Canon EF-S 55-250 mm lens review

Canon EF-S 55-250 Lens

Canon EF-S 55-250 mm lens is perfect for shooting a distant subject. The EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM is designed for long reach which has been enhanced by the addition of an Ultra-Low Dispersion element.

This greatly helps to reduce color fringing and minimizes chromatic aberrations, thus providing greater color accuracy and clarity throughout the zoom range. It also features a Super Spectra coating which minimizes flare and ghosting resulting in greater contrast especially when working in bright lighting.

It all the capabilities which benefit both photography and videography. Then it boasts an STM stepping AF motor which leads to quick and silent autofocus performance. It also has full-time manual focus override.

Moreover, it has a four-stop-effective Image Stabilizer system which minimizes the appearance of camera shake and results in sharper handheld shooting.

Let us look at the features of Canon EF-S 55-250 mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens in detail so that you will know what makes this lens so amazing!

Product overview

First, let discuss the new optics. They have improved in sharpness and the lens is way better than its previous versions. This is a new version and I must say that it’s definitely sharper than other competitors in the market.

Canon EF-S 55-250 mm Lens

It is what every photographer hoped for. Next is the Autofocus which has also been enhanced. It is improved and it takes less time to hunt before locking and is basically nearly instantaneous. The AF system is advanced and very professional.

The Manual focus did take me some time to figure out but it worked perfectly once I figured how to override autofocus with the manual focus ring. But I doubt I will use manual focus because the autofocus works beyond expectation and is so good and fact.

Another key feature in the lens which thrilled me was the sharpness at the long telephoto end. With it, you can capture fast moving objects without wasting any time on focus. So, improved autofocus and sharpness with quicker focus have enhanced its appeal for me.

This new lens delivered in all areas and is definitely an all-rounder. It has improved the quality of my images and is way better than the lenses I previously owned.

The build quality is also on point with the optimal balance between plastic and metal mount. Some people critique the material used but the positive thing is that it has made the lens very light. The weight hasn’t been reduced at the expense of quality.

The build remains solid like all other canon lens, as canon is a brand known for providing quality. The reduced weight has made it easy to carry it all day long without getting, which means that now users can take more pictures anywhere!

Canon EF-S 55-250 mm

It is durable and strong but is not made for extreme conditions. It might not survive the harshness of heavy weather so that’s a drawback but if used well it can last longer. So the heavy duty build has been compromised for lightness and optics which are outstanding and make it worthwhile.

The price of this lens is also an absolute bargain, as it comes at the least cost. It is one of the most competitive lenses in the market because the price tag is less than the price of a good dinner at a restaurant! The features it offers makes it a very profitable investment as you get the best value for your money.

Next is the telephoto zoom which has been designed for APS-C format in the Canon EF-S-mount series. It provides an 88-400mm equivalent focal length range. Moreover, it has an Ultra-Low Dispersion glass element which minimizes color fringing and chromatic aberrations.

It is perfect for better clarity and color fidelity. Its individual elements have been coated with Super Spectra coating which reduces ghosting and flare. That is why it is excellent at providing greater contrast and color neutrality and can work perfectly in bright light.

Additionally, it has Optical Image Stabilizer which is there to reduce camera shake by up to 3.5 stops. This makes it perfect even for low-light conditions and enables better working with slower shutter speeds.

It also has enhanced lens coatings which produce true colors and maintains balanced contrast by minimizing ghosting. Moreover, it sports an STM stepping AF motor which is noise-less and is perfect for videography and is complemented by rear focus systems and advanced AF algorithms.

This results in a high-speed CPU and enables fast AF performance. It boasts a seven-blade rounded diaphragm which provides a pleasing out of focus quality that utilizes selective focus techniques and shallow depth of field to produce excellent results.

Canon EF-S 55-250 Lens

Summing it up, if you are a photographer or a videographer who wants to add versatility and range to your photography collection, then this EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM by canon is the right telephoto zoom lens for you. It is a dream come true as it has everything.

From the compactness and lightweight to the Optical Image Stabilizer which extends the camera‘s reach significantly and the amazing STM stepping motor with a perfectly designed high-speed CPU, everything works smoothly and efficiently.

There is nothing to displease. There may be some minor drawbacks but overall this lens is one perfect piece of innovation which produces not only excellent image quality and high resolution but also ensures easy compatibility and ease of use.

It is something that you shouldn’t miss as it is a masterpiece by Canon. The brand never fails to impress and I highly recommend it because its popularity is justified. It is worth every penny!

Product specifications

• Focal Length: 55 – 250mm

• Max Aperture: f/4 to 5.6

• Min Aperture: f/22 to 32

• Lens Mount: Canon EF-S

• Format Compatibility: APS-C

• Angle of View : 27° 50′- 6° 15′

• Max Magnification: 0.29x

• Min Focus Distance: 85 cm / 2.79′

• Optical Design: 15 Elements in 12 Groups

• Image Stabilization: Yes

• Diaphragm Blades: 7, Rounded

• Focus Type: Autofocus

• Filter Size: 58 mm

• Dimensions: 70 x 111.2 mm / 2.76 x 4.38″ (D x L)

• Weight: 375 g / 13.2 oz.

What’s in the box?

• 1 x Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens0

• 1 x One -Year Warranty Limited

• 1 x Lens Dust Cap E (Rear)


• It is lightweight

• It is easy to carry.

• The AF works well

• It is stable

• It is easy to use

• it has great Autofocus and


• It is only good in the range 70mm-230mm,

• The lens is not tack sharp.

• It requires double focusing

• The precise image quality can’t be achieved

For me personally, this lens is noticeably very improved from the previous versions. From autofocus and sharpness to non-rotating front element for filters, everything is superb.

So all the photographers should thank Canon in creating this amazing piece of equipment, by keeping the needs of the users in mind and also for setting a reasonable price. So if you require a telephoto lens at that too within a limited budget, then this surely should be your choice.

Don’t even hesitate and go now to make it yours today!


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