Campark T30 Trail Game Camera

Campark T30 Trail Camera Review

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Isn’t it challenging to think every time about where to point your trail camera when setting it up in the field? Worry no more. Advanced Campark T30 trail camera will take care of this for you!

Even though it’s cheap, it has many great features that will surprise you after seeing how wide its detection range is. Its features can be compared with the cameras, which are more costly than this one.

Campark T30 Review

Compared to the time when T30 first came out, it has had a new camera; when it first came, it had an 8MP camera, and it now has a 14MP camera instead. The T30 trail camera costs a lot, but it’s a great deal when you think about its many features—worth the money.

Features of the Campark T30:


Physical Built & Features

The camouflage built and design of Campark T30 is quite simple and very easy to use, even for beginners. And though it appears very small, still its made is quite sturdy. Moreover, it is partially waterproof and fully dustproof to ensure that no weather feature will damage your camera.

The T30 has a 2.4″ color TFT LCD screen that makes it easy to set up the camera through its menu. That makes it quick and straightforward to set up the camera, and it also lets you see the pictures right away after you take them. An LCD screen is always a good thing on a trail camera, and it is even truer for a cheap trail camera like the Campark T30.

T30 features Campark’s signature Multilingual Menu Mode. In this mode, you can choose a different language for the menus. The menu can be set up in many other languages, and you can select which one you want when you set it up. Among the languages that can be used are English, Chinese, German, French, and Spanish. Use this feature to show how many ways the T30 can be used.

Campark T30 Trail Camera


Campark T30 offers:

  • Photo Resolution of 8 MP, 5 MP, 3 MP, and 1 MP
  • Video Resolution of HD 1080 P: 1920 * 1080 (30 fps) and 720 P: 1280 * 720 (30 fps)

Because the camera on the Campark T30 is so good, it’s a big reason why people like it. The upgraded camera can now take 14MP pictures, and the video quality is also excellent, with full 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second.

Even though there are trail cameras that can take pictures with more than 14 megapixels and record video in 4K, you’ll have to pay a lot of money for those cameras. Plus, let’s face it, the T30 can take great pictures.

Motion Sensors

That is one of the most impressive features of Campark T30. It has three PIR sensors, from which the primary sensor is in the middle, and there is a secondary sensor on each side of the main one. Together, these three PIR sensors give the T30 a 120° field of view and a range of 65 feet.

The wide-angle of view may not be necessary if you’re using the camera to check on a feeder where you know where to point the camera to get the best picture.

Thanks to the wide range of detection, it can be used in situations where you don’t know where the activity will be in front of the camera. The wide field of view might make it more appealing as a security camera. However, if you don’t want the camera to be triggered by so many things, you can turn the two secondary sensors on and off as you need them. In addition, the T30 has four different settings for how sensitive the PIR sensor is (high, medium, low, or auto).

Trigger Speed

The motion sensors wake the camera up from sleep mode to active mode, and the speed of this action is essential if you want to capture moving things.

Trail cameras with wide detection angles and many motion sensors, like the Campark T30, sometimes have slower trigger speeds and are trying to use their substantial detection angles to make up for having a slower trigger speed by using their significant detection angles to find things. It’s not valid with the T30.

In 0.3 seconds, this trail camera from Campark goes off. That is very fast. So, because the T30 has a wide 120° field of view and a quick trigger speed, it will be hard for even fast-moving objects not to be caught in its pictures and videos.

Campark T30 Trail Camera waterproof


The T30 has 26 low-glow IR LEDs. This low-glow flash ranges from 65 feet, and you can use it to light things up.

If you look at the camera while the flash is on, you won’t see it. The low-glow flash won’t scare away animals roaming around at night. LEDs will then light up, which will show where the camera is, so you will know where it is.

Even though the T30 has a wide field of view, the low-glow flash might not be ideal if you want to keep the camera hidden.

Time-Lapse Feature

When you want to take pictures at a set time, the time-lapse feature on the T30 is handy. The T30 has a time-lapse mode that lets you see what’s happening even if the sensors aren’t working.

Add this to the camera if you want to keep an eye on the part of the house or business that isn’t in the range of the camera’s motion sensors.

Memory Card

The T30 can use Micro SDHC memory cards with 32GB of storage space. Class 10 cards are recommended by the company that makes them.

If you drop and lose a Micro SD card when you are replacing it in the field, especially if you are doing it in cold weather, it is more likely to get lost.

Because of this, if everything else about this trail camera is right for you, you probably don’t want to let the type of memory card it uses be a deal-breaker for you, though.

Password Set

If you want to be the only person who can use your camera, you can set a password to keep people from getting in. Each time the camera is turned on in the test mode, you must enter the password. Once you set it up, you won’t have to do this again.

It is becoming more common for trail cameras to have password protection. We think this is a good thing, and hopefully, it will keep people who aren’t lovely from taking trail cameras.


The camera needs 8 AA batteries to work. If you want to use rechargeable batteries with the T30, Campark says that you can use NiMH batteries to power it. This is good because some trail cameras don’t have space for rechargeable batteries, so this is important.

Input for External Power Supply

If you want to leave the camera alone for a long time, you will be happy to know that the camera can get power from another source. Campark says that an external power source must be 6V and at least 2.0A to work.

It’s good to know that Campark makes a solar power bank <–Affiliate Link 🙂 compatible with the T30 trail camera and many other models. That is good news if you want to use a solar panel as an outside power source.

Image Stamp

The image stamp on the Campark T30 trail camera is significant because it tells you when a picture or video was taken. The time, date, temperature, and moon phase are all included. As you organize and sort through the images and videos, this helps.

Campark T30 Specs:

  • Photo Resolution: 8 MP, 5 MP, 3 MP, 1 MP
  • Video Resolution: 1080 P: 1920 * 1080 (30 fps), 720 P: 1280 * 720 (30 fps)
  • Distance of Night Vision: 65 FT (20 m)
  • IR Flash: 26pcs 940mm IR LEDs for night shots
  • Screen: 6.1cm (2.4″) color TFT LCD
  • Waterproof: IP66


  • 120° wide detection angle
  • Fast 0.3-second trigger speed
  • Upgraded 14MP camera
  • Time Lapse feature
  • Colour LCD screen
  • Password protection


  • Uses Micro SD cards
  • User manual could be better


Trail cameras are an excellent help for anyone who wants to keep track of games, animals or keep an eye on their home for security purposes.

Everyone wants a trail camera that takes good pictures for a trail camera and is easy to set up and use, and Campark T30 trail game camera offers it all. Camera smart motion sensors will make sure that they will record anything that comes through the area in front of the lens.

Overall, the Campark T30 is quite a good choice because it is cheap, has three PIR sensors, and can see 120 degrees. Recommended! <– Affiliate Link 🙂

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