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3 Simple Ways to Clean and Care for Your Camera Gear

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If you are a photographer or love to capture different nature events, you are much familiar with the type and cost of any camera. It is not as cheap as it seems. And if you do not know it, then it’s a rude awakening! Camera body cost lies between thousands of dollars uncommonly. It is just a camera body. The lens of the camera is worth expensive and challenging to purchase.

Camera lenses are of different styles and even more unique than a body. Sometimes you become more cautious about your loving thing, take good care of it, and save it from any harm. You take a soft cotton material and very securely safe it.

Same wise for your camera gear and equipment, you must clean and care of your camera types of equipment and parts from any internal or external harm. But there is no need to worry much if you are responsible and taking good care of your equipment, then it will last for many years, and you will enjoy capturing many new events from the same lens or body.

For exceptional service for your camera lens, use glass cleaning towels to avoid dust or water drops. Some simple ways to protect your camera gears are discussed below:

Supplies needed to clean and care for your camera gear:

It’s fantastic to know that the supplies you need to maintain your camera are so cheap. As many things are expensive, this is such a relief, and everyone would not apply shortcuts to use the same towel or tissue and brushes twice. Here we discuss some of the cleaning and caring equipment’s you can purchase for your purpose:


  • The lens pen: add these small soft cleaning tips to your kits. It’s a retractable brush—everyone who used it and has it admire it most, whereas they don’t use it extensively. But sometimes, photographers kept a small kit for long trips in the northern or forest side, and the lens pen is not adjustable in a small kit box.
  • Lens wipe: the pre-moistened lens wipes are more worthy than anything else in a gear kit. It’s like little refreshing towelettes for your camera lens to clean the dust, mist, drops, etc.; they are pre-moistened for the lens; as soon as you use it at your camera lens, it evaporates. The solution used in these wipes also help to clean dust,
  • Cleaning cloths: a photographer kept several of these, and they are so low-priced to buy. They are not only used to clean the lens of the camera but also the whole camera body. Avoid using a single cloth for many tasks as it negatively affects your expensive object.

Microfiber for lens

Non-camera tools are essential in cleaning your gear:

  • Paintbrush: You can buy a regular paintbrush to clean the dust off your camera body from any store. Also, you don’t want to purchase a super-soft brush to clean the outside of the camera body. Don’t apply it to the lens.
  • Makeover brushes: may you find it crazy to have them, but when you read their excellent use, you would love to have them in your kit. Sometimes dust or mist affects the area where you can’t easily clean than used these small soft brushes to clean any narrow area without destroying it.
  • Zipped bag: this is the bag where all necessaries for your camera cleanliness. This bag must be protected and be dust-free. As towels, wipes, brushes, and lens cleaning solutions are inside of it, you must be cautious about its shield.

Take care of your lens:

For taking care of your camera lens, you must follow some steps keenly:

blower for cleaning lens, camera and sensor

  • Use a rocket blower to remove any dust particles from the lens.
  • Ensure that all specks of dust are withdrawing from the blower, but if any blurry images are captured from your lens, use a lens pen brush to remove the tiny dust.
  • Then clean the glass with the help of gadgets we discussed earlier. Get rid of stubborn marks from your glass lens by cleaning the lens in a circular motion.

To wrap it up!

Always protect your photography kit because it is as essential as your camera gears. After every photography event, try to clean your loads to avoid any abuse of your element by dust, water droplets, or mist. It’s like a therapeutic process, and you feel the same when you are in that shoes.

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