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Canon G7 X Mark II Review

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Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II represents the perfect combination between velocity, high-performance operability, and smart design, of course, all of that inside a compact style. If you like to capture in images the trips you have made, outings with friends or family, any situation that involves displacement, this is the ideal camera for you.

This camera has a 1.0 inch CMOS high-performance sensor and 20.1 megapixels. It can capture images of incredible pictures, even in conditions with low light, and it has a bright lens of f/1.8-2.8.

The new DIGIC 7 images processor gives you many benefits through improved automatic tracking, high-performance image stabilization, and excellent image quality.

To increase flexibility, this model offers continuous shots at high speed up to 8 fps in RAW, JPEG, and RAW + JPEG modes, which are already installed with real high definition and Wi-Fi.

In this post, we will show you the most relevant aspects of this compact camera.

Canon PowerShot G7X MarkII

Canon G7 X Mark II Review

The PowerShot G7 X Mark II camera from Canon presents the next characteristics:

CMOS sensor

This camera has a CMOS sensor of 20.1 megapixels and one inch, so it will allow you to capture high-quality images and videos. Having a wide dynamic range ensures full capture of the dark and bright sections of the image.

The 20.1 megapixels ensure that the photos you take have all the detail, whether printed or stored digitally on smart devices.

Besides, the flexibility at the moment of editing, where you have the freedom to crop your subject to enhance composition while maintaining detail and high definition in the image.

With an ISO speed of up to 12800 and the DIGIC 7 image processor’s capacity, it will be possible to take photos and videos in low light conditions. A high ISO speed contributes to improving the shutter speed, which reduces the possibility of blurs caused by the excessive camera movement.

DIGIC7 images processor

This processor will allow you to keep the people or the objects of the shot completely focused. At the same time, that guarantees a high level of sharpness and less noise for each image you take.

The PowerShot, G7 X Mark II camera, has an improved face tracking; that way, the subject of the shot will always keep the aim or focus on the image.

This camera mode also has a newfangled double detection stabilizer, which uses the data from the image itself to reduce the blur caused by the camera and the photographer’s movement.

This means you will have clear and precise images, even with the low speed of the shutter. These noise decreasing conditions and detail optimization will always guarantee sharp images, especially in conditions with low illumination.


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HS System Canon

With this system, you will capture bright and clear images at the precise action time. This results from the combination of two sensors in the Power Shot G7 X Mark II, which are the high sensibility COMS sensor, able to capture a large amount of light, and the high-speed image processor.

With these two technologies combined, you will be able to try the shutter in high-speed situations, always with sharpness and clarity.

Optic zoom lens

This camera has a lens that will provide a wide range of expressions to you. It has a bright open of f/1.8, wide-angle of f/2.8, and 4.2x of zoom.

With this lens, you will have more options than mark the focus. This lens is equipped to capture a large number of shots with high precision and skill.

The diaphragm has a nine-blade iris, so this lens will allow you to achieve a beautiful background blur with almost round shapes. You will be able to get close-up shots from as close as 2 inches.

The glass of the lens in the Canon G7 X Mark II covers several layers that provide a high transmission factor, UV protection, and hard surface. This coating also helps to maximize the elimination of light reflection due to the light beam of the environment.

PowerShot G7X MarkII lens

High definition images

If you need to capture images quickly, the PowerShot G7X Mark II will be the perfect ally. It can shoot continuously up to 8 fps so that you can have quality images very quickly.

With this camera model, you will have the option to make continuous shots in the modes Raw, JPEG, and Raw+JPEG.

LCD screen with an interactive touch panel

The high-resolution 3-inch LCD screen can tilt 180 degrees to up direction and down 45 degrees, which is perfect for making compositions, not only self-portraits, but you can also choose to shoot from high or low angles.

This multi-angle screen promotes creative framing by making it easy to get a flexible arrangement of camera angles. The touchpad has settings with focus control.

Real high-resolution videos (Full HD)

With G7 X Mark II, you will be able to record videos of 1080 to 60 fps, with stereo sound in MP4 format. The videos you take will be uniform and with great detail. The MP4 file size will allow you to store large amounts of videos on a single card.

You will also have available the manual mode with speed adjustment ISO, Av, Tv, and even select focus points with the LCD screen’s touch panel. You can do this before or during the video recording so that you express the vision you have.

Smart image stabilizer

This stabilizer allows you to capture sharp and stable images, even in low light situations and without using a tripod. The system automatically examines the camera shake and uses the best motion correction method for shooting, guaranteeing a good image no matter what.

For the photographs, the stabilizer can select between normal, wide, macro, and tripod modes. In the videos, the modes that you can handle are dynamic image, automated image, macro image, and active image for the tripod.

Wi-Fi technology

With the integrated Wi-Fi technology, you can easily and quickly share photographs and videos with your friends and family. This camera can connect with smart devices to download the files.

Wi-Fi connection makes it possible to publish your photos and videos in real-time so you can keep your social networks updated, or you can share the files with anyone you want. There is also the option to share the files with other PowerShot cameras through this connection.

Integrated near field communication function

G7X Mark II camera with this integrated function offers fast connectivity with a single touch. Just tap the NFC function icon on the camera, and the magic starts: a compatible Android device and the Canon Camera Connect app will launch automatically to share images quickly.

PowerShot G7X MarkII

Photo style function

This feature offers control of color, contrast, and sharpness. You can select from 8 preset settings to improve the photo’s final look, adjusting the level of color, contrast, and other aspects in the shot.

ISO speed

Having incorporated the DIGIC 7 processor give you the alternative of improving the noise management in all the ISO area. However, when reaching higher limits, it can be seen that it works inappropriately; after 8000, it is noticeable that the image loses its quality exponentially as it approaches the limit of 12800.

Final Conclusions

PowerShot G7X MarkII <- Affiliate Link 🙂 camera is proof that compact cameras can be at the forefront for photographers. In this case, the absolute manual control offered to the users is highlighted.

This camera has two different types of focus. The first for macro options and the other mode is normal, focusing at a distance of 5 cm, with the most angular focal length. So, you can capture the images with high quality based on your needs.

The camera was created thinking in those who need to have an SLR but at the same time a compact device, which can be easily moved and carried in the pocket and have the option of taking photographs and videos with the same equipment.

Among its strong points, we can stand out the luminosity and image stabilization. It offers images of quality and sharpness at the same time, regardless of the size. Among the weaknesses, we can mention that it has a low autonomy, approximately 275 shots. This is important to cover this weakness with an additional storage card.

It is ideal for those who record videos in any situation since being compact, and you can take it everywhere and get quality recordings. Due to its Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC function, you can share your files quickly and easily.

As you can see, this camera can easily adapt to any situation and satisfy most of the needs that a photographer has.

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