaning the flash can still influence at a 43-meter distance. In exceptional cases where you find it still lacks lighting, you can manually adjust your ISO and use a wide aperture to get your desired image quality. You can also opt to shoot with a longer shutter speed to increase the amount of light captured in your exposure.

Although altering these settings may compromise other factors such as the increase of noise, shallower depth, or possible motion blur, but you must weigh these things up if it’s worth the exchange.

Flash Lock

One of the best features of this flash is you can set the flash to lock mode. It means you can ensure that what you had adjusted on the settings will never be changed if you accidentally press any button that might alter the whole settings.

Wireless Capabilities

As mentioned above, it can shoot remotely. We want to emphasize this feature since it is one of the highlights of this product. A Speedlite transmitter with master capabilities can control this flash, may it be for a small to the flexible lighting system.

By pressing the select dial, you can allow a wireless shooting that automatically connects to your camera. It comes with two wireless modes, namely radio frequency master and slave modes. Radio remote control mode makes it easy for you since it does not differ anymore from the sigh and specific angle of view to control remote slave flashes.

You can easily control the shutter button by triggering the flash on your other flash accessory. You can control it up to a 30-meter distance. It is one of the improvements encapsulated in this product.

Canon Speedlite 430EX side view

Indicator Lights

You must understand the indicator lights that are blinking on the LCD screen. It communicates the status in which the other flashes are connected to your primary device. Green lights indicate that the transmission is successful or okay. Orange lights mean that there is a multiple master unit in the location.

Red lights mean no connection or communication with other flash units, or it may indicate that there are too many units connected to the device. Note that Canon 430EX III-RT can automatically scan within the vicinity up to 15 channels and select the best available.


  • Excellent performance
  • The remote feature gives maximum convenience.
  • Compact and sturdy built
  • Achieve maximum amount of illumination


  • Massive consumption of battery power
  • It takes time to master all the features.


In a nutshell, the Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash is an excellent flash accessory that fits your device. It will significantly help you to attain maximum comfort and convenience in accomplishing your work efficiently and excellently.

It has an option to shoot remotely without the need to press the shutter button manually. Hence you can make creative shots and more authentic images. It gives you a considerable amount of power wherein the flash can illuminate your subject and capture a high-quality image result.

It would help if you did not hesitate to buy this product <-Affiliate link 🙂 since it will complete your essential photography tools.

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