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Canon Selphy CP1300

Canon Selphy CP1300 Review

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Memories are best triggered visually, meaning it can be easily remembered through seeing. Photographs are the best examples of imagery that can easily be seen through naked eyes and recalls the memories embedded on a single piece of paper.

Photographs serve as an archive of experiences. This photograph is best stored and easily shared if it is printed on hard copy. Therefore, a printer that prints a good quality is necessary for this stage.

Canon Selphy CP1300 Review

Canon is an excellent company in the printing industry that continually gives quality services to its consumer. Canon develops a product that suits the needs of the people of this time, a small-sized print that would be a handy one for every user.

Canon Selphy CP1300 is one of the high-quality and cost-efficient printers produced by Canon to accommodate 4R size photo papers, suitable for every occasion you may attend: birthdays, reunions, parties, or any gatherings.

If you are a type of photographer who likes to tour in different places, this is the right option for you to immediately print captured images remotely, with the battery options for portability. Selphy CP1300 is an upgrade from its former printer Selphy CP1200, improving some photos’ features and quality. Let’s check out in detail the highlights for this printer.

Canon Selphy CP1300 Key Features:


It is a compact printer, portable but not a pocket-size printer. It looks elegant and durable in its available colors: black, white, and pink.   Its size is: length 5.4in, width 7.2 in, and height 2.5in, works best in small office space or home office.

It weighs around 1.9 pounds, which makes this printer portable and easy to carry. It has an option to maximize portability by purchasing a battery, which is sold separately.

The printer has a built-in 3.2in tilt-up LCD screen, a bit larger screen than CP1200, to view the menu and previous photo. This LCD is not a touch screen; however, buttons were provided to navigate the menu and maximize other options.

Six options can be seen on the screen menu, and these are: select and print, more print photos, shuffle print, ID Photo, Wi-Fi Settings, and Set-up.

It also has buttons to guide the user to operate the printer efficiently. These are the buttons that can be seen on the horizontal control panel located on the top of the printer: power on, home, menu, Wi-Fi, four-way navigator, ok button in the middle, zoom in and out, back/cancel the print, print button.

Canon CP1300

On the printer’s front side, it has a compartment there for paper cassette, loading of 4R size photo papers up to 20 pcs. On that same side, also, the memory card slot is located. On the right-hand side of the printer is the compartment allotted for ink cartridges.

On the left-hand side are other connection options such as a camera drive, flash drive, and computer USB port. At the printer’s back is where the air vent, paper ejection slot, DC power input, and the battery pack mounting can be found. It is important to note that the wires at the back must be kept on the sides so that it doesn’t block the paper when it prints.


Unlike other portable printers that use Zero Ink Technology, this printer operates a Dye-Sublimation Thermal Printing Method process. It still uses an ink cartridge, but printing is unique compared to the usual printers that were already in the market.

Dye-Sublimation Printing is a new way of printing. A method applied to this printer to maintain its small size without compromising the photo quality, which is one of the vital factors in purchasing the product.

To give a clear picture of how the printer uses this method, let me explain to you briefly. The printer uses the heat to vaporize the colors from a roll of cellophane into the photo paper’s glossy side. Canon Selphy CP1300 uses a dye-sublimation process wherein it assures the printed image is maintained in good quality.

There are four passes when printing a picture through CP1300, one pass for each color: magenta, cyan, yellow, and overcoat or clear coat to seal the print. A special coating on each print protects against splashes, spills, and fading for up to 100 years when stored in an album.


The CP1300 has a wide range variety of connection choices; therefore prints quality photos direct from your camera or smartphone or desktop anywhere, anytime, any occasion. One of its highlighted features is its Wireless printing option, wherein you can connect your mobile phones (iPhone or Android) wirelessly using the Canon Print Inkjet/Selphy App. It can be downloaded on the iTunes App or Google play.

Android phones also have the advantage of connecting to the printer through Mopria Print Services. You can print remotely and access the printer without physical contact through the use of the Selphy App on your mobile phone.

