Campark X20C Action Camera

Campark X20C Action Camera Review

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The Campark X20C is the next and improved generation of Campark ACT74 and ACT76 with a 4k resolution and a 20MP camera. The best thing about this gadget for action camera lovers is that it comes complemented with several useable accessories to enhance your overall shooting experience.

Campark X20C Action Camera Review

With a low price and good video quality, the Campark X20C action camera is a GoPro alternative from the Campark brand. It can shoot high-resolution images up to 20MP with 4K and 30fps filming and record underwater with the included case making it possible to take underwater films of up to 40 meters.

And last but not least, with two batteries, it has a pretty reliable battery life, ensuring that you won’t miss any moment of the action.

Does this camera meets your needs and has all that you are looking for in your next action camera? Here are the Campark X20C action camera details for you to find out.

Features of the Campark X20C:


The Campark X20C has a sleek, modern design, is well-built with high-quality material (mostly plastic), and has a whole black appearance.

Besides the body of the action camera, the waterproof case is also composed of high-quality plastic and keeps the camera safe from water-caused damage up to a depth of 130 feet. Its physical dimensions are 24,6 x 11,6 x 7,2 cm and weighs only 540 grams.

A 2-inch LCD touch screen on the Campark X20C on the back of the camera to preview the scene, view footage, and the camera’s settings and controls, including taking photos and films. There’s a tiny screen on the front that displays vital data like how much time has elapsed since you started recording.

Campark X20C Action Camera WIFI

There are four buttons on the Campark X20C action camera; one on the top for starting and stopping recording or taking a photo, another in the front for turning the camera on and off, and two on the side for controlling various settings.

Build Quality

The Campark X20C was built from the ground up to withstand the rigors of extreme sports. Action cameras are used in all sorts of harsh conditions, and there is a continuous threat of damaging them; Campark took account of that and came up with a very tough yet versatile camera.

The camera body may withstand abuse while operating without losing its performance capabilities.

It has been designed to allow you to attach the camera to your equipment without even realizing you have it on or worrying about it getting damaged.

Keeping the camera in the waterproof case, even if you aren’t going to use it underwater, can help it last longer (we strongly recommend you never take the camera deep water more than the waterproof limit recommended by the manufacturer).


In addition to video stabilization, the Campark X20C offers digital and gyro stabilization. This makes it easier to discern movement in the photos and reduces the blurring that might result from harsh movements.

You will always have clear footage, even after shooting in bumpy situations. Still, if you ensure that you never end up with blurred photos/video, we recommend using a gimbal if you wish to record a smooth and steady video.

In terms of camera stabilization, the gimbal is the best option. Ensure that your video recording is as smooth as possible. There is no need to fear that the film you record will be unsteady.


The Sony Exynos chipset and Sony IMX179 sensor of the Campark X20C Sports Camera 4K enables it to capture video in 4K/30fps, 2K/30fps, and 1080P/60fps resolutions, as well as 20MP photographs.

Campark X20C action camera has a wide-angle lens of up to 170° that can be shifted to a medium or narrow lens, allowing for a new perspective when photographing. Using Campark’s (EIS) Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), you can reduce camera shake and improve the overall quality of your footage.

Campark X20C Action Camera EIS

While the Campark X20C can capture footage at various frame rates and resolutions, it’s most known for its native 4K video recording at 30 frames per second. Talking about the footage, its low-light results are also pretty reliable.

Images are crisp, outdoor shots aren’t blue, and the colors are generally vibrant. The default setting is excellent. Continuous shooting, time-lapse, slow-motion, and more are all available modes on this camera.

The following are the Campark X20C’s video resolutions:

  • 4K (3840 x 2160) / 30fps
  • 2K (2048 × 1080) / 60fps
  • 1080P Full HD (1920 × 1080) 60fps / 30fps
  • 720P (1280 × 720) 120fps / 60fps / 30fps


Although the Campark X20C is still an entry-level action camera, mainly due to its pricing, it has many capabilities. It performs so well that it can easily compete with cameras at higher price points. The camera’s most important features are here in a bulleted list for your convenience.

  • Video quality resolution of up to 4k
  • The photograph image quality of up to 20mp via its Sony image sensor
  • Waterproof down to almost one hundred feed-in its waterproof case
  • Built-in electronic image stabilization
  • Full 2.4G wireless functionality
  • fully functional smartphone app for iPhone and Android
  • Various modes, including time-lapse, motion detection, car mode, underwater mode, and loop mode
  • Improved battery life

It’s also worth it that a wrist strap is supplied with the action camera to activate it remotely if you can’t get your hands on it. The wrist strap is simple to use and set up, requiring only a basic understanding.

There are several options for capturing your activities in the best possible way with Campark X20C. The camera’s performance may be fine-tuned to match the needs of each given circumstance.


The Campark X20C has two rechargeable Li-ion 1050mAh batteries. In 1080p Full HD, the battery life is around 120 minutes, and in 4K/2.7K, it’s about 60 minutes.

The battery is accessible through a cover at the bottom of the device. Besides these two batteries, we recommend you keep spare batteries with you when shooting outdoors for long hours.


The touch screen of the Campark X20C allows you to swiftly navigate around the X20C’s navigation menu, even when your fingers are damp or cold. Even if your fingers are sluggish, it performs well tracking your finger motions.

The LCD panel is pretty bright, making it possible to operate even in low-light circumstances without difficulty and it consumes very little power.

Campark X20C Action Camera Display

During your favorite sport, the screen allows you to rewatch your video footage or browse through your photos to check how effectively the camera captures your experiences.

The action camera’s interface is simple, making it quick and painless to experiment with different settings. This allows you to make any necessary adjustments quickly and effortlessly.

Other features

With the CamKing Wi-Fi app, you can effortlessly share movies and photographs taken with Campark on social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

You may use Wi-Fi to connect to your phone, Android, or iOS device. The Campark X20C has several mounts and attachments for bicycles, helmets, and surfboards.

To use this action camera with a Class 10 microSD card of up to 32GB, you must first format the card in the camera’s settings.

Campark X20C Action Camera Native 4K Ultra HD 20MP

Campark X20C Specifications:

  • Video Resolution:4K(3840×2160)/30fps, 2K/30fps, 1080P/ 120 fps 60fps 30fps, 720P/240fps 120fps 60fps 30fps
  • Video Format: MP4
  • Image Resolution:20M;16M;12M;8M
  • Image Format: JPG
  • Battery: Two 1050mAh Li-ion Battery (Included)
  • Colour: Black


  • Affordable and easy to use
  • It comes with dual batteries
  • Touchscreen screen
  • Has Wi-Fi connection
  • Pretty good stabilization
  • Adjustable wide-camera lens


  • No internal storage
  • It needs a case for underwater
  • The battery isn’t great


Campark X20C is a pretty nifty action camera, especially for beginners looking for a camera within a budget. Recommended <– Affiliate Link 🙂

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