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Campark T75 WiFi Trail Camera

Campark T75 Review

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Campark T75 is one of the highest resolution cameras that offers 20MP pictures and 1296P video allowing it to capture clear video and clear images of wildlife. Every penny spent on this camera is justified by the features that come with it.

Campark T75 Review

Campark T75 outdoor trail camera includes a variety of functions, including sensitivity setting, app connection, moon phase, temperature, timer, real-time replay, time-lapse, and hybrid mode, allowing you to use this game camera in a variety of ways.

It has a feature of date watermarks on each video of pictures, through which you can tell exactly when you have clicked this picture or video. Moreover, it has IP66-rated waterproofing and dust resistance.

Campark T75 Waterproof

Compared to predecessors, overall durability is enhanced by modern seal technology and higher quality craftsmanship.

The features mentioned prior aren’t all. The Campark T75 trail camera also has several intelligent features, such as the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, which can connect the camera with mobile applications.

You can preview images and videos clicked by the camera through an app on your smartphone after connecting to the camera. It’s a beautiful gift for the ones who are fans of wildlife.

The following section will cover all the salient aspects of Campark T75 in detail.

Campark T75’s Features:



The Campark T75 trail camera has a lovely color scheme of brownish camouflage. It is sturdy and can easily withstand any weather conditions.

With the IP66 rating, the Campark T75 can readily endure heavy rain and strong winds. The camera’s body is made of high-quality plastic, which keeps the case secure.

With its 2.4-inch color TFT LCD screen, the Campark T75 makes setup simple by letting you examine your video and photo recordings and access its settings.

The camera is well-packaged, and the user guide is well-written.  It also contains a strap in the box that helps you attach it to a tree or pole.

The package also includes two different threaded camera mounts making it simple to connect with the tree or pole and obtain the shots you want.

Campark T75 Accessories

In addition, a mounting bracket for a permanent placement is a handy feature of this gadget. Hence you can use Campark T75 also for home security monitoring.


Resolutions supported by this trail cameras are:

  • Photo Resolution: 20MP, 16MP, 12MP, 8MP, 5MP
  • Video Resolution: 1296P (1728×1296, 30fps), 1080P (1920×1080, 30fps)

The Campark T75 has excellent camera performance with a 20-megapixel resolution and 1296p Super HD video shooting capabilities. With this level of clarity, you can entirely rely on it that your video and picture files will have crystal-clear visuals and audio.

Campark T75 Resolution

The T75 trail camera has night-vision capabilities as well. This hunting camera uses thirty-eight pc LEDs and a fully automated IR filter to capture photographs of animals in their natural habitat.

Campark T75 Infrared

There is a built-in screen for setting up the device and playing back SD card footage.

Your photos and videos will be saved to memory cards like any trail camera. The T75 can accept SDHC memory cards with up to 32GB. Cards from Campark are recommended for use in class 10.

Time-Lapse Feature

Campark T75 has a time-lapse feature used when the PIR motion sensor does not capture. The time-lapse mode can also be used if you are getting a lot of false triggers from your camera. The motion sensor is disabled when this mode is activated.

You may program the camera to shoot images and movies at predetermined intervals. If you use the time-lapse mode, the PIR sensor may not detect slow-moving creatures, such as reptiles.

Built-in WIFI and APP Control

This trail camera contains built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Once the camera is connected to Wi-Fi, you can use the free Hunting Camera Pro app from Campark on your iOS or Android smartphone to control the camera.

Campark T75 WiFi

These two built-in features of the Campark T75 trail camera are a significant selling point of this camera. The Hunting Camera Pro App is freely available for android and IOS users. This app can be used to control the T75 through Wi-Fi. With the smartphone app, you will be able to access the camera’s storage and make changes to the camera’s settings.

First, you’ll need to establish a Bluetooth connection with the camera, which may be done by pressing the “Up” button or using the camera’s remote control. The camera’s Wi-Fi will be activated by pressing the ‘Up’ button on the remote control.

You’ll have to reconnect to the camera at that point, but this time you’ll utilize the T75’s Wi-Fi signal on your smartphone to do it.

Using the camera’s smartphone app, you can see and edit photos and videos taken with the camera while connected to its Wi-Fi. Campark uses Bluetooth to turn on and off the Wi-Fi as needed because leaving it on all the time might quickly drain the battery.

Motion (PIR) Detector

Every trail camera must have a motion sensor included to begin recording when it senses any movement. T75 features an advanced and effective PIR motion sensor with a 120-degree detection angle and a 65-foot detection range, which means it covers a more significant area.

You can select the PIR sensor’s high, medium, and low sensitivity levels in the menu settings.

Campark T75 Trigger

With a trigger speed of 0.3 seconds, you can rest assured that no movement will escape through the lens when detected by this Campark T75.


The Campark T75’s 38pc low-glow 850nm infrared LEDs and 65-foot flash range give enough illumination in low-light circumstances to catch the thing in the detecting range without frightening it. You can change the Flash’s setting between Superfine, economy, and auto moods.

The superfine option assures that your images and videos will have more fantastic lighting, but it will use more battery power. By using the economic mood, the light output will be reduced.

This option will save energy. Using the auto setting, you’ll get the best of both options, and most of the users use this option which does not use more battery but also gives you better results.

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Password Protection

If you don’t want anybody else to use your camera, the Campark T75 has password security built into the device. Go to the password setting option and enter a digit password that you’ll remember quickly. To obtain access to the camera, you must input the password each time the camera is switched on.

Battery and SD Card

SD card and 8 AA batteries will be required to get the Campark T75 trail camera working. Don’t use alkaline batteries in your camera if you want it to last. We recommend investing in a 6v rechargeable system or at least some high-quality rechargeable AA cells.

Campark T75 Specs:

  • Photo Resolution: 20 MP, 16 MP, 12 MP, 8 MP, 5 MP
  • Video Resolution: 1296P (1728 x 1296, 30 fps), 1080P (1920 x 1080, 30 fps)
  • Distance of Night Vision: 75 FT (20 m)
  • IR Flash: 38 pcs infrared LEDs (850 nm)
  • USB Connection: Mini USB 2.0
  • Video Length: 10-60 seconds / 1-3 minutes


  • 20 MP pictures
  • 1296p HD video resolution
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fast 0.3-second trigger speeds
  • Adjustable flash settings
  • Adjustable motion sensor
  • Easy to set up and use
  • IP66 rating
  • Competitive price


  • Low glow flash
  • The user manual could be a bit better
  • Fast battery drain than you want


Choosing the Campark T75 trail camera is a wise decision, especially for those who do not want to spend too much money on a trail camera but want a sturdy one that will last long.

You can buy this camera easily with an average budget range. A USB cable and wall-mounting hardware are included with Campark T75’s box package.

The camera is sturdy, weatherproof, and well-designed build. The memory card and eight alkaline batteries can be easily inserted into the camera. Good quality photos, movies, and audio can be captured with it. Overall, worth it! <– Affiliate Link 🙂

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