Other options, you can connect your desktop computer via Wi-Fi or USB, you can print an image directly from your desktop. Next, you can directly connect your camera via a mini USB Type-B port (but note that cable for that type-B port was not included in the package of CP1300).

You can scan pictures from your camera and import them to the printer and directly press the print button to print. Lastly, you can print images via an SD card and USB flash drive. It can read images precisely from your flash drive, and you can opt to edit it on the screen. You can also pick a photo from your pictures and option it to print in an ID size.

Canon Selphy CP1300 photo printer

Wi-Fi Shuffle Print

The multiple ways to connect from your device to the printer have no issue since the options given above clearly state the numerous ways to connect depending on which do you prefer as a user or depending on the availability.

But on the other hand, it is a normal constraint on every printer, especially the portable ones, that caters only to one device to facilitate the printing process: picking the photos, enhancing the images using filters and adjustments, editing the images putting texts, and stickers and so on. This slows down the process since it requires that the photo be done editing before the next print. Hence the user cannot optimize the maximum utilization of the product, especially in battery mode.

Gladly Canon had seen this recurring concern and incorporated a technology to their latest printer to best address it.

Selphy CP1300 has the latest feature called Wi-Fi Shuffle Print mode, which grants users the opportunity of creating collective memories via prints during special events and occasions. The feature allows up to eight smart devices to be connected via Wi-Fi to the SELHY CP1300 simultaneously to facilitate the sending of images. More devices can add an image in the queue and therefore lightens the workload for one device.


PLUS Membership Program

More devices that a printer can cater to means a faster printing process since every connected device will press the print button once they are done with editing, then the printer process it and print it on the queue.

High Photo Quality & Fun Printing

Many similar small-format printers like Canon Selphy CP1300 in the market, but this printer stands out amongst them in the printed image quality and portability. The image resolution for this printer is 300 x 300 dpi.

As you print many pictures, few would have an average quality, considering those with very light and very dark portions of the image. But overall, print quality is excellent, as it displays clear, detail, and color-rich pictures.

Canon claims that the print quality would last about 100 years when stored in the album and not exposed to direct heat and moisture through the protective seal, which is the fourth pass of the printing process, making it resistant to dust, water, and fade.

Canon Selphy printer

Selphy CP1300 has an added feature, especially for photographers or people who run a photo booth business. This 2in x 6in layout can be customized based on the chosen design that suits any occasion.

You can also add background color and borders to produce a fun print. It also can create an identified size of ID Photo for convenience of printing ID’s built-in on the device. It also can incorporate various pictures of your choice, up to 8 pictures forming a collage on a single photo paper.

The printing speed for a single 4 in x 6 in photo paper is about one minute. You can have a beautiful print a minute away right at the moment you capture it.

Battery Option

Upon standard purchase, Canon Selphy 1300 doesn’t include the battery pack, which is sold separately. But when the user wants maximum portability, he/she can opt for buying a battery pack that will cater to his/her outdoor printouts without the need to be near a power source.

It is one of the highlight features of this product since, among its competing products of the same type, this is the only printer with a battery option. The battery for this printer is Battery Pack NB-CP2LH, <- Affiliate Link 🙂 which can print up to 54 photos. It is important to note also that the approximate charging time for this battery is about 4 hours.


  • Portable
  • High-Quality Photos
  • User-friendly printer
  • Easy to connect
  • Fast work: Multiple Users can connect


  • USB Cable Type B not included in the purchase
  • Pays extra bucks for battery


To sum it up, Canon Selphy CP1300 <- Affiliate Link 🙂 has a lot to offer to the user: multiple ways to connect, high-quality photos, portability, and various options to customize print designs, especially in the business photography sector.

It is not solely for the photographer who will benefit these but even ordinary people who wished to have a good quality print out at a reasonable price. We advise to maximize portability; you’ll spend some extra cash on purchasing a battery for the printer.

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