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Cannon PowerShot G9 X Mark II

Canon PowerShot G9X Mark II Review

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This camera is the fusion that combines the beauty (due to its design) and technology. This model will become your perfect allied to capture amazing pictures. You will be able to capture an instant picture with your friends and share those moments, even record a video for that unforgettable event.

The PowerShot G9X Mark II has an ultra-thin design with technical specifications of high performance. To achieve an excellent quality of the image in a device that is easy to move from one place to another.

This camera includes a CMOS sensor of great power – 1 inch and 2.1 megapixels in a pocket’s size. It is promoted by a DIGIC 7 image processor that allows quick and easy operation. It has integrated Bluetooth connectivity to share the images you have captured easily.

This post will show you some aspects of this camera model, which you should know.

Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II Characteristics:

This model of camera presents the next characteristics:

High sensibility CMOS sensor

The high sensibility CMOS sensor has 1 inch and 20.1 megapixels, capturing images and videos with high quality. This camera has a wide dynamic range, which guarantees the complete capture of dark sections and bright images.

Having 20.1 megapixels can provide you, high-resolution pictures in an easy way to see them, print them, or even provide you the tools to edit them. It is integrated with a DIGIC 7 image processor, a fast shutter speed that reduces the likelihood of blur.

Cannon PowerShot G9 X Mark II flash

The camera is also combined with the ISO high speed, which offers the possibility of capture images with good quality even when you are in an environment with low light.

DIGIC 7 Images processors

This processor takes Canon Power Shot G9 X Mark II camera to another level for operation and image quality. The processor accelerates the start time, operation, and speed of continuous shots.

Likewise, this processor reduces noise, even at high ISO settings, to obtain detailed and sharp images in different lighting situations. This means that you will have that photo as you see it in real-time.

Enhanced detection and tracking capabilities allow the camera to focus on the subject throughout the action. It has an improved face tracking, so the subject stays focused.

The dual detection image stabilizer minimizes blur caused by the movement of the device and photographer. This feature will result in clear and precise photographic images, even if you have low shutter speeds.

Ultra-light and slim design

The Canon Power Shot G9 X camera weighs 206 grams; its design is compact, so you can easily carry it in your pocket or a wallet. The inclusion of a large, good quality image sensor and a bright f / 2.0 lens; offers you high-quality images.

Cannon PowerShot G9 X Mark II zoom

Integrated Wi-fi and Bluetooth

With the camera Wi-fi technology and the Canon Camera Connect app, you can transfer the images and videos to compatible devices. From there, you can directly upload them to various web services if you wish.

The Bluetooth link will allow you to remotely connect and control the camera from smart devices compatible with the application. After you link for the first time, you can configure the camera to connect and remotely control camera operations automatically.

Bright f / 2.0 lens

This camera has a versatile zoom lens with a flexible optical zoom range, which will help you take wide images or zoom in for a close-up shot.

The bright aperture extends to f / 2.0, creating a background blur that highlights the subject in your shot, as well as capturing clear photos in low-light settings, often without a flash.

LCD touch screen

The 3-inch touch panel is easy to operate and allows adjustments to be made while still being ready to capture an image. The menus of this model are personalized, so you will have the alternative of configuring the camera according to your interests.

Cannon PowerShot G9 X Mark II screen

You can quickly and easily move the photos you have taken. Touch the screen to adjust the various image options easily and change the focus of the camera. This is a great feature that will help you always to take the best picture.

Video features

The real high-definition resolution ensures that the videos you can record can capture people’s facial expressions. Dynamic Image Stabilizer maintains framing while you move, intending to keep up with any movement and the minimal blur.

Continuous shooting speeds

The Canon Power Shot G9 X Mark II camera has a fast capture of up to 8.2 fps, and this will help you save images any time you want. Enhanced object tracking performance automatically detects what you want to capture, ensuring it stays clear and in focus.

Several tests can capture up to 8 photos per second in format jpeg, which is amazing if you compare this camera with others.

Photography style editor

This function allows you to choose between eight presets to adjust the color, contrast, and other aspects of the image with the idea of perfecting the shot taken.

You can edit your pictures’ style directly on the touch screen and take a preview of how they will look like.

Raw conversion

The Raw image conversion in the PowerShot G9 X Mark II camera allows adjusting the multiple aspects of an image after being taken. Among the changes, you can make the brightness level and fine-tuning the white balance.

Canon G9 X Mark II specifications:

  • Type – Compact digital camera
  • Type of sensor to image capture  – High sensibility CMOS
  • Total pixels – 20.9 approx.
  • Effective pixels – 20.1 approx.
  • Focal length – It ranges varies from 10.2 to 30.6mm (35mm film equivalent: 28-84mm)
  • Zoom – 4x
  • Focus range – Normal-automatic: from 2 inches (5cm) to infinity.
  • Autofocus system – TTL autofocus, manual focus
  • Optical viewfinder – Not have
  • LCD Screen – 3 inch TFT liquid crystal display
  • Maximum opening – f/2.0 (wide angle); f/ 4 (telephoto)
  • Shutter speed – Automatic mode: from 1 to 1/2000 s, Shooting mode: from 30 to 1/2000 s, Automatic mode: ISO 125-6400, P mode: ISO speed, maximum is ISO 12800
  • Integrated Flash – Automatic, activate, slow synchronization, inactivate.
  • Light measurement method – Evolutionary, center-weighted average, fixed.
  • White balance – Automatic, daylight, cloudy, shadow, flash, color temperature.
  • Flash – Integrated flash: automatic, activate, slow synchronization, inactivate.
  • Flash range – from 1.6 to 20 feet (wide angle)
  • Storage devices – Slot memory SD/SDHC/SDXC
  • Image recording format – Fine/normal

This camera is one of the market favorites due to the good relation between price and image quality. Another feature that can be used as an advantage is the Bluetooth connection.

You can connect the camera with your smartphone and control the zoom and the shooting, which is a good option if you need to place the camera in a hard area to hold it.

This is one of the smallest cameras available in the market, which is easy to move wherever you go. This camera can be placed into a pocket without any issue.

The Canon PowerShot G9X camera is intended for those people who love to capture the best moments in their travels. It is the ideal companion for photographers, most of that all in beginners due to its practical design and easy to move.

General overview and final recommendations

In a general view, the Canon G9X Mark II is more than just a camera. Canon was able to show the world the dedication and quality done to get this compact and amazing device.

If you are one of those people who think that a big camera is better than others, well, after you use this one we can assure you that you will change your mind after you use this one.

Due to its size, you can easily move from one place and the other with it in your pocket or backpack. Another feature that you must try is the Bluetooth connection with your smartphone; thanks to this option, you will control your camera’s zoom and shooting remotely.

Many experts in photography recommend this camera; however, they recommend it as a complementary device in a professional photographic package. If you are a beginner or intermediate in photography, this camera will be a good start point. Remember that you can acquire other equipment to improve the pictures and the images taken.

The only aspect that is not the best feature is the zoom, with just 4x if the object is too long for where you are, the picture probably will not capture the desired target.

Make sure of being in the right place at the right moment with your Canon PowerShot G9X Mark II <- Affiliate Link 🙂 camera to take all the pictures and videos that you will remember forever!

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