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Photography Masterclass is the result of the developer’s many years of experience with digital cameras. Through this masterclass, you can learn the basics, advanced-level tips and tricks, and unique processes through tutorials.

This stuff needs stacks of years to learn if you solely depend upon learning through personal experience. It will help you gain the composition, angles, exposure, light, and editing, only using a few pretty decent and comfortable techniques. Mastering skills with the guidance of Photography Masterclass could take ordinary pictures to the next level.

If you search for Photography Masterclass, numerous reviews will flood on your screen in a matter of seconds. Some positive, some negative. To check its legitimacy, we went through it. This article will cover details about several aspects of the Photography Masterclass. Also, we will answer if it is worth it or not.

What is Photography Masterclass about?

Photography Masterclass is a course to make you a pro in DSLR expert photography. It comprises of text on every topic as well as 11 hours of video content. Everything explained in the course is demonstrated with the help of video tutorials.

Photography Masterclass is a platform that makes it easy for anyone to learn photography skills from the most experienced and best photographers in the world. There are no hard and fast rules to join and work. It’s a simple way to learn photography skills with a minimum of effort.

Whether you are looking forward to learning photography skills as a hobby or profession, this course offers a world-class online learning experience. You can access all the information that you are looking for.

All information is delivered with the help of videos, pictures, or recorded lectures. Any screen can be used to access it, i.e., TV, smartphone, PC, Laptops, Apple TV, Fire TV streaming, media players.

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How will Photography Masterclass help you?

This course will make natural every aspect of photography easy for you to learn. Beside Tricks and techniques for everything, you are going to learn these core photography fundamentals.

Amazing photography skills

The photography masterclass helps you learn to take amazing photos. There are several tricks, techniques, and hacks that the developer learned from personal experience.

Camera adjusting

You will be able to adjust the features of your camera according to the different scenarios. There is a detailed insight into different settings and their appropriate usage.

Different types of categories

The photography masterclass helps to let you know about the differences between different photography types. It includes the difference between landscape photoshoots, aerials, products, portraits, wildlife, and many other categories.

Use of the lightening

You would know the techniques about how to put a flashlight on a specific object. There are also details about when to use the actual natural lightening on the objects.

Making money from photography

The photography masterclass would let you know the ways about how to earn money by using photography skills.

Camera settings

Proper classes are conducted to teach users about the optimal use of manual settings.

Photography rules

The photography classes’ conduction promotes the basic photography rules to compose better images than usual.

Photo editing

Professional photo editing would be demonstrated in the photography masterclass.

Photography from smartphones

The guide of smartphones for good quality pictures would also be conducted in the photography masterclass.

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Salient features:

Video tutorials

There are textual details about everything, but everything is explained and demonstrated with the help of video tutorials as well. They are almost 11 hours long collectively and divided into four parts:

  • Targeting beginners and amateurs, this part is 2 hours and 26 minutes. It includes information about getting the most from your camera, buttons functions, basic settings, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, metering exposure, focusing modes, and white balance.
  • This part is 2 hours and 33 minutes. These tutorials revolve around a different type of DSLR and equipment. After going through these, you will be capable of selecting a perfect camera as per your needs. They explain the types of lens, which kind of glass goes in different situations, filters, and lighting.
  • Part 3 is 3 hours and 35 minutes long. It discusses composition and lighting. You’ll learn the best time of the day for your desired photo, the best position for your subject, lighting-up portrait, and using the best type of lighting in your circumstances.
  • The last part runs for 2 hours and 52 minutes. It is about doing wonders in post-production. They explain the use of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop in detail.

Step-by-step guide

Users of Photography Masterclass are beginners as well as professionals. Keeping this in mind, the creators outlined everything into detailed yet straightforward steps.

One-on-one coaching session with developer

You will get a live teacher for one-on-one coaching sessions. The developer, Evan himself, will help you to master the art of photography. You can ask all your queries as well as learn directly from his years of experience in photography.

Brilliant Modules

If you have already been working on your existing photography skills, you should work your way through the photography masterclass modules. If you need to build a new skill, these modules are also beneficial for that. The Photography Masterclass modules help you cover the editing, light adjustment, composition, and manually shooting the images.

The creators guarantee that you will be able to create standout images at the end of the course.


