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Canon EF-S 24 mm f2.8 STM camera lens

Canon 24mm lens review

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Reality speaking, a camera without a lens is useless to a photographer. The significance of the glass on a camera brings an added vibrance and emotion to the output. Therefore, it is vital to acquire a high-quality lens to help you capture great photos, even with a low-quality camera.

On the other hand, a low-quality lens makes mediocre quality photos.

So, what is a camera lens in a more straightforward term? It is a tool to bring light to a fixed focal point in your camera. The digital camera lens directs the light to a digital sensor that captures the image.

You may wonder about the shapes and sizes, but the lens came with a convex or concave shape and made up of a glass plate series. The camera lens is the right variable that determines the quality of the final photo.

Canon 24mm lens review

As we want you to level up your photography sessions and projects, we have done this review to consider buying the right lens available in the market. To know the complete details, please read further below.

Canon EF-S 24 mm Specifications:

  • Product Brand: Canon
  • Product Dimension: Length 11.8 cm, Width 11.2 cm, Height 11 cm
  • Product Weight: 127 grams
  • Color: Black
  • Aperture: Minimum of f/1 and maximum of 1
  • Focal Length: 24 millimeters
  • Mounting Type: Canon EF/EF-S
  • Optical Zoom: 0.27X

Product Overview

Canon is one of the leading companies known for its high-quality products for photography gadgets and accessories. One notable product available on their lists is the Canon EF-S 24 mm f/2.8 STM lens.

This lens first hit the market in the middle of November 2014, and you can find a significant resemblance to its predecessor EF 40 STM in an APS-C format. They have upgraded this product as it has a more extensive focal length and improves mechanical and optimal performance.

This lens is small in its size, with a dimension of length 11.8 cm, width 11.2 cm, and height 11 cm. It weighs around 127 grams.

Canon EF-S 24 mm f2.8 camera lens

It is well-made with a non-weather sealed body construction. It is built of engineering plastic with a standard metal mount.

You may notice on its physical features. It has a single switch extending the inner lens barrel and a small MF ring. You see, the MF ring has a little stagger on its design.  This lens is a new wide-angle prime pancake lens in the market in the series of Canon APS-C DSLR cameras.

Considering the specification of 24mm focal length and has a micro-stepping driving tool for smoother and quieter operation. We can now have a continuous AF while taking video coverage.

For Canon APS-C cameras

This lens comes with a deep black color finish suitable for your Canon APS-C cameras.  It may be small, but it has a fantastic performance, a super sharp reception, and has broader coverage. It has a fast f/2.8 speed useful for shooting in a specific environment such as dim light making your viewfinder brighter.

It has an aspheric lens element, and this maximizes the lens arrangement to minimize ghosting and flare. Also, this has a remarkable circular seven-blade aperture and has a minimum focusing distance of 16cm.

You may be underestimating its capacity, but mind it has exceptional quality. Canon EF-S 24 mm has a smaller cap than any other lens caps.

This lens maximizes the new technology autofocus motor usage, which is widely known as a stepper motor (STM). What is its effect? It will result in quieter AF and makes the lightest humming sound as it adjusts its focus. You must not miss this lens if you are fond of shooting videos with your DSLR.

Some lenses have an image stabilization feature, but Canon EF-S 24 mm f/2.8 STM does not have it. No wonder this lens does not have an image stabilization feature since it is only a small glass, and for the price range, what can you expect?

Wide aperture

But the performance for this lens has far outweighed its value for the money since it has a wide aperture, which allows you to take excellent handheld shots at a low light level.

The image quality for Canon EF-S 24 mm f/2.8 is outstanding. With the extensive aperture feature for this lens, you can be sure to capture images nicely and sharply. If you are going to adjust the settings to a narrower aperture, it affects the image quality in sharpness.

We mean by sharpness is the image peripherals, in which most photographers are embarrassed since the corners appear to be slightly blurred. The color quality is also affected as some of the colors will be in one monotonous tone other than it is somehow another shade of a particular color.

It is entirely accurate in taking shots of leaves under the tree. The green foliage must appear in different shades since the sunlight brings variation as it hits the object.

The nearest comparison for this lens is the Canon EF 40mm, which has somehow has identical functions and features. But how does this lens differ from the latter? For numerous tests in taking shots of different objects, the EF 40 STM has a sharper image quality compared to EF 24 STM.

It must not surprise us since 40 STM is a full-frame lens, hence depicts the image with clarity. But EF 24 STM has a real improvement from the Canon series of the lens as it has been found to have the most significant difference in vignetting.

Negligible chromatic aberration

It has improved on its corner shading as well as the amount of flare. It has a negligible chromatic aberration on the image corners and has a strongly contrasting subject on the middle portion and the corner portion of the image frame.

Canon EF-S 24mm f2.8 lens

Canon EF-S 24 mm Features:

Fixed focal length

The Canon EF-S 24 mm f/2.8 STM has a 24mm fixed focal length lens.  The EF-S qualification assures you that this lens provides an image circle that is large enough to cover only an APS-C sensor.

The cameras compatible with this type of lens include Canon Rebel models, the D series, and the 7D series. The cameras mentioned have a 1.6x FOVCF that optimizes the angle of view from a 24mm lens.

Wide aperture

Canon EF-S 24 mm with an added STM makes a multipurpose capability, including the relatively wide f/2.8 aperture.  This extensive aperture feature is enough reason to include your primary tools for getting a good shot. It is best to use, especially for night sky photography and capturing indoor motions.

Narrow focusing

This lens has a very narrow focusing ring. The auto-focusing feature of Canon EF-S 24 mm f/2.8 zoom operates very fast, as it takes approximately less than 2 seconds to lock on the subject. All the performance may vary depending on the light settings in a particular location.

Vibrant chromatic aberrations

You can notice it as it typically appears as purple or blue fringes in a contrast edge. Despite the challenges taking those hard edges, this lens can pretty handle it well without color discrepancy.

Double macro

This type of lens has a 24mm f/2.8 STM, which serves as a macro lens that can be used to take excellent close up shots. Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM has a close-focus point 16cm from the sensor plane and has a maximum reproduction ratio of 0.27x. It is pretty impressive in comparison to other lenses on its range.

Bokeh feature

You may be very familiar with this, but for the sake of beginners, Bokeh is a term used for taking shots that blurs the surrounding of the subject. When you take a picture of a specific scenery, the ones you focus on will come out clear while the surrounding objects or background automatically blurs.

It is described in many categories, but the few qualitatively known terms are smooth, creamy, harsh, etc. This lens has an iris diaphragm incorporated with seven rounded blades for a pleasing rendering of the blurry highlights.

Canon EF-S 24mm f2.8 camera lens


  •  Compact lens
  •  Sharp image quality
  •  Exceptional wide-angle view
  •  Silent STM focus motor
  •  Good value for the price


  •  No image stabilization
  •  It takes time to do manual focusing experience.
  •  Vignetting at f/2.8


We have concluded that this product has exceeded its performance for the price with all the details listed above. Canon has produced a great lens that every photographer would love. It may be pretty basic to be attached to your digital cameras, but it gives you what you need to start capturing fresh and vivid images.<-Affiliate link 🙂

The Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 lens is impressively small and very lightweight. Rest assured that this lens will get the job done, and it gets the job better than any glass on its range.

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