Canon EOS 2000D front view

Canon EOS 2000D review

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If you want to take your DSLR photography to a whole new level, then Canon EOS 2000D is perfect for you. The latest entry-level model has replaced all other similar models due to its superior features.

It has all the core features that a good camera has and has other supplementary features, enhancing its appeal. The thing that differentiates it from its predecessors is the upgrade in sensor resolution.

It offers a boosted route into the world of DSLR photography without a heavy price tag.

Canon EOS 2000D screen

So if you want something good within a limited budget, go for this superb piece of equipment by Canon. It has excellent functionality, performance, built, and design. Canon always has succeeded in keeping true to its brand and has proved that it reflects quality.

Let us look at its performance, feature, built, and design in detail so that you can gauge how it works.

Product overview for Canon EOS 2000D:

Both the design and layout of this camera is pretty cool. The body is similar to the EOS 1300D but is more compact and well-rounded. It is extremely lightweight that makes it easy to carry.

It has a plastic feels to it, but the touch is regardlessly rubberized to give a secure handgrip. It is designed in a manner to provide maximum hold.

The control layout is clean and clear, like all the Canon’s tried-and-tested predecessors. It follows the same format, and the main exposure dial is to the top plate’s right. The on/off switch, along with the flash pop-up button, shutter release button, and input dial, are right next to it.

Canon EOS 2000D top view

You will find the main controls on the rear right next to the LCD monitor. They include a four-way dial, which has been nicely arranged so that beginners’ operation becomes easy. The LCD monitor is exactly what photographers require.

It is bright and clear and has a sharp screen. Even though it lacks a high resolution and tilting facility, which you find inexpensive models, it is quite good for normal use. It also lacks touch functionality.

Great viewfinder

Another equally competent thing is the viewfinder display. It offers above the norm and fulfills the needs adequately. It has a sharp screen that provides a useful level of exposure information. Moreover, a key selling point of this entry-level lens is its ease of use.

The EOS 2000D scores highly when it comes to being user-friendly. The color-coded menu system to the well-labeled buttons and shortcuts to functions makes it convenient to use and ensures that the users are well-guided and can change settings without any hassle.

The range of features is wide and is adequate for every photographer’s needs. The resolution is excellent, and the CMOS sensor also works efficiently. The choice of processor is also good, with the EOS 2000D using the fast DIGIC 4+.

This gives it a power which may be less than some of the more expensive cameras but is satisfactory. The sensitivity range is rather limited to ISO 100-6400, which is a drawback. It also sports video recording at Full HD (1080p), which is perfect for videographers.

AF system

Another area that meets the requirements is the AF system. It features nine AF points in a diamond array even though it lacks Canon’s excellent Dual Pixel CMOS AF system but is responsive, so users won’t have a problem using it.

It is fundamental but is good for general shooting and can sufficiently fulfill the needs of photographers. Though it is a shame that such an amazing camera lacks advanced focusing capabilities.

The metering system is based on a 63-zone dual-layer sensor, which is a bit old but is not an issue because the Evaluative patterns have proven to be a consistent performer. It also has partial and center-weighted metering modes if needed.

The exposure modes are an area that is well covered as it comes with a full set of manual, aperture and shutter priority modes, and scene modes supporting the program. The flash modes are also well-catered for, as they have first- and second-curtain sync as well as flash exposure compensation. These features add to its appeal.

Canon EOS 2000D front view

There is a variety of choice of Picture Styles such as Portrait, Landscape, etc. There is also a choice of five creative filters, including grainy B&W, toy camera, soft focus, miniature effect, and fish-eye, which can be applied post-capture to JPEGs.

In-camera editing

This allows novices to experiment with editing in-camera. Wi-Fi and NFC capability in this EOS 2000D allow the camera to be connected with smartphones and tablets so that images can be transferred.

The performance is also on point, as promised by Canon. The brand never ceases to amaze me as the EOS 2000D upgraded sensor works better than ever, and AF is also pretty responsive for general use. The tracking of moving subjects is also good, and it tackles bar backlighting and mixed lighting situations well.

Image sharpness is also on point good, and noise is handled well as well. The dynamic range is good and better than rivals. So, the overall performance of Canon EOS 2000D proves to be quite competent and up to the mark.

Summing it up, all the aspects of this camera wowed me. From image quality and performance to build and design, everything was as I wanted. That means this one was designed with users expectations in mind, and its construction was well-planned.

Hats off to Canon for superb artistry and quality. Do try it if you wish to carry out professional photography with the best equipment.

Canon EOS 2000D Specifications:

  • Sensor: 24.1MP APS-C CMOS
  • Screen: 3.0-inch, (7.5 cm) 920k-dot TFT LCD monitor
  • Resolution: 920,000 dots
  • Inbuilt Feature Guide: Yes
  • Lens mount: Canon EF-S
  • Burst shooting: 3fps
  • Autofocus: 9-point AF
  • Video: Full HD 1080p
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • NFC: Yes
  • Battery life: 500 shots
  • Weight: 475g
  • Processor: DIGIC4+
  • ISO range: 100-6400
  • Expandable ISO range: 12800
  • Video: Full HD 1080p up to 30fps
  • Scene Intelligent Auto mode: Yes
  • Creative filters: Yes

What’s in the box?

  • EOS 2000D body
  • Eyecup EF
  • Battery charger LC-E10E
  • Battery Pack LP-E10
  • Power cable for battery charger
  • Getting started guide
  • Camera strap EW-400D
  • One year warranty


  • It is easy to use, so it is perfect for beginners.
  • The autofocus is very responsive.
  • It has a practical control layout.
  • The sensor has a high-resolution.
  • It has in-built Wi-Fi.
  • The controls are logically laid out.
  • It has a decent battery life.


  • It lacks the updated processing power.
  • Some of its features are outdated.
  • The screen is non-touch and fixed.
  • It doesn’t have a 4K video.


Canon always delivers when it comes to entry-level DSLRs, and it hasn’t failed with this EOS 2000D as well. It is a budget camera that delivers results within the price.

It offers great value for money as its feature far outweigh the cost. In this completive market, where many brands cannot be trusted, this camera is a safe choice.

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2 thoughts on “Canon EOS 2000D review”

  1. Avatar of Jones

    Man, what a great review! I did not get a lot of the technical stuff, but you did an excellent job of explaining the “meat.” So much so, that I’m gonna get me one! I want to use it to put images and video on my website. Would you recommend it for this purpose? It is very reasonably priced but still a bit pricey for my budget at this time. Is there one right up under this one in price but comparable in features? If not, I’ll just have to shell out the bucks.

    1. Avatar of condruzmf

      Hi mate,
      I think this one will be great, just look for the second hand options with guarantee included, in case is something wrong with the camera. In this way you’ll have a good one with much better price

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