Best camera monopod review – SIRUI EP-204S

SIRUI EP-204S Monopod

Photography plays a crucial role in our daily life and has a huge positive impact. The photos we see on our timeline, the ones in the newspaper, televisions, galleries, museums, etc… all of them are due to this technology and is more than a blessing for us.

Now we can easily see what is happening all around the world by just sitting in our home. Although this seems simple but the photographers hassle a lot, use the right equipment at the right time and even sometimes, they have to put their lives in danger.

A monopod is one of the crucial and most important camera component or accessories. They are somehow similar to the tripods in a general outlook but have utterly different characteristics. They are of light-weight, compact and have different uses and operational scope.

The best thing about the monopod is that it is quite fast in terms of deployment. You can easily place it anywhere, take the shot and then move to another location. In case of the tripods, you have to first adjust it by opening its legs, deploy locks, etc.

Both tripods and monopods have their own advantages and both of them can’t replace each other. There are different situations or event where monopod will be better, while in some locations a tripod will prove best. Now we will discuss some of the monopod advantages:


Although, the work of both, i.e. monopod and tripod are same, then why there was a need for monopod and why in some situation the photographers use the monopods? Well the answer is quite simple. The monopods are made up of light-weight material and for this, they are quite portable. They also have a single leg as compared to the tripods which have three legs.

Instant Deployment

Monopods due to their one leg could be deployed easily anytime anywhere and will make ensure that you won’t miss a single chance. There are some situations in which we need to take photos instantly and often miss chances due to the setting of tripods. Well, a monopod will ensure that this won’t happen.

SIRUI Monopod

Cheap Price

The prices of the monopods are quite cheap as compared to the other camera accessories, most notably the tripods. As there is not much material utilized on the monopods and they are quite simple, similarly their prices are also quite low.

Can be used at places where tripod can’t be

Tripods, due to their weight and size couldn’t be carried easily or taken to all of the places, for example, wedding, hiking, etc. So, at these types of places, the monopod proves quite useful and could easily be carried, and used.

SIRUI is a Chinese company manufacturing some high-quality camera support equipment. The company started its operations back in 2001 and gradually became one of the best camera accessories maker, beating many experienced competitors. For instance, take an example of the SIRUI tripods, the quality and the features provided by SIRUI are rarely found on any other brand with this price.

Many of you may be reading this because you are considering to buy a monopod and are confused about which type of brand to buy? If so, then you don’t need to worry at all as I will recommend you the SIRUI EP-204S Monopod which I am using for quite a few time. Developed by one of the best photography support equipment company, the SIRUI EP-204S Monopod is not one of the other mainstream monopods available in the market but features a compact design, 360-degree rotation, high-build material and much more.

The three feet of the monopod had a lock feature and could provide great support. Either you are doing photography, or video recording, these feet could be quite useful. Some of its main features include:

  • EP-204S high-quality aluminum in 4 sections
  • 360 ° rotation for panning and panoramas
  • Tilt angle 20 ° on all sides – steplessly adjustable friction and lockable
  • Flip-lock locking for maximum security and comfortable handling
  • Stand Spider with 3 folding legs with 2 angle positions for uneven terrain
  • Stand Spider can be used separately as a table-top or ground level support
  • Wrist strap and a foam rubber grip for secure handling
  • Reversible 1/4″ and 3/8″ screw for tripod heads or camera
  • Monopod height without Stand Spider: 540mm

Some of its specs include:

Camera Mounting Screw: 1/4″-20 Male, 3/8″-16 Male

Leg Lock Type: Flip Lock

Leg Sections: 4

Load Capacity: 17.6 lb. / 8 kg

Maximum Working Height: 63″ / 160 cm

Folded Length: 24″ / 61 cm

Materials: Aluminum Alloy

Weight : 2.4 lb. / 1.1 kg

Package Weight: 5.1 lb.

Box Dimensions (L x W x H): 33.3 x 6.4 x 3.8″

As described, the built quality of the monopod is of aluminum and can support heavyweight cameras like with large lenses, etc.



My Experience with the SIRUI EP-204S Monopod

As a professional photographer, I am using the monopod for quite more than a year and found it quite useful. Other than that, I have used it for personal uses also like whenever I went off for hiking, traveling, etc.


I am quite passionate about hiking due to its several health benefits. This is the reason I to hiking at least 3 times per month and on each trip, my friends always request to bring along the camera. Other than taking their photos, I also have a lot of opportunities for capturing the wildlife, portraits or landscapes as I prefer it more than those of the people.

For these purposes, a monopod is a must. Earlier, I did use the tripod but I faced quite difficulties due to its size and the weight. Hence, the SIRUI EP-204S monopod proved more than good for me.


A colleague of mine hails from a South Asian country and the weddings there are quite complicated with over 600 people at a single event and at a congested venue. This is a quite challenging situation for photographers as they have to take pictures in much less space and moreover, adjusting your cameras with tripods is quite a difficult job. He told me that he efficiently used the SIRUI EP-204S monopod due to its portability and did set everywhere he wants.

In these types of weddings, the photographers are especially hired and all over the event, everyone will be pulling the cameramen to take their shots first. So, if you are using this monopod, there will be no difficulty for you in adjusting from one place to another.

SIRUI EP-204S Monopod view



Exploration is a process in which you have to move constantly from one place to another and taking shots instantly. For instance, you are exploring some city, you won’t have much time to adjust your camera at one location for long periods.

You will have to take shots and instantly move to another location. This happens mostly when you are on a foreign tour. So, this monopod will prove great as there will be no need of adjusting. All you have to to is to place it, take the shot and move to the next location.

Sports photography

Similarly, if you are capturing some sports moments live, for instance, a football match, you will have to move constantly from one place to another to get a perfect view or to focus on some desired player. This will need a lot of movement and you will be running all around the field. So, monopods will be quite effective rather than tripods. You may also have watched sport photographers on TV? I have noticed that most of them carry the monopods.

In the end, I would conclude that the SIRUI EP-204S monopod is overall an excellent element, with high-quality aluminum, compact size and a lot of other features. It will provide you a great convenience whether you are doing an indoor or outdoor photo shoot.

Moreover, before making a purchase, research thoroughly that what type of monopod you need, where you will be using it and what type of camera to you use. Also, it will provide you a lot of ease if you are traveling abroad.


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