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AOKA CMP136C digital camera mini tripod

Aoka CMP163C – Carbon Fiber Tripod Review

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Aoka CMP163C 15.7 inches is one of the bestsellers of this company. It is tiny but has surprisingly good stability as well as durability.

8x layered carbon fiber built makes it a perfect companion in your adventures such as hiking, skiing, rock climbing, et cetera.

For outdoors, if you are not a fan of carrying around heavy tripods, the Aoka tripod is for you; it weighs only 440 grams but supports the weight of around 3 kilograms.

Either smartphone photography or digital camera photography, it is a nifty performer in all situations.

Besides weight, it shrinks up to 9.65 inches only. The ball head of the Aoka mini-tripod comes with all the features of expensive tripods such as a quick-release plate, full panoramic movement, and UNC1/4 screw convertible to 3/8 screw. Let’s review all these specifications one by one.

Salient Features of Aoka Tripod CMP163C:


One of the main highlights of the Aoka tripod is its 8 layered carbon fiber built. Carbon fiber built is also the reason behind its being super lightweight and durable.

Usually, carbon fiber tripods are expensive than aluminum ones. The reason is that these tripods are more resistant to weather, corrosion, scratches, and dents, et cetera.

But with Aoka tripods, the case is somewhat the opposite. Not only it falls in the low-priced category, but 8 layered body ensures that you get all the value of money and do not have any need to buy a new tripod for a long time.

No matter how bumpy the shooting conditions are, please take out your Aoka carbon fiber tripod without any fear of damaging it.


The total weight of the Aoka tripod is 440 grams (including the 150 grams weight of the detachable ball head).

For the outdoors, it is one of the best options as you can carry it around easily.

Though there is one problem you can face because of this low weight. Many photographers avoid aluminum tripods as they are “heavier”.

Only a few photographers realize that the “heavyweight” of the tripod can be its pro in several cases. In windy conditions, heavy tripods are relatively more stable than lightweight carbon fiber tripods.

Aoka tripod can also cause issues of stability and blurs because of shakes in blustery situations. We do not recommend you to use it outdoors in such weather.

Load Bearing Capacity

Aoka tripod can support the cameras/lens up to 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds), around 6 times its actual weight.

The average DSLR weight is between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds, so you do not have to worry that Cmp163C isn’t compatible with your camera.

It does a pretty good job in stabilizing cameras even when shooting with high exposure settings.

The load-bearing capacity of a carbon fiber ball head is 5kg. Please do not confuse the loading capacity of the ball head and tripod itself.

The ball head is removable with few other tripods (with screw UNC1/4 covert to 3/8 screw). So overall, maximum weight support by the Aoka tripod is limited to 3 kilograms.

Suitable for action cameras, smartphones, and lightweight DSLR. Not suitable for professional-level cameras and heavy lenses such as telelens.

AOKA CMP136C heights


The maximum height of the Aoka tripod is 640 mm (25.19 inches), whereas the minimum shooting height is as low as 120mm (4.72 inches). Overall, the closed height of the tripod is 190 mm (7.48 inches).

This minimum and maximum height make it a suitable tripod for Multi-angle shooting; low and high angle shooting; horizontal, vertical, and panoramic shooting.


There is a total of three legs, with each leg tube diameter of 16mm. Like the other built, legs area also made up of 8 layers of crossed carbon fiber.

The lens’ diameter is skinny to keep the tripod lightweight, but despite that, the built material protects it from all sorts of dents. At the end of the legs, there is a rubber foot mat.

It allows the legs to have a better grip on the ground and stay in their position.

The legs can go close to 90 degrees.

Three-way Angle Adjustment

To support the multi-angular shooting, the Aoka tripod comes with three different angles. Just lock the tripod in your desired position and enjoy the shooting experiences.

To change the angle, pull out the angle adjustment button at the top of the legs. Just adjust the angle needed and press down the button to lock the legs in your desired position.

Another way to adjust the angle is by pulling out the angle adjustment button, opening the tripod to its maximum length, and again pressing back the button to lock the position.

CMP136C function adjustements

Ball Head

A professional ball-head with a quick-release Arca-swiss plate sits on the Aoka tripod at the top of the body.