Course 60 days guarantee

Learn Professional photography skills at home

The Photography Masterclass would teach you all for which you have to enroll in photography school. That too at ease of home and timings of your choice.

Learning Points:

The photography masterclass brushes out the skillful, talented photographers who follow the photography masterclass’s proper course outline. The key learning points of the course are:

Camera adjustment

Get a grip on the exposure of the camera adjustments. Understand the camera’s basics within a few minutes and start to use the tricks for the photo clicking.

Learn through previous snaps

You will be able to look at the previous students’ previous snaps to help you compare and work on pictures taken by yourself.

History of photography

In the photography masterclass, you will learn the history of photography—ancient ways of tricky photography and how you can use and transform them into new styles.

New technique learning

The beginner would be able to learn the new techniques that are pretty much easy to use. These would be time-saving as well as pretty easy to apply. Techniques learning is not limited to beginners. At the advanced level of the course, there are professional as well as advanced techniques.

Types of the camera

In the photography masterclass, different types of cameras will be introduced along with their specifications. Every different part would be discussed, ranging from smartphones to the mirrorless and then to the DSLR ones. It would help you to choose the best camera as per your requirements.

The sensitivity of the cameras

Proper guidelines about the sensitivity of the camera parts would be demonstrated along with the primary camera features. The use of shutters and sensors to get the best pictures is also explained thoroughly.

Manual adjustments

The basics of taking the picture manually will be demonstrated. This demonstration is with the concepts of exposure, aperture, and shutter speed. Along with that, there are proper guidelines about how to shoot in different environments with different lights.

Rule of the third

The importance of the rule of third is also included in the photography masterclass. To improve composite photographs, using a zoom angle, full depth, and adding emotions to subtract color is also included.

Rule of thirds butterfly image

Live concepts

The photography masterclass individuals will enjoy the live concepts demonstrated by the video calls to clear the concepts of shooting, taking portraits, landscape, etc.

Importance of light

Learning about the importance of light is the most aspect of the photography masterclass. It is the light that does the majority of the work in enhancing the picture. Putting an equal amount of effort in adjusting the angle before the shoot and equalizing the light over the object, you can get one excellent shot.

Controlling exposure

Usually, the camera’s light meter helps you in having an idea about the shoot. But in some cases, the ISO speed may mislead you and end up giving you a photo that would not be up to your expectations.

Today, digital cameras give a lot of features that help you in having a perfect exposure. Such manual codes can help you in getting one best shoot. You will learn about these codes in the photography masterclass.

Tripods and monopods

The photography masterclass will elaborate on tripods and monopods concepts and their differences in functioning and usage.

Creative photo techniques

To bring out a vision of a shot in your head, you have to do a lot of practice. The more you experiment, the better your photography. Many techniques are waiting for you in the photography masterclass to take out the best of your creativity.

Grip adjustments

The instructors would also be working on grip adjustments with long exposure photography. Which gear would be required for the corrections and set up the camera for that purpose is also elaborated.

Camera kits

A proper guide will be given in the photography masterclass about setting up the camera kits. Lens, filters, memory cards, camera holding bags are discussed for different DSLR cameras.


There will be a demonstration of the different lenses and their effects and usage possibilities.

Software updates

The ending classes of the photography masterclass will consume the demonstration regarding the software updates. This includes Photoshop and iPhoto software and their use to make the pictures more compelling.

Photography business

You will learn the business protocol for the skills of photography. You can practically utilize these either by stock photography or becoming a wedding photographer.

Core features of the famous cameras

The photography masterclass will end by letting you look at the core features of the famous camera brands. Some of these brands include Sony, Nikon, Canon, and Fuji.


Photography Masterclass course

Photography Masterclass Pricing and Membership

There is much learning in one course. It must cost hundreds of dollars to get all of it. Well, I suppose you might be wrong. You can get all this learning and much more in less than 100 USD.

Anybody interested in photography to make it a profession can buy a membership. As a member, you will see the 20 video lessons, each one being less than 10 minutes. Along with this, there will be an in-depth workbook.

The member of the Photography Masterclass would also get access to smartphones and TV apps. You will be connected to the dynamic community on the network from all over the world.


Photography Masterclass is worth every penny you will spend on it. You can master skills in days if you get your hands on the course <-Affiliate link 🙂 from the official website of Photography Masterclass.

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