This ball head is Φ20mm, weighs only 0.15 kilograms, and can support up to 5 kg of weight.

But as mentioned earlier, do not confuse the load-bearing capacity of a ball head with the overall load capacity of the tripod, which is 3 kilograms.

Panoramic shooting

Aoka tripod ball head supports the full panoramic shooting. There is a panoramic shooting scale at one side of the ball head, and beside it, there is a locking knob to secure your desired position.


KB20 panoramic ball head features a UNC1/4 convertible to 3/8 screw. This screw allows you to attach your tripod and many other accessories directly to the ball head, even if you do not want to use the quick release plate.

This 3/8 inches screw holes at the bottom of the ball head. It allows to attach it with a different tripod, monopod, and mini tripod. With ¼ inches, screw thread on top is installing the camera, DV, mobile phone, telescope.

Quick Release Plate

The standard Arca Swiss plate is used in the Aoka tripod to attach cameras and other gadgets.

These plates limited the process to two steps, place the camera, and lock it into the position. It is a flat, rectangular plate that is attached to the camera using a butterfly nut.

Though the small size is one of the main specifications of this tripod, there is a con associated with it.

As the size is small, automatically, the Arca Swiss plate’s size is also small. It works well, but with some cameras and tripods, you might find it difficult to attach.

AOKA CMP136C ballhead function


With every package of this tripod, Aoka sends the customer a gift box, a phone clip, and a small wrench to set-up the tripod.

AOKA CMP163C Specs:

  • Brand: AOKA
  • Tripod model number: CMP163C
  • Material: Carbon Fiber (8x layer)
  • Color: Black
  • Item Physical Dimensions (L x W x H): 5 cm x 5 cm x 26 cm
  • Item Weight: 0.99 Pounds or 440 grams
  • Weight Limit: 6.6 Pounds or 3 kilograms
  • Stretching height: 15.7 inches / 398mm
  • Shrinking height: 9.65 inches /245mm
  • Shrinking diameter: 1.97 inches / 50mm
  • Tripod Head Type: Ball Heads (KB20)
  • Ball head type: Φ20mm with quick release plate
  • Ball head height: 69mm
  • Ball head weight: 0.15kg only
  • Ball head load-bearing: Up to 5kg
  • Panoramic movement of ball-head: yes
  • Center column: Yes
  • Screw: UNC1/4 covert to 3/8 screw
  • Tube diameter: 16mm
  • Maximum height central column: 32 cm
  • Minimum height central column: 16 cm
  • Package Dimensions L x W x H: 31 cm x 11.9 cm x 7.1 cm
  • Package Weight: 0.86 Kilograms
  • Part number: CMP163C
  • Size: Mini
  • Compatible with: Smartphones, SLR, DSLR, GoPros, Action cameras, Microphones, Selfie sticks
  • Supports: Multi-angle shooting, low + high angle shooting, horizontal, vertical, and panoramic shooting
  • Use: Special Camera, Action Cameras, Video Camera, Point & Shoot Cameras, Smartphones, Mirrorless System Camera, DSLRs, Digital Cine Cameras, 360° Video Camera
  • Type: Mini Tripod / Lightweight


  • 8x carbon fiber built makes it super durable
  • Very lightweight. Easy to carry around
  • Value and money and reasonably priced
  • Shrink height – 9.65 inches only
  • Full panoramic movement of the ball head
  • Central Column


  • For slightly heavy lenses and camera, this tripod is way too small
  • If you are looking for a good extended length, it will disappoint you
  • Being very lightweight, you can face stability issues in windy conditions.
  • It cannot be converted into a monopod like few other tripods in this price range.  


For low/high angle photography, travel photography, and smartphone photography, Aoka CMP163C mini tripod is a good option.

It is built of 8x carbon fiber, which makes it last for years and years. As it falls in a mini tripod category, manufacturers made sure that you get everything from it, which one might expect from a reasonably priced mini-tripod.

acd74 cmp136c folded 1

Being 440 grams and 15.7 inches tall only, it is a perfect accessory to carry around for your cameras and smartphones.

Looking for a reasonably priced, low weight, and durable tripod: Highly recommended!<-Affiliate link 🙂

Looking for a tripod with good extended height or a camera/lens heavier than 3kg: Not recommended!